Written by JohnBoyd97

25 Apr 2017

Natalie worked as a lounge singer in a clubs in town. She was married 32 years old with a baby. Beautiful blonde hair and a gorgeous figure. I was 18 years old and had known her since I was a child, she used to baby sit me sometimes.

She would drive to work every weekend to perform in pubs and clubs, until one week her car broke down. Chris her husband is unbelievabley lazy and never bothered with driving and so I offered to drive her to work for a few weeks while her car was In for repairs.

I'll never forget watching her sing, moving from one gentlemens lap to another waiting to take her home. She even gave me a wink while she was on stage.

I had been driving her to and from work for about 2 weekends when we started to talk more. She told me that she wasn't happy with her marriage and Chris didn't do anything to help with baby. I had always been round every few days since the baby was born mainly dragged by my mum but I was always happy to play with little Jacob for a bit and look after him. Natalie thanked me for everything I had done and we became really close.

One night I was dropping her off and she asked if I wanted to come in. I accepted the kind offer and thought i would just stay for 20 minutes or something. She said Chris was out with friends so she would be glad of the company.

I went in and sat on the sofa and she asked if I would like a drink. I said yes and she poured me a bottle of wine, ever since I turned 16 I don't think Natalie had ever offered me alcohol. She said she was going upstairs to get changed and to make my self comfortable, I felt like she was acting differently to how I had ever known her so I was a bit confused.

There I was sat for about 10 minutes sipping on red wine when she appeared down the stairs in a long silk nightgown. I could see her nipples staining at me through the thin material and didn't know were to look. Natalie came and sat down next to me and asked how everything was going, she asked about if I had a girlfriend yet and all that women stuff.

I told her I was still on my own and she said she had know idea why me being such a handsome and kind young man didn't have girls dropping there knickers for me. Butterflies in my stomach were getting more aggressive with every complement and I felt a bulge developing in my pants.

As we starred at one another I felt us move close together, I felt the Blood rush through my veins as our lips met. She kissed me passionately and whispered in my ear that she was so greatful for all I had done and she wanted to reward me. I was stuck not knowing what to do so she gentley unzipping my pants and let my hardening cock spill out. Her lips rapped round my cock massaging it with her tongue, she moved up and down teasing my balls with her fingers.

I had fantasies about her since being 8 years old, I couldn't believe it was happening.

She suckled on my cock viciously, twisting it round in her mouth. I felt in exctecy, then she reached for one of her nice plump breast and pulled it from her gown. Natalie guided my hand down onto it, it was first time I had ever touched a woman's breasts it was lovely and firm, my heart beat out of my chest as her nipple grew larger inbetween my Fingers.

As I grasped her tit tighter she sucked harded and harded, taking my cock all the way in. Her hair started to fall in the way so I stroked her hair back and rested my hand on her beautiful cheeks.

Before long I felt it was coming I knew I was going to explode I screamed I was going cum but she just kept going not letting up. My cock began to pump its fluids into her mouth and she took it all in, I was nearly kealing over as she swallowed my cum.

Natalie pulled my cock out and wanking what was left over her face, the last shot drizzled her lips and chin. I was in shock sat there with my semen all over her face.

We heard the baby crying and she went in the kitchen and washed her face off then went up to tend to Jacob.

I left soon after and she gave a kiss goodbye. I picked her up for another month for work and had couple more rewards as well.