Written by beach boy

12 Jun 2008

On a recent visit to my local nudist beach as I parked up a car pulled in beside me with a middle aged couple in it. She was blonde in a summer dress and he was in shirt and trousers like he was just from the office.I notced she had a loverley pair of tits as she got out the car, so I followed them along the beach to see where they went. About half way along they stopped and set up a small tent and got out the rest of there gear including a bottle of wine. This confimed with me they were up for a bit of fun, so i got my towel and stripped off close by, not too close as too put them off. Much to my dissapointment she left on her bikini but couldn\'t keep her hands of her partner who had stripped off. They knocked back the wine and had some food. By now I was thinking of moving on as nothing was happening. They then went down to the sea for a swim together which was quite choppy. The bloke was holding her from behind and she was leaning forwards so he could slip into her but the waves kept knocking them over. When they came out of the sea and up the beach he still had a semi on dispte the freezing water! They then both got into their little tent and zipped up the doors unfortunaterly, but luckily the bottom part didn\'t zip. With the wind blowing the doors I could see nearly all that was happening. He was laid back whilst she knelt between his legs sucking his cock for sometime. Then she pulled down her bottoms and rode him as he thrust up into her. All the time the tent was shaking like mad but no one else seemed to notice. They went at it for about ten minutes before coming, which I could hear above the waves crashing. It was quite an erotic and discreet show from a couple of lovers who were more into it for themselves then for any voyeurs but I still got enjoy aswell, if only they had left the curtains wide open. Maybe next time!