Written by Zoe

6 Jul 2009

Hi everybody, just a quick note to share a very interesting encounter I had last summer. My boyfriend Joe had been working away for two weeks and arrived home that morning, I had to work so I arranged to meet at his place later. Joe has a lovely cock, not huge but I had been thinking about it non stop the whole time.

After finishing work I went home, showered and changed into stockings, lacey panties a sexy bra, silky White blouse and tiny black skirt. I slipped on a pair of sexy knee lenth black leather boots and my long leather coat.

Joe lives about 45 mind away through lots of lanes and countryside and I spent the whole drive thinking about the hard ducking I craved. On arrival I found no one home and called him, he had been called into work and did not know how long he would be. I was furious and hung up, got in my car and spun away. About 5 miles into my journey I needed the loo and stopped at a beauty spot and headed straight to the ladies. It was locked and I was getting even more pissed off. The gents was open so I just went in and locked the cubicle door behind me. Sitting in my stockings and Reading the dirty stories I found myself getting wet and rubbed my pussy. I noticed some holes in the Walls. One looked straight along the urinals and the bigger one into the next cubicle. I had 2 fingers inside my now dripping cunt when somone came in. He stood at the urinal and I watched as he took out a very nice semi hard cock and began to stroke it. Another guy came in and sat in the cubicle and sat on the loo with a very big stiff cock in his hand. At this point I had a shuddering orgasm and just silently watched as the othe guy joined him. He went in and put his big hard cock in the guys mouth and sucked it. I couldn\\\\\\\'t belieive it and frigged myself harder. The guy suckind had a peep through the hole and saw me in my indies with 4 fingers in my cunt. His huge hard cock popped through the hole and I sucked for my life untill he shot cum all over my face and mouth. He pulled his cock out and the other one came straight back in it\\\\\\\'s place and I did the same. They left and I cleaned up befor driving back home and cumming 2 more times. I feel like a dirty slut and can\\\\\\\'t wait to go again hopefully getting fucked next time. I\\\\\\\'ll keep you posted