Written by petersnick

3 Nov 2014

I must admit, I was a little nervous knowing that Tina knew it was me who was fucking Suzy, after all, she'd just heard us going for it and now here she was stood in the doorway.

"you enjoy that then?" Suzy said to Tina,she nodded her approval. " come and get in then, you'll get cold there" she said as Tina made her way over to the bed and climbed in beside her. I was still in shock as they kissed gently. When they stopped Suzy winked at me and went on to explain that Tina knew all about me and they'd planned this little get together for a while. Turns out the girls have often played together when the mood took them. And the mood was taking them tonight much to my delight.

I lay there watching as Suzy and Tina pulled each close, kissing and letting their tongues explore others mouths. I'd just shot my second load down Suzy's throat and Tina told me I tasted good on her tongue. Their hands glided all over their bodies, nipples hardened and were played with. Tina's hand moved down to Suzy's pussy and massaged her clit as Suzy let out a little moan. It wasnt long before Suzy had two fingers inside Tina and they writhed around moaning as they played. Tina then got up and moved with Suzy down the bed. As Suzy lay there, Tina got on top of her in a 69 position. Lapping at Suzy's pussy as Suzy circled her clit with her tongue. This was amazing, I couldnt believe it was happened and my cock soon showed signs of live as I wanked it toward hardness.

I lay there stroking my cock as Suzy's tongue disapeared inside Tina and she moaned out loud. My cock was now rock hard and I offered it to Suzy's mouth. Flicking her tongue between my cock and Tina's pussy, Suzy's naughty smile told me she was loving it and she soon bucked her hips at Tina as she came hard. Reaching round, Suzy took my cock and put it to Tina's pussy, easing it in I slowly started to fuck Tina as Suzy's tongue danced on her pussy and my cock. I pulled Tina onto me as I fucked her harder, her moans muffled by her face being buried in Suzy's pussy. Tina's pussy tightened as she started to cum, squirting juice on my cock and Suzy's tongue. I fuck harder as harder as I felt myself ready to cum again.

Tina told me to cum inside her as she was on the pill and loved hot cum shooting in her. I moaned out loud as I came deep inside Tina and she moaned "I fucking love your cum" as the last drops emptied into her. Suzy quickly pulled my cock out and sucked it all clean. Tina then lay on her back and suck on my cock as Suzy licked my cum from her pussy. This was easily the best fuck I've ever had.