Written by lucky man

3 Feb 2010

Helen moved in about three years ago. We would occasionally meet as one of us was coming or going home. She is a good lookinh tall slim thirty something redhead and works as cabin crew

A few weeks ago, I was at home when the post arrived, and I heard the postie knocking on her door. Knowing she was out, I told him this, and seeing the parcel, offered to take it and pass it on when she came home.

The next day she got home and came to me for the parcel as I was having a coffee. I offered her a coffee, and was pleasantly surprised she accepted. she stayed for a while and we had a good chat, and it turned out there were no men in her life. She blushed when I enquired as to what was in the parcel, saying a "toy"! Jokingly I said she could come round anytime the batteries ran out.

That evening, there was a knock at the door, through the spyhole, I could see Helen. I opened the door and all she had on was a dressing gown. "Did you mean what you said" she asked

When I said Of course she grinned, walked in, removing the gown, revealing a beautifully toned body. She knelt before, undoing my trousers, and told me how she needed a real cock inside her

She then proceeded to give the most fantastic blowjob. Having swollwed every drop of come, she led me to the bedroom, telling me it was her turn...She lay on the bed and guided my mouth to her already sopping pussy. She tasted as good as she looked mmm.She came loudly when I fingered her whilst licking her swollen clit.Whilst she was distracted, I slid my alread hard cock in and she kep screaming out harder harder...

Not a lot of sleep was had that night as we pleasured each other in so many ways