Written by Paul

6 Jul 2016

I had known Nicky for a couple of years. She is one of those women who calls a spade a spade and has her own opinions and makes her own decisions. She is a BBW.

We'd kissed before, she had felt my cock through my trousers and it had led to me visiting her home some time later where we had a laugh and I went down on her beautiful bare pussy. I guess I was a little shy and nothing more happened; she thought it was sweet. We had seen each other since and had a nice snog, with her rubbing my hardening cock through my trousers but it never went any further.

Nicky loves sex. She loves guys but she LOVES dark haired horny ladies too. She gets her fair share of both as and when she needs attention. She does choose her partners carefully rather than grabbing anything with a pulse; thats not her thing.

I had started to chat with her again on a swingers website - and it always left me with an aching hard cock and a need to enjoy a wank whilst looking at some of her online pics. She is a BIG girl, and has nice small tits and a naughty smile which just cries out to take in cock.

She really is a massive turn on, her eyes captivate you and the slight parting of those lips makes your tummy turn.

I on the other hand, am a 50 year old, balding fat bloke in glasses, with a small cock. I am realistic enough to know what I had to offer would never satisfy this sexual animal.

So, the planning started...................

I arranged to meet Nicky and to take her out for a drive. She agreed not to wear a bra or panties and that she needed to wear a button-up blouse and buy a skirt (she didnt like them due to her size but she agreed to get one anyway).

I picked her up at 10am. I told her to put her coat on the back seat and saw she had a white blouse which showed her nipples. Her skirt was knee length and I told her I wanted to check she wasn't wearing panties. She refused as she felt her neighbours could see, but I was insistent and she wriggled it up for me to see she was bare except for her crotchless fishnets.

She was told not to cover herself up. I drove to a nearby Town and a daytime dogging spot. On the way, I stopped and asked an old guy for directions (a supermarket or grocery store, I cant remember). His eyes lit up when he leant into the window to help. Nicky looked the other way. As soon as we set off she punched my arm and we both laughed.

I leant over and we kissed each other; omg those lips and that mouth had me hard instantly. I told her to lower her seat back and unbutton her blouse. I moved forward to cup her small tit in my hand before moving my mouth around her nipple. The tiny bud reacted and stiffened and I took it between my teeth gently pulling on it. Nicky was holding the back of my head pulling me onto her breast. I moved to the other and slowly teased it with the tip of my tongue, whilst playing with her other nipple with my finger and thumb.

Nicky reached down to stroke my cock, quickly unzipping me and grabbing me inside my trousers, before pulling me free. Her tiny hand took all of me. She ordered me to put my seat back and awkwardly bent across and buried her head in my lap.

I felt her on me. She took my cock and her face was buried into my pubic hair. She withdrew and put her fingers on my cock, gently rolling the foreskin back before firmly sliding her tongue over my sensitive glands. My body shook and every nerve was being controlled by her tongue.

Nicky looked up at me and and I saw those sexy eyes again; she didnt speak, she didnt need to as her eyes said it all. At that moment she was intent on pleasing me, on making me feel good, on bringing me to the edge and her eyes said it.

It was no good, I couldn't hold back even if I wanted to. My body went into spasm and I felt my sticky sperm shoot into her mouth, She just held me in her until I had finished. Then she moved, she moved up watching me and smiling at me. She kissed me. My spunk entered my mouth and we kissed passionately until it was swallowed by us both.

(seriously, I need a wank over this) part 2 to follow..........