Written by Jo

15 Aug 2008

This story is 100% true, it happened about 4 years ago and was my first experience of having sex with someone other than John.

My husband and I were both in our late thirties, we look after ourselves and are in good shape and often get mistaken for being younger than we are. We've a very active sex life and have increasingly been speaking about have sex with others, which apart from the odd grope and bit of sexy dancing in nightclubs is as far as it has got.

It was Johns birthday and we'd managed to get a babysitter for the weekend so off we went to London our favourite nightclub, which being London actually stays open all night. Just before we left John handed me a packet of condoms and said they were 'just in case'. During our last trip to the same club I'd had a wonderful time dancing sandwiched between John and this French guy ( I never did catch his name!), where I'd been kissed and groped by them both at the same time on the dance floor. Luckily it is very dark and very packed so it was not so obvious what was going on. Afterwards I told John that I regretted not taking the French guy into the toilets and giving him a blowjob as I'd had a quick feel of his cock and it was lovely and large. So when John handed me the condoms I knew that I had his permission to act out this fantasy if the situation was right.

The club was packed to bursting point, the dance floor, as ever, was dark and very packed and the music pumping away so loud. There was plenty of 'discreet' sexy dancing going on. There always seemed to someone or other rubbing their bum against mine or having a sly feel of me as the walked pass. Because the place was so packed just walking around was an experience with bodies crammed do close together. I get really turned on in this kind of situation but there was no one who really took my fancy so just carried dancing getting lost in the music and enjoying the feel of all the bodies around me.

By about 4am though I began to feel a bit unwell and was beginning to get a headache, having overdone things a bit! I told John and he suggested we go and have a sit down for a while. The club is a huge underground place and does have plenty of 'chill out' areas but the best and coolest place to sit is on the big wide stairs that lead up to the exit. We managed to find a place to sit on one of the 'landings' where the stairs turn. Next to us there was a young South American guy who introduced himself as 'Caesar', once John had stopped taking the mickey out of his name we started to chat away to him. After a few minutes John said that he had the fidgets and was off to the dance floor and would return in a few minutes.

So there I was sitting next to this rather cute young South American with a weird name having a chat, which was slowly becoming flirtatious. He then started to say that his neck was really playing him up and it had been stiff all evening. So I told him if he was to sit in front of me I'd give his neck a massage. As I massaged his neck I began to feel a tingle of anticipation run through me as I began to see the where this could lead to. I began to massage his neck more sensuously and made sure that my breasts kept rubbing against his back. I knew he could feel this as he kept leaning back into me. All of a sudden he turned around and kissed me full on the mouth with his tongue entering mine. It only took me a moment and I was returning his kisses with full passion. He kissed so well that I soon became totally absorbed. The French guy was not such a good kisser and although I'd enjoyed the thrill of it the actual kissing was a bit of a let down. Caesar however was as good as John and with the added thrill of it being someone new I was becoming increasingly turned on. Caesar then pulled me right onto his lap, where I could immediately feel his hardening cock as I sat there. We kissed for a while as it was so nice, John said that he came back saw what I was up to and decided to leave me to my fun and headed back to the dance floor. Caesar asked me where my 'boyfriend' was and looked shocked when I told him that it was husband and that he would be cool with the situation. He soon recovered from this and started saying that he wanted to have sex with me, I don't think he had to ask too many times before I agreed.

We headed down to the toilets, the cubicles there are unisex, which does make it easier for couples to use them and to be honest, judging from the noises that come from them it seems that mostly they are used for sexual liaisons. Caesar waited while I found an empty clean cubicle and I beckoned him in. My heart was pumping as I never done anything like this before and I hadn't even told John what I was up to. He came into the cubicle and we started to kiss, it was nice to feel his hands all over me. He then undid his trousers, as he was undoing them I began to move down ready to take this strangers cock in my mouth. As his hands moved away his cock was there right in front of my eyes and I was so disappointed as it was a good inch and a half shorter than John's, it was also much skinnier. There was no way I could back out now and I didn't want to really, I just wanted a bigger cock to play with. I took it in my mouth and began to play with it with my tongue and then sliding up and down the entire length of it with my mouth. John is always saying that I give fantastic head and that I put on a good show, so that is exactly what I did for poor little Caesar. I kept eye contact with him the whole time, I loved watching him enjoy himself and pretty soon I knew that he would cumming if I continued. I stood up and took a condom out and put it on him, we kissed some more and I started to unzip my jeans. He began to finger me and it was wonderful to feel someone else's fingers in me and playing with my clit. I turned around and let him enter me from behind, this is my favourite position, the most practical given the situation and most crucially it meant that I could get the maximum amount of his small cock in me. Caesar played with my tits and kissed the back of my neck whilst he was fucking me. I was so excited to be in this situation, being a dirty slut being fucked by a stranger, it was something I'd fantasised about since my last visit 3 months earlier and now it was happening. Caesar came quickly as I knew he would, he looked a bit sheepish over it but didn't say anything. We kissed for a bit, sorted our clothes out and he said he would wait outside for me.

Outside I had just walked up to the mirror to check my makeup when I felt a hand grab my bum and was kissed on the cheek. It was John who had a big grin on his face and he just asked me what had I been up to? I just looked him in the eye and told him that I had just fucked someone. He kissed me again and spoke straight into my ear that he wanted to hear all the details. John said he had gone back to the stairs to see how I was getting on and when I was wasn't there had wandered down to the toilets in case that was where I was - how right he was! I never did see Caesar in there again, although we didn't go looking for him. The rest of the night we danced together, John would keep asking for details and I could tell he was excited by the way he had a constant hard on.

On the journey home on the train I was still feeling very turned on by it all so I gave John a blow job whilst on the train and there were others further down the carriage. As soon as we got home and through our front door John took hold of me and fucked me from behind until I came. He told me that was to make up for the orgasm that I didn't get at the club. After having a bath we went to bed and continued fucking until I was exhausted and had lost count of how many orgasms I'd had We've spoken of that night loads to each other since then and we're sure that it won't be a one off, we're looking forward to our next trip to London and have spoken about maybe bringing someone home with us so the fun can last for longer.