Written by MnA

25 Dec 2014

I first met Nikki on line adult dating site and it wasn't long before we were emailing and texting building up the sexual tension between us, exchanging naughty photo's etc.

Nikki is 5,7 blonde, blue eyes, 38FF dress size 20.

Our first actual meet was for a drink on friday lunch time where we chatted about various different things and as I drive her back I asked her if she wanted to see how hard my cock was from her. She eagerly said yes so as I am driving I take out my hard cock and she initially looks at it ten touches it and slowly wanks me as I drive her home. All of a sudden she is leaning over and her mouth slides over my knob end and I feel her tongue work around my glands. I don't mind saying that a few walkers must have noticed her head in my lap as I drove by. Eventually she tastes my precum and then without warning I explode in her mouth. She gets back up looks me in the eye and swallows. To my surprise my cock is still hard.

Following that I met her each morning before work where we snog, fondle, I suck her nipples which as so sensitive and if there is enough time finger fuck her soaking wet pussy. We eventually arrange a hotel room for the weekend. Yes that is right two how day's and nights.

As we lead up to our weekend away I find more out about Nikki and I like it very much, She is basically sex mad, kinky with a sub streak with mild BDSM. I decide to indulge these by getting some ropes, woman's nix for me to wear, a courgette (it was fucking huge).

Well, that Friday came and I shaved all of my body hair off, put on the nix and a set of stockings along with a skirt (don't ask me why but it felt right). She turned up in a nurses outfit that her tits no longer fitted in. I poured her a drink and as she drunk it I sucked and pulled her nipples. It wasn't long before I was playing with her clit, licking and sucking then I insert 3 fingers and in no time at all she gushes and gushes a second time as I don't stop. She gasps and catches her breath then starts kissing my nipples, sucking them hard. Slowly working her way down to my hard cock where she releases it from inside the womans nix I am wearing and sucks and deep throats me for all she is worth. The she positions herself over my cock and lowers her wet pussy down onto my bare cock. The rides me till she collapses in her orgasm.

We kiss and caress and catch our collective breath. Where I show her the ropes and she begs me to bind her tits so that they turn purple. This I did and they certainly turned purple and I pulled her nipples and sucked them as well. Her sexual desire increased after I untied them and we fucked some more. With me cumming deep in side her unprotected pussy. We hardly slept that first night and even after the sun rise fuck she looked at me and said how wonderful I am. (never thought I was that good to be honest but I do try). We slow down a bit and go for food and a chat. When we come back to the room in the evening I show her the courgette and she is so eager to feel it inside her. So I fuck her with it for some 20 minutes where she is now begging for me to stop. The second night is a bit more sensible with some more sleep that the night before but I still give her a good early morning glory fucking. But this time I spunk over her face.

Later that day I have to travel and she needs to be a mother to her kids who will be home soon.

We continue to see each other before work and once a fast and furious fuck in her lounge after work but she is troubled as she wants to try and have a relationship with a guy who is in her words vanilla. So we part out ways. I am thinking that the sex we had was great and now need to find another.