Written by MnA

30 Dec 2014

Sameer (the Indian guy you told me to fuck) arrives and was very smartly dressed. We headed upstairs and he said he wasn't comfortable taking photos. I am so sorry I will check before hand in future.

We undress and kiss, I kneel down, to suck on his coloured cock, deep in my mouth. He tasted so good and started to fuck my mouth. I even tasted his precum. He guided me to the bed where i lay down with my legs wide open for him and he licks my pussy, clit and fingers me which made me orgasm. We moved to into a 69 and he licks my clit while he fingered my arse, it felt so good. I then moved so I could ride his bare cock and fucked him slowly. He tells me he wants to cum, so he knesls by my tits and wanks while I tease the end of his cock with my tongue, till he shoots his load over my mouth, neck and tits.

We rested and chatted and he started playing with my nipples and I wanked his now hard cock. I started sucking him and we got into another 69 position where he fingered my arse while licking my clit. It felt so good and i managed to orgasm again. He wanted to fuck , so he took me doggy and i with my clit. He said he would cum easy like that as he likes to fuck that way and he loves my large arse which gets him going. He then fucks me in the arse while i was on all fours and i played with my clit. It felt so good and i think he was surprised how easy my arse gave itself up to him (well its been fucked a lot over the last 20yrs or so) he loved it and was close to cumming. He asked if he could cum in my arse and of course I said yes. With that he fucks me harder and faster and shoots his load up my ass. I feel his cock twitch and pulse as he fills me with his cum.

He had a shower and left.

I have to say they were good orgasms, not the same as I can achieve when i'm playing