Written by MnA

4 Jan 2015

Tony turned up on time. I answered the door to him in all in one body stocking with the wide mesh. We immediately started kissing and he soon moved down and sucked on my nipples. I asked him to suck harder which he did. I had my hands down his trousers slowly wanking his lovely hard cock. As per your instructions we pause to take a few pics of me in the outfit.

We made our way over to the sofa and I knelt down to suck his cock as Tony continued taking pics (I hope you Like). He liked that a lot, said I was very good at that. His cock fitted well in my mouth and down my throat.

Then I laid back on the sofa and he licked my clit and fingered my pussy. It felt very good but i was struggling to orgasm, I'm finding it hard to let go, and having to explain or guide how I like it,(wish you were here doing it to me instead). Why do men always rub my clit hard...ouch. I couldn't orgasm so I sat on his bare cock and fucked him, I lvoed the feeling of him sliding inside me and took my time to enjoy it. He said my pussy felt tight which pleased me, it was so nice being able to fuck bareback and he ended up cuming inside me. I so love that feeling of hot cum exploding inside me. I then sat on the sofa as Tony watched and gently rubbed my clit and eventually i orgasmed.

It felt a bit awkward afterwards, and that when I found out that he has never done this before and I'm not sure its his thing. It's a shame he didn't seem interested in a second round and shortly afterwards left.

Hope you like the pictures.

I was hoping you could have seen my pussy full of his cum but I just couldn't resist playing with my clit, I must have orgasmed a lot and his cum must have been washed out from my orgasm.

I liked those pics of me sucking his cock, my eyes do look good looking directly into the camera at you.

I know I just completed your tasks and I can't believe I have actually done it. I feel great. Some I would like to fuck again, others not. All in all I do feel pretty fucking fantastic!