Written by Anon

10 Jan 2008


My name is Sarah. I am a 23 yr old nurse, working at a hospital.

I am only 5ft and a size 8 with 32b boobs, shoulder length blonde straight streaked hair, and green eyes.

As i said i work in a hospital and live with my boyfriend who is also 23. I have always been faithfull until recently when a patient started flirting on a daily basis and got me so turned on that i started wearing sexy knickers and wonder bras to work to turn him on. I didnt think that i would end up fucking him though.

His wife used to visit him but she would never stay very long and was always moaning at him for crashing his motorbike instead of looking after him. He told me that she was generally a bit nasty and i used to spend some time chatting to him as she only used to come for half an hour and then bog off again. She didnt like me being around him either, she used to throw me filthys all the time.

The flirting was getting stronger by the day and he kept saying things like, when can you give me a bed bath sarah, or can you just take the stiffness out of this !! i just said dont be cheeky and that was it.

However, i began to flash a bit to him, unbuttoning the top of my uniform to flash my boobs or unbuttoning the bottom to flash my legs.

One day i\'d been in to do his observations and he reached out and squeezed my boobs, just a quick squeeze and i looked at him quite shocked and then looked away and walked out to go to my next job.

When i went in later that day, he said Sarah i\'m sorry for earlier i just couldn\'t resist but i\'m sorry it was very wrong to do it. I said its ok Rob, i walked out firstly incase anyone saw us and secondly because i was so turned on!

He looked at me and said really, were you turned on Sarah, i said yes and he reached up again and squeezed my boobs. He slipped his hand inside my top and rolled my nipples and i could feel my pussy throbbing and getting more wet by the second.

I looked down and he had a massive erection and i wrapped my hands around it, i gasped and said my god thats twice as big as my boyfriend ! Rob laughed and said wel, would it fit ok? i said i didnt know but would like to find out.

I later went outside for a cigarette and saw Rob outside he was hot and was trying to cool down due to the heat inside. He hobbled over and told me how sexy i looked and he wanted to take advantage of me. Later that day i went into his room and he slipped his hand up my legs and stroked my pussy before slipping a finger up me. I shut his door and grabbed his cock and wanked him and then lowered my head down and sucked him off, and for the first time let a guy come in my mouth.

His come was warm and flooded my mouth and i swallowed it, again a first time. I composed myself and got on with my job and later saw his wife with him and deliberately went in and said are you ok Rob can i do anything for you ? He just said no thanks sarah and his wife just gave me a stifled smile and out i went. I saw him later after she\'d gone and he had his fingers up me again and this time rubbed my clit until i came.

This went on for a few days and then one night, he was up out of bed and called me over to his room and he lifted up my uniform, pulled my nkickers down and then bent me over his bed and fucked my brains out. His cock stretched my tight pussy to its limit and he filled me with his come and i walked round all night with my pussy squelching !!

Each time i see his wife i grin and think of her husband fucking me. Hes due to be discharged soon and he wants us to carry on our affair and so do i.

Who said the NHS don\'t provide good service !!