Written by JP

23 Jun 2015

Our house is quite private and secluded at the back with a conservatory opening onto a garden that is only overlooked by one property. An older lady (maybe 70s) lives there and she was obviously quite attractive when younger but she comes across as quite fierce whenever we try to speak to her.

I sleep naked at this time of the year and usually wander downstairs around 7.30 to collect the paper and make an early morning brew for my wife and myself before getting ready for work. I quite happily wander around naked because, as I say, we are hardly overlooked and I figure she's not going to be looking at that time of day. Last week my wife had taken a couple of days off work so told me not to disturb her, so I duly wandered downstairs as usual but made myself a drink and just sat in the conservatory reading the paper and absentmindedly playing with myself - as men invariably do. It was a nice warm morning and before long I had a major stiffy which needed urgent attention and who was I to deny myself. When wanking I have bigger orgasms when I stand up so I ended up standing in the conservatory tugging away for all I was worth until a long stream of cum exploded over the tiles - which I cleaned up before disappearing upstairs.

Later that day I bumped into our neighbour - or more accurately she seemed to pounce on me out of nowhere as I went past her house. For once she was all smiles and very friendly, complimenting me on how I looked, how fit I was compared to other men of my age and how good my tan looked - we'd just returned from holiday. She then went on to tell me that she hoped to see more of me in the not too distant future. At this point the penny dropped that she must have seen me in action and she was at least angling for a repeat performance - or maybe more? I turned slightly red and mumbled something about running late and hurried into the house.

The next morning I woke up with an enormous erection and just thought sod it, let's see what she's up to. I tried to saunter nonchalantly into the conservatory - which is not easy with a raging hard-on - and proceeded to stroke my length backwards and forwards. Peeling back the foreskin slowly, revelling in the feeling and quite frankly putting on a show. I didn't really expect to see her at all, I just presumed that she would sneak a peek from behind the curtains - not a bit of it. She brazenly stood there and watched as I performed. If you have read any of my previous CFNM posts you will know that I just love wanking in front of women so I was in my element. I was determined to make it last as long as possible so continued with the long slow strokes, cupping my balls with my other hand and dribbling spit onto my cock to make it glisten and make the sensations even more fantastic. Gradually I speeded up, my hand going faster as I dribbled yet more spit on my cock and my knees started to give way as a huge explosion hit me and, once more, spunk flew across the tiled floor.

I looked up to see her smiling at me and then she disappeared. I've not seen her since, nor have I had chance for a repeat performance but I do wonder whether she would want to take things further or is just happy to watch me perform. Either way I'm not complaining!