Written by Lucky Guy

15 Aug 2012

Thought I'd share what happened last year.

We had decided to have a party/BBQ during the Royal Wedding. As the day went on most of the adults that were drinking slowly got merry. We had a mixture of friends and family. This included My sister in law G and here husband and kids. She's similar to my wife but a little taller and has an air of sophistication about her. I'd always thought she looked sexy but from what my wife has commented on i got the impression she wasn't sexually active or a lot of fun.

About mid evening when the BBQ was finished and everyone was around the BBQ and our large garden I nipped in for a pee, however the downstairs WC was taken again so I went upstairs to the end of the house (we have a big long house) to use the bathroom. in my rush I hadn't noticed the light was on (old fashioned ledge and brace doors with latch and no lock on the door) and rushed in. Too my shock my SIL G was sat on the toilet with her skirt up around her waste and pants around her ankles.

Although it was a split second it seemed like eternity and my jaw must have been on the floor whilst I got a eye full of her midstream. I think I mumbled something about sorry was desperate and didn't see the light on. Her reply was very quick "don't worry there's room" at which point I must have had the dumbest look on my face wondering what she meant. At which point she sat back a bit on the toilet seat and opened her legs wide stepping one foot out of her pants.

Well you can imagine the even dumber look I had on my face, when she said thought you were desperate and grinned. It was at this point alcohol stepped in and I grinned stepping forward and started unbuttoning my fly.

So there I was stood right in front of G pulling out my now cock which was slowly starting to swell about to pee into the bowl between her legs. She was sat looking down at it almost at face height and up at my now grin. At this point it hadn't crossed my mind where we were and the fact we could be caught.

I manage to get a little pee out, flow stopped because I was now getting quite hard and bending it down stopped the flow. She made some comment about not being that desperate and probably needing a hand, at which point she with out warning moved her head forward and just took half my cock into her mouth and sucked. I do remember saying "oh god that's good" at which point she put one hand around me shaft and the other under my balls.

I know it wasn't very long at all before I said careful I'm gonna explode. She didn't stop until my cock jerked, when she moved backwards and pumped my cock with her hand. the first shot landed on her cheek and dribbled down her face onto her top and the rest on her thighs and in the bowl.

I have to say its amazing how quick you sober up and realise where you are, I quickly grabbed the roll and wiped myself clean as she did the same with a grin across her face. I made some excuse about going and buttoned up and left the bathroom quick, just as I heard voices in the downstairs hallway. I met someone coming up the stairs looking to use the loo, so I told them it was busy, someone's in there.

I went outside and mingled praying that no one had noticed where I'd been. thankfully although I had a flushed face no one noticed and shortly after G appeared and I over heard he saying she'd split dessert on her top and had tried to sponge it off. We did speak for the rest of the night until their taxi arrived to take them back to their hotel, and she whispered in my ear, "next time is my time"

I was out when they popped in the next day, but then next time I saw her was fun.