Written by Allen

9 Sep 2017

After confessing to my married lover I had seen her with my friend, things got lot more heated between them. I knew I could not say anything because I was shagging her behind her husbands back. I must admit I was a turn on knowing what she was up too. She did not realise I knew what was happening. I had managed to read a text on her phone asking her to go dressed as she had the day she had sucked him off in the pub toilet to his house.

On making my way to his place I saw Sharon's car parked down a side street. I made my way down the alley towards my mates back yard. Opening the gate I peered around the corner towards the kitchen window. Then I heard voices and laughing creeping up to the window I looked in there was sharon on the dining table legs open in her denim skirt and boots being eaten. Robs head was buried right in licking away his hands moving her fur coat to one side whilst he played with her nipples.

Rob stood up getting his cock out he started to rub it over her knickers on her pussy. All the time sharon was transfixed watching him tease her pussy.

This was too much I had to get inside and hear him fucking her. I pushed the back door, bingo it was open. I gently made my way in has I got to the inside door I could see through the crack in the door. I was watching my own private porn film.

Sharon took hold of Robs cock wanking him saying " LOOK AT THAT COCK IT'S BEAUTIFUL KNOW FUCK ME YOU DIRTY BASTARD".

By this time I had my own cock out wanking myself off I had also taken my mobile phone out put it on silent and started to film the show.

Rob was banging sharon like mad an d I could hear her moaning loving it.

They were both too engrossed in the fucking when the living room door flew open. Fuck I thought my shows going to stop. Stood in the door way mouths open was Robs son and his friend, both mid twenties.

Sharon was startled pushing Rob off and pulling her fur coat shut. "DON'T MIND US CARRY ON" they said both laughing.

Rob quickly spun sharon around bending her over the table and started hammering her Doggy Style. Sharon made a protest asking Rob to stop, but he continued.

I noticed both lads had their cocks out wanking off watching sharon. By this time her tits were swinging around inside her fur coat.

Robs son walked up to sharon offering his cock, she looked up then around at Rob.

Rob placed his hand on the back of Sharon's head and pushed it towards his sons cock. I then heard sharon gag and Robs lads hips going like mad as he fucked Sharon's face.

All of a sudden he pulled out firing a load all over Sharon's face. Rob then spun her around again fucking sharon over the table, lifting her boot clad legs to his shoulders.

Sharon was loving it her head tossing from side to side moaning. Next thing the other lad had his cock in Sharon's mouth whilst her head hug off the table. He too fired a thick load over her tits splashing her fur coat.

Rob then let out a loud cry as he came inside sharon her too in ecstasy as she climaxed.

They stood her up Sharon's legs clearly buckling under the pounding she had taken.

My God she looked horny, spunk dripping from her hair, face, tits and fanny. "LOOK AT MY FUR COAT IT'S A MESS" she said "DON'T WORRY WE'LL GET YOU ANOTHER" Rob said.

Robs lad turned and said who's this then. "HO IT'S ALLEN'S MISSES BUT HE DOESN'T KNOW I'M FUCKING HER YET".

I Thought I do now.

He pulled sharon towards him putting his hand on her arse playing with her pussy. "WERE GOING TO HAVE SOME FUN WITH THIS DIRTY BITCH SON" he said with his lad and mate smirking.

Sharon was lead into the living room by Rob were I heard him say when ever I ring you come in your fur coat and you do what I want.

Sharon dropped to her knees in front of all 3 and started to lick and suck each cock. "I 'D BETTER RING ALLEN AND TELL HIM I HAVE TO WORK THEN, SO YOU CAN ALL HAVE ME IN TURN".

Shit better scarper quickly I thought. As I was leaving I saw sharon impale herself on Robs lads cock as she took her mobile out.

Outside I waited for my phone to go I was absolutely gutted, but I knew I wanted to get in on the action and I would have to wait.

When my phone went she sounded out of breath, she told me she was still at work and that's why she was out of breath, lying cow your Sat on some young cock not bad for a 47yr old gilf..

I had to sneak back in to Robs for one last look. There sharon was still in her boots and denim skirt with her young stud backing away. One hand gripping his arse forcing him in her and the other wanking him mate with pretty come ousing out of his cock onto the sleeve of her fur coat.


With that I left with that sight in the wank bank for when I got home, waiting for my next fuck with sharon..