Written by TRACEY

28 May 2009

I had arranged to meet a friend in a bar in Portsmouth, a couple of weeks ago, we thought we mught go clubbing later. I was at teh bar when sally rang to tell me that one of the kids was ill and she could come, really sorry and all that. So there I was a forty year old married woman looking like a I am on the pull. A bit about me I am 5'7" long legs, 36d2435 size ten, waxed and smooth, very highly sexed, unfaithful but my husband likes being a cuckold. I am dressed in a very short black dress that is low cut almost to my bum at the back ad low cut at the front only a g string hold ups and heals.

I had ordered a large vodka and tonic and was sitting on my own getting some very sexy smiles; a group of blakc lads had been eyeing me since I got to the bar. One of them came over and asked if I was on my own and I told him what happened. He sat down and chatted and indicated to his mates to come over. They were all sports students at the university and all 20 years old, I must say they look wonderful, fit bodies, nice smiles and horny. They all chatted bought me drinks, and after a while the banter turned to sex, they said that my white husband could not give me enough and that black was better; I have had black lovers before and love them.

By now I had a hand on each leg, slowly etting higher and a few kisses and my neck being licked which always turns me on. Then a finger found its way into my fanny and started to play with my clit, I was almost coming at the table. Adam said lets go back to mine. We all left the bar got a taxi and went to his place in Cosham, On the way I was snooged and my g string taken off and finger fucked until I was screaming I was getting looks form the taxi driver.

Once out and in the house they stripped me of my dress and I was forced down to my knees, they had all stripped too and what horny guys these were and massive cocks rock hard, i started to give them a bj in turn, then I was pushed forward and they took turns doggy fucking my and fingering my bum. I was sopitroasted for a while then I sat on Lenny's massive cock and started to ride him, I was pushed forward and Adam started fucking my bum at thesame time, and the other two had their cocks in my afce and sucked on each one: they chagned roles and positions a few timesthen they said a bit of raope fun, one of them got some hand cuffs and cuffed my arms behuind my back and bent me forward and they used their belts on my arse telling me to tell them i was their slut and my husband was a wimp and wanker, I then had to beg them to fuck me again. Adam pushed my head to the flor ad put his foot on it and then the others fucked me again; i was cumming buckets. We then went upstairs and they carried on playing and licking me fucking me at one point they gave me a massive dildo to put a show on for them. At 2am they told me to ring my husband and tell him i was being fucked by the sexiest black guys ever and that he was a wimp fucker I did that and was screaming as I was toldiong as Lenny waas pounding me. We did not sleep until about 4am and we woke at about noon, they all had me again and then Lenny took me home; he wanted to meet my husband and told him what a slut I had been and that they would see me again. He gave dave a cd and said they had filmed itall.

I adorre back cock, so any other local black guys under thirty get in touch.