Written by joolsnbecka

23 May 2013

For a little while Becka had been in contact with a guy from another site, they had swapped messages and web cammed before exchanging numbers and talking. Becka txted me one day whilst I was at work and said this guy wanted to come round and fuck her. I work away nearly all week and thought well why not. I asked her if she wanted him to come round to which she replied 'yes please'. So she put the wheels in motion and a night was arranged.

Her new friend arrived to find Becka in a little black dress, and killer heels wearing dark green and black bra and knickers. Within minutes of arriving in the kitchen she had her hand down his jeans on what was described to me as at least 8 1/2 to 9 inch of thick hard cock!! She unbuttoned him and squatted and then began to suck his cock at the same time rubbing her moist cleanly shaven pussy. He had soon stood Becka up, spun her round and was now licking her from behind. She was in ecstasy and then he stood up as she bent over the work top whilst he fucked her hard and fast from behind!! Becka eased away and began sucking her juices from his cock again before they moved to the dining table wher she perched on the corner, one leg up over his shoulder and one over the edge of the table so he could fuck her and suck her gorgeous pert nipples!! Becka was naked now but for shoes, he moved around behind her to fuck her doggy style over the dining table. He fucked harder and faster before exploding and filling her pusssy with hit cum :-))) Shortly after he had left I returned home..Becka had her dress back on but no underwear. She grinned and led me to the coffee table in our living room where she laid down hitching up her dress and opening her legs. As I licked her hot swollen pussy I could taste his cock and cum!! I then knelt and fucked Becka. It took me no time to fill her with my hot cum!! Afterwards we went to bed and she told me the whole story again as I wanked...again I cum in no time at all ;-)

This is a true event btw!! A night if fun to remember ;-))