Written by Swindon Couple

6 Mar 2017

This is the story of the first time Mrs and me met our new friend together. We were away for the weekend and had arranged to meet. I helped get my hot sexy wife ready to meet our new friend, rolling the hold ups up her legs, pulling her sexy panties up over her smooth pussy and doing the straps up on her high heels. Our phone beeped letting us know our friend had arrived and I went down escorting him to our room where I handed my sexy naughty wife over to our friend watching them both snog and leaving them to relax and get to know each other better while I went for a drink.

After some time my phone beeped and it was my naughty wife saying to come join them. As I walked in my sexy wife was wearing an incredibly sexy blue outfit which our friend had brought her but she hadn't worn for me. Their hands were all over each other and just watching was incredible and the most erotic thing I've ever seen my sexy naughty wife do. I could smell her excitement. Her hands were all over his body exploring every inch of him and his stiff cock. He buried his head in my wife's silky smooth pussy, finger fucking her. I joined in periodically and watching her tease two cocks was amazing and she was loving all of the attention we were adorning on her.

We jointly played with her enjoying our first threesome for over two hours ending with my wife stroking our friends smooth cock until her came over her. She disappeared to clean herself up in the shower and unfortunately we didn't have the presence of mind for them to both shower together but I'm sure that will happen soon.

During our playtime we watched and joined my wife as she played with her clit and pussy, teasing herself with her toys letting us watch as she cum in front of two very horny, aroused men. Who knows what we will get up to together next time or what my sexy naughty wife and her fuck buddy will do together. All I know is the experiences we have shared and enjoyed so far have been incredibly erotic and enjoyable for all. Next time my wife is hoping for a massage and to have her pussy sucked from behind.