Written by Slinky Kris

18 Mar 2009

It's been a few months since my fiancée fuck another man. In August she had sex with a guy in a hotel room a loved riding his big cock but since then she's been off the boil and not interested in extra curricular fucking with guys...until today!

She has a boss, very senior and powerful who works in another city to us. We've long joked about him being her 'fuck list' . She knows he fancies her but he's married and she works with him so it could be a real risk for both of them. She's staying in another City this week on Weds and Thurs night and he is back from working away and the guy has just sent a text to say he wants to book a hotel for her on Thursday! This has both excited and terrified me. I've always been there before to watch her be fucked. If she goes for it with him on Thursday night then it'll be her doing what she wants with this powerful older guy and then telling me about it! I feel sick with excitement mostly and really want her to do it. It's so exciting thinking of her riding this guys cock with her blonde hair flowing and me listening in to it (on the phone as we've arranged. I will post what happens here on Friday when it's all over.

Watch this space!