Written by SeamsAddiction

29 Oct 2012

Hi, I'm the male half of this 'fuck-buddy' relationship and thought I'd take this opportunity to go into print to offer one or two thoughts about the adventures of SeamsAddiction during 2012.

You may have possibly read one or two of the accounts she has posted during the year...all of which are a statement of fact - her last posting being a couple of weeks ago detailing the events of a horny evening in London.

I met 'Seams' prior to joining this site on a well known dating site for 'marrieds' looking for that extra spark. At that time she was very much into wearing tight little business suits etc and not adverse to flashing the odd bit of lace hold up in a crowded bar. Within a week we were fucking....all good naughty fun, her with her skirt round her waist, still fully clothed, bouncing on my cock as we sat on a chair in the middle of my hotel room, curtains open in broad daylight.

Sex chat/text was always to the fore and it became apparent that she desire to 'date' a black guy. There were no issues for me as our relationship was physical, not emotional and so an appropriate ad was subsequently posted on SH!

As already mentioned, she has posted about some of her encounters, however I have to smile to myself about her 'development' over the year.

She has always been a horny slut, and without a regular fuck on the home front from hubby, she is loving the attention she is getting elsewhere!

Over the year there have been some changes. She's always been a stilletoe's girl, but gone are the hold-ups, replaced by ff stockings and her favourite 6 strap suspender belts. Skirts have become a touch tighter and shorter.....her most recent purchase being a little leather 'number'....a touch tarty for a mid 40's married woman, but she loves it! Blouses n tops have become more revealing too with the odd glimpse of red or black lingerie more than evident. Gone are the ear studs, replaced by large gold hoops and her hair has become gradually blonder!!!

She tells me hubby doesn't particularly approve of her new look - he is blissfully ignorant of her secret life - but as she says, 'it's not for him, it's for me and my black lover's!!'

So here she is, a year on. Loving the fun she is having and planning to have lots more fun - a horny married woman who has developed into a married blonde slut who can't get enough black cock. Hooked? That's for her to say but as we all know, the more you get something, the more you want it!!

She's looking forward to the rest of the year n a very horny 2013........