Written by Vin

28 Dec 2016

So, not sure this is the most exciting story, I have re_read it and it seems over long and there is no real action, so apologies for that, but it's very true and hopefully will develop further over time (everything crossed for that to happen!!!)

My wife has known for years that I would love her to sleep with other men, she happily entertains my many different versions of this fantasy when we have sex, but has always refused to discuss turning fantasy into reality. We have loads of toys, she loves me using our big (black ?) Dildo on her, especially when I get between her legs and use it as if she is being fucked by another man, always gives her a massive orgasm.

A few things about my wife, she is not the leggy gorgeous blonde that so many husbands that submit their stories are married to, she is 5'2, size 18 (on a good day) and has large tits, I love her and think she is one hell of a sexy lady and she has never failed to get me hard when we are in bed together. She is very conscious of her body, and this is one of her main reasons for not pursuing my fantasy. The other is that she has a job that means she is very well known in our local community and it scares the hell out of her that we might get found out. I have on loads of occasions told her that neither of these is a problem and always reassure her that loads of men find her sexy.

Anyway back to the title of the story, why do I think we are nearly there? well a couple of things happened in short succession. The first is that my wife is an Olympic level masturbator, but never EVER with me in the room, she even just stops if I have walked in accidently. Shortly before Xmas I downloaded an erotic story onto my wife's kindle - husband arranges massage for wife, wife enjoys it so much she lets the masseuse fuck her - I didn't tell her I had done that, but one night going to bed I walked in the room and she was enjoying herself with her black rabbit (black is a bit of theme!) and she didn't stop till she had arrived at a massive orgasm. I cuddled up to her in bed and asked her what was different and she said she had read the story I had downloaded and found it such a massive turn on, anyway we had some brilliant sex as a result that night and we have returned to the massage fantasy a few times since, which Suzanne has absolutely loved!

The second thing that happened was on Xmas eve we where out in a bar called Ambiance, it's a cocktail bar that plays to an older crowd, we had been out since 2pm and it was now gone 10:30, the DJ had a good 80s/90s/Xmas tunes thing going and the place was rocking. Suzanne was dancing away in her own little world next to group of men, all similar ages to ourselves (40yo+) one in particular seemed to have a shine for her, lots of smiles and obviously trying to separate her from the rest of his group, she kept coming back to our table so it was obvious she was with me but then kept dancing back towards this guy. Anyway the DJ put on Fairy Tale of New York and the man took Suzanne's hand and got her in a close ballroom dancing hold, she was laughing and was quite happy, they both seemed to just be jigging away and shouting the lyrics (as you do) but by the end of the song he was talking into her ear, Suzanne was laughing her head off at whatever he said, she said something back gave a him a big hug and kiss (peck, yep I was disappointed too!) and came back to me, very happy and not troubled but said she wanted to leave - now.

In the taxi she was all over me, holding my hand up her skirt, big deep kisses, obviously horny as hell. When we got home I asked her about the man, she said when he had been holding her close he had been squeezing her bum and pressing his hard cock against her then at the end of the Pogues song had simply asked her if he could fuck her. She was very VERY turned on as a result, but had bottled it and come straight back to me,.

That night in bed she was awesome, better than awesome, she was absolutely slutastic! I did lots of describing what the man would have done to her, fucked her loads with our big dildo, she was absolutely insatiable, even Christmas morning after the alcohol had worn off she was still into me talking about him and the situation while I fucked her.

Sooooo today I have asked her if in 2017 she might possibly, maybe, perhaps finally relent and let us arrange another man to fuck her (her rules, her choice of man) she was pretty evasive at first but in the end has now said that if the situation was similar - bar, alcohol, dancing, felt like a natural pick-up - then next time she might let it go further and see what develops. It's not exactly a yes, but is a massive leap forward after many years.

Thanks for reading. Sorry if it's boring. Vin