Written by june29

7 Jan 2014

Saturday just gone was out front talking to lou next door neighbour that was, she and Greg had split up, Greg still leaving next door lou moved out but was just collecting last of her things, Greg came out all had little chat i was saying that I was to go to the local for a drink that night with girl from work but didnt fancy it now,lol said she had to go so left, had little chat with Greg who must admit was a gorgeous young 27 year old roofer,couldnt help but flirt with him,he told me I should go for that drink as he was going to call in there too,and gave me big smile went in, rest of the afternoon could not stop thinking about Greg being out too,must admit

started to feel sexy,i time came round to get dressed put on black g string black suspenders and a short black dress just covered top of the stockings,it was held up by 2 thin straps over my shoulders very low cut back so couldn't wear a bra,and was low cut at front which showed a lot of bare flesh from my ample 36dd boobs and could just make out the shape of my very large nipples,looked in the mirror couldnt nt believe how much bare boobs you could see,with that Jan was here so slipped on jacket and said by to hubby who was into footie and went to the local it was quite busy up found a table free tucked away had a good natter, all the time I was looking out for Greg it was an hour later that that he came in, before he see me took

off my jacket now in public and hoped he would see me, didnt take long smiled at me and came over and sat next to me,next 30 min we all had a great laugh Jan seemed to be enjoying herself Greg and i were flirting again in no time and could feel my nipples harden,see Greg looking at my boobs so had quick peep and my nipples were clear sticking out, as we chatted felt Greg hand on my thigh under the table, god my heart raced, next few minutes Greg started slowly moving his hand up my thigh till felt his hand touch my bare thigh above the stocking he looked at me smiling, god I was so turned on now,i could hear Jan saying things but no idea what,Greg hand then slowly move up my bare thigh without thinking I open my legs letting his hand slide between them and God can't believe I did this but soon as his hand brushed against my by now soaking g string covered pussy i let out a mmmm, Jan asked you ok, flustered said yes I'm fine, all the time I could feel Greg hand

slowly stroking my pussy through the tiny patch of g string,then Jan said I'm just going to speak to Alice got up and left,I looked at Greg as he smiled at me i could hear my self saying taking home Fuck me,with that the cheeky sod leaned over and gave me a long lingering kiss on the lips,and pushed two fingers into my soaked pussy in front of people in the pub neighbours of ours i kissed him back trying to cover the soun of me coming as his magic fingers made me cum again mmmm with that he broke away took my hand led me out of the pub. We walked back to his in no time,could see hubby was in bed by now,as walked past mine to Greg once inside still hold my hand took me straight up stairs to his bedroom,he turned and faced me, my hear was racing as he pulled me to him then started to kiss me felt his tongue push it's way into my mouth without realising was kissing him back, felt his hands on my shoulders taking the thin straps and sliding them of letting my dress slide off dropping to the floor,i was now standing in my young neighbours

bedroom wearing only g string suspenders and stockings,i felt his rough roofers hands take hold of my large 36 dd's and start to caress them my large nipples were now rigid, i was like in a trance as he took my nipples run his thumb over them then pinched them mmmmmmm my god cum like mad, my legs went all weak, next thing he lays me on the bed, as I'm laying there un clips my stockings and starts taking one of "want you naked "then takes off the other stocking and suspender belt, im powerless to move as he then removes my g string, im now naked something only hubby as ever seen before,my nipples are rigid my pussy is soaking as he strips,my god his gorgeous young muscular body then his large 7inch cock mmmm

he climbs on the bed pushes my legs up and apart and i feel his cock touch my wet pussy lips,let out a groan, then it hits me CONDOM i blurt out not on the pill,but as I'm saying the words his cock forces my lips apart the size makes me quite take in a gsp of breath,as he starts to Fuck me deeper deeper till fully in my pussy i can hear my self groan loud as he starts funking me faster deep groan even louder my pussy is tingling on fire never felt anything like dig my nails into his back im shaking then feel burning sensation on my neck he is giving me a massive love bite i cum again even stronger im powerless to do anything as he pumps that big cock into my pussy, then feel him giving me another love bite high up on neck, .mmmmmmm i groan again then all of a sudden feel his cock swell, takes

my breath away and then he empties what seems like pints of cum into my pussy o my god I cum to have the biggest or gas ever and scream out loud and long and again mmmmm he lays on top of me im still having little ripples of orgasms lay there,he then starts kissing me down my neck slowly down my chest then gives me a love bit close to my rightnipple painful but can't move, should stop him but can't then he is giving me love bit near my pussy, all i can do is lay there let him do it knowing would have to try to cover,hide them from husband but just couldn't move, by now can feel a mixture of my cum and his running from my pussy down between bum cheeks, Greg lay down beside me then pulls me on top of him, can feel

Greg large cock it's rock hard all ready sit up and lower my dripping pussy onto it slowly lower in my self till taken it all mmmmm cum again as I start to ride him, lean forward letting my heavy tits hang over his face, again I let out a loud long groan, then my nipple has real pain tingling sensation Greg has my large hard right nipple in is mouth sacking and biting it, this throws me over the edge i steam out loud ride his cock for all im worth orgasms come fast and long mmmmmmm he bites down my nipple even harder as I feel his cock swells as I push down he shots another huge amount of cum into my unprotected pussy, groan out soo loud slump forward my heavy boobs on his chest, another little orgasms as my pussy contracts around his cock, he lifts his head and kisses me before I know it im kissing him back his hands are stroking my back my ass, again can feel cum seeping past his semi limp cock which is still inside me without realising our kissing is full on our tongues playing with each others mmmm never felt like this so good,

can't believe it Greg cock is growing again my pussy starts to tingle as it feels it again i push up hand either side of Greg head and start funking his cock again his hands now playing with my nipples which are burning, feel his mouth next to my left nipple then takes it in his mouth sucks on it bites it harder awwww my god cum so hard i flood him his balls are drenched as just can't stop Cummings mmmmm then for third time cum deep inside won last massive orgasms and collapse ontop off him mmmmmmm we lay for 30 min or so chatting before I sneak out of his next door home, tidy myself up in loo cum juice every where, look in the mirror, to see 2 huge love bites on my neck 2 around my nipple and two either side of my pussy,

how do I hide them, next morning hubby has great delight in telling me how Greg had someone round last night and how he had set for on and off for 2 hours and the girl was screaming like mad as she cum.... if only he knew