Written by Neighbour4

6 Jan 2011

I was up early the next morning having found it hard to sleep following the previous days events. I was feeling nervous and excited about going down to Marie's flat, after all I had no idea what would happen. I showered and watched my other neighbours leave, and come half seven I left my flat and went downstairs to her flat, naked as she had told me. I knocked nervously on the door. "Come in, it's open!" she called so I opened the door and went in with my heart pounding.

I walked through to her main room and was stunned to see her sitting in the same chair as yesterday but she was only wearing a black bra, knickers and black suede high heels, she looked amazing. She told me that watching me wank on front of her the previous morning had really turned her on and had frigged herself off several times over it, even in the toilet at work and wanted a repeat performance, although this time she wanted to wank with me. My cock had grown rock hard listening to this and she complimented me on it, saying it looked a nice size. She looked at me lustily, stood up and unclipped her bra releasing her lovely tits, I guessed they were 38c, then pushed her knickers down and sat back on her chair with her legs spread wide. Her pussy was glistening with juice as I started to wank. She watched me for a moment caressing her tits then ran her fingers down her body in to her pussy. I could hear the sound of her wetnesss squelching as she masturbated in front of me whilst watching me wank my hard cock. She looked incredibly sexy in just her high heel. I have always had a thing for legs and heels and couldn't believe the sight in front of me. Marie told me she was about to come and wanted me to come with her, telling me to shoot my hot spunk on her tits and body. I didn't need telling twice and as she started to buck and wright in orgasm I shot a huge globs of my creamy spunk over her wonderful tits and body.

"Oh my God, that was amazing" she gasped. "You're telling me!" I panted as I finished recovering. We had both had huge orgasms without even touching each other. "Call in sick today, I need you to fuck me hard and make me come again". That was all I needed to hear......

To be continued