Written by Neighbour4

24 Jan 2011

Carrying on from where I left off previously...

Marie stood up and came over to me, grabbed her tits and started licking my spunk off them before putting her arms around me, pulling me close to her and kissed me passionately. When we had finished she told me she wanted my cock inside her. I put up no argument as she crouched down in front of me and took my cock in her mouth, licking me clean of spunk. The sight of this horny woman wearing only high heels, who up until the previous day I had only said a passing "hello" to, got me rock hard again very quickly. She was superb at giving blow jobs and after she had finished kissing and licking up the last drops of my cum I was ready to take her. "Come on lover, I need fucking!" She said as she led me in to her bedroom. I asked her if she had any condoms but she told me not to worry as she was on the pill.

As she laid on the bed in front of me she opened her legs wide, showing off her trimmed pussy which was very wet indeed. I climbed on the bed and told her that I needed to taste her wetness. I got down between her legs and started to lick her inner thighs before running my Tongue along her slit and then pushing it inside. Marie shuddered as I licked her and told me to put my Tongue in deeper, which I duly did before going back to gently suck on her clit. After a few minutes of this she started to groan as another orgasm was approaching. Soon she was crying out in ecstasy as she shook all over as she revelled in her climax.

I now decided it was time to give her what we both wanted and positioned myself between her legs with my cock pointing at her entrance. Looking in to her lust filled eyes I thrust my cock inside. She let out a long moan as I started fucking her wanting pussy, each thrust getting harder than the last. I leaned forward grabbing her tits, gently squeezing and caressing them, feeling the traces of my spunk from earlier which Marie had licked up. I was loving the feel of her wonderful body, such sexy legs wrapped around me and the feel of her high heels on my back. She pulled me down to kiss me again before telling me she would be coming again and wanted me to come with her, telling me to "give her my hot spunk". I love hearing a woman talking dirty to me and as her moans started to get louder I felt my spunk starting to rise up from my balls. I gasped that I was about to come and as I started to shoot my spunk deep inside her she cried out again and I felt her pussy contract around my cock, milking every last drop from me.

What a morning! We hadn't finished for today though so leave me a comment if you want to hear what else Marie & I got up to.