Written by extratime

14 Feb 2016

well i must be the luckiest 76 year old alive, i cant believe that my neighbour Alison (50) my neighbour stuck to her word and came back to mine last night at around 11pm and stayed. i got a knock at the door and when I opened it she came in wearing a lovely short dress holding her coat, she said she had just got out of taxi seen that the street was quite and knocked at mine. I said sit down and I will get you a drink and went and got two glasses of wine, on my return I sat next too her and said I cant believe you came, she said I said I would and with that she slightly parted her legs so I could see her panties, I put my hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her knickers and told her I had taken one of my blue tablets in anticipation of her coming, good she said and rubbed me through my trousers, I leaned forward and gave her a little peck but started to rub her tits through her dress and I asked her to take the dress off with that she stood up and asked me to pull down the zip at the back and it dropped to the floor, she removed he bra and her beautiful tits swung free and I took one of her nipples into my mouth, with me busy Alison reached down undoing my trousers reaching in and bringing out my hard cock, she made me take my trousers off and sit on the couch while she had a nice suck of my cock, it was now 11.30 and Alison said lets go upstairs and I said will your husband have gone to bed yet, she said he will be soon because hes out by 7am, and you can play with me knowing hes on the other side of the bedroom wall. with that we went upstairs onto my bed I took her panties off opened her legs and there was a lovely shaved pussy, I went down and kissed her pussy licking and sucking her until she started morning and she came, I got onto the bed and Alison took my cock in her mouth , after 5 minutes or so I said I needed to fuck her , so she knelt up on the bed I got behind her and fucked her doggy style with her moaning I shot my load up her and we crashed on the bed, I was just resting and she took my cock in her mouth and sucked, while she was sucking i asked her if her hubby had any idea of what she had done, her reply was hubby got turned on with her flashing and had suggested that she should give me a flash but he had no idea it would lead to a fuck. a little more tit sucking from me and we went to sleep, at a bout 3am I woke needing the loo on my way back into the bed I could see her lovely arse so when I got back into bed I nudged up to her feeling her pussy and pushed my cock into her she pushed back onto me and I fucked her, after a bit I slid out of her and went back to sleep, around 7 am I woke up and cuddled up to her, she started to wank me until hard enough for her to get on top and fucked me for 10 mins but I could not cum, she got off me and turned around pushing her pussy in my face or what I should say is A very wet pussy. I licked her and all my cum that was in her from that night until she came, we rested and said what a good night it was we got up, seen that her hubby gone out and she went home. cant wait to see her again.