Written by JON

5 Jul 2009

Hi All.

This is my third story on this site and would like to share it with all you guys.

A few weeks ago i wrote telling you how my wife let me watch her with our neighbour.Since that night we\\\'ve been having sex when ever we can which start when i mention our neighbour.

This morning my wife wake me up my placeing my hand on her soaking fanny saying she was horny \\\"which is a great way to wake up i\\\'m shaw you will all agree\\\" and how she had dreamnt of having sex with a mystery man.That was enough for me but as i had just woke up i needed a pee so i got up to goto the lav.

As i walked passed the bedroom window i saw col in the garden next door and i made a comment to sara about how are neighbour was up early and she replied i wish he where up me and we both laughed and i was peeing we were having abit of banter about him which carried on when i got back in bed We started kissing and as i was touching her and sliding my fingers in her i was talking about the night i watch her with him.

This was turning us both on and i said shall we do a B.B.Q and invite him around and she said \\\'its going rain and i want sex now.

The thought of shagging the misses again with a cum filled was to much of a turn on so i said do it again open the window and ask him to pop this she was staight up and in the shower making shaw she was clean i got in and helped her wash and was doing everthing apart from penetration.

we got out\\\'dried and she put on her dress \\\"no knickers\\\" and some make up she looked really pretty and outside she went. I stood in the bedroom and watched.I heard her shout over the fence \\\'morning col how are you\\\" good thank was the reply as he looked over the fence how things he ask \\\'yeah good do you want to pop around for a cuppa\\\'

shaw wheres jon he asked.

he\\\'s gone to the shop.

so i take it you want a quick shag then and laugh.

of coarse she then said.

he climb over the fence and thay came in to the house and i heard him say in a cocky voice \\\"still not doing it for you then\\\"and she said you think your gods gift don\\\'t you.

ive had no complaints and you keep coming back for my cock now get your knicker of and on that sofa.

Then she said i\\\'m not wearing any so that half my job done and thay both laughed and then when quite for a few minutes then i could heard the sound of her faint moans which got louder and louder and the squeak of the settee and then it went quite again and sara said have you cum and col said yeah.

that was quick she said.

sorry i hav\\\'nt emptied my sack for a few days.I better go before jon comes back and he left.

She come straight up stairs and moaned this time for a different reason say i didnt even cum and layed on the bed. I quickly climbed on the bed pulled her legs apart as i did this she done a fanny fart and so cum trickle out.I said to her i came see he came it\\\'s running out of you and she reached down and started rubbing it all over her fanny masterbate his cum in her This is the first time she has masterbated in front of me and before long she was moaning again.She grabbed my hand and put it on her slimy fanny.I inserted four fingers and started to push them in and out working her into a frienzie there was more cum trickling out i pulled my fingers out and showed her my hand saying \\\"he came alot\\\" she grabbed my hand and started sucking my fingers and licking the cum of.I\\\'VE NEVER SEEN HER THIS WILD \\\"she\\\'s always spat my cum\\\"

she then stopped and said put your cock in me.So i did it slipped in with ease and i felt her heat on my cock and came straight away to her disapointment