Written by JFFbristol

8 Jul 2015

Janice and her two children (Matt 20 & Emily 22) moved into the flat above me in February this year and am I now glad they did. Friendly and reasonably good looking all. I am just separating from my wife and had only moved in myself in January and had found the other occupants of the block offish and unfriendly. Anyway I am rambling. One Friday afternoon in March I came home from work to find Janice on the stairs cleaning what was left of her shopping she had dropped. What a great sight it was her shortish skirt was hiding nothing and I had a clear view of her bald fanny as she had no panties on, trying not to stare but keep her in polite conversation was becoming harder and she soon noticed, instead of covering up she moved round sat on the step and opened her leg and said help yourself. I moved up the stairs and ran my hand up the inside of her leg and teased around her fanny, she said for gods sake get on with it someone might come in. I suggested we go to my flat but she said just finger me. I had two fingers pumping in and out of her wet fanny and my cock was bursting to be released, Janice soon clamped her legs together and shuddered to a climax. She pushed my hand away and blew me kiss saying thank I needed that and she looked forward to some more fun soon turned and ran to her flat, leaving me with a raging hard on and looking lost on the bottom of the stairs.

That Sunday I saw Janice, Matt and Emily go out about 10 am so got on with a few chores and wandered down the local for a lunch time drink.. I was just finishing my second pint when in walked Matt & Emily with a group of friend, we exchanged hellos and I set off home. Been in about 10 minutes when there was a knock at he door Janice stood there bottle of wine in hand dress in jeans and t-shirt and said thought we could finish what you started on Friday. In she came a drink or two later we were naked in my bed with her sucking my cock as if there was no tomorrow I stopped her turned her around and fucked her doggie style short hard and no messing we both came and as quick as she had on Friday she returned home. I thought if she just wants nsa sex fine by me but next time we speak I will tell her we can take our time and really enjoy it.

Weeks passed and no contact I waited to catch Janice on the stairs but no joy, thought that was it and a one off shag then nothing. Emily then asked me as we walked out together if I could put some shelves up for her in her bedroom. yes I said could do that Saturday. Saturday morning I knock and Janice answered Hi just on my way out shelves are over there and help yourself to tea and coffee and she was gone. I called out but no one was home so got on with the job in hand. As I moved some boxes in Emily's room a vibrator and some porn mags fell out I picked them up and started to read a storey about a mother and daughter being shagged by the builder. I was getting carried away found a pair of Emily's dirty knickers on the floor and was using them to have a wank when all of a sudden Matt was at he bedroom door, smiling and rubbing his crutch through his jeans, Don't stop he said in fact let me help you and he came over and took my cock in his hand gently pulling on my cock I was close to coming and told him so he dropped to his knees and said in my mouth and took my cock in his mouth as I came. I got him to stand and drop his trousers so I could return the favour and got a wonderful mouthful of young spunk within minutes. I was hard again which surprised me, Matt jumped up said lie down and I will get some lube. He returned with the lube and mounted my cock riding it hard I was staying well due to having already come and he was well away in his own world until I pumped my second load in his ass. We cleaned up I finished the shelves and sat at home thinking what great neighbours. Later that day Emily brought me few tins of beer as a thank you and said she would show her appreciation soon as she was short of cash. I joked sure we can think of some she blushed and left.

It was not until last week that I got to shag her as well although I feel a little guilt as she was rather drunk after a party to celebrate her brothers 21st. I hope they stay neighbours and we have more sex.