Written by jerry_exeter

20 Feb 2012

Having posted twice before (see neighbourly fun 1 and 2 from November 2011) I just thought i would write and tell you about our most recent adventure with our neighbours Kate and jason.

At the weekend we were invited to Kate's and Jason's house for a "get together". They billed it as an adult dinner party and that there would be several people there. Up to now we had only played with Kate and Jason but after some persuasion from them we agreed. Prior to the party we were emailed with a list of peopkle who would be attending together with photos of them, and it was agreed that if we wernt happy then it was fine. When we saw the email and photos it seemed like there would be three other couples attending, one in their late fisties or early sixties, one around our age and a younger couple, in their twenties.By their photosm they all looked like nice people so we sent a couple of photos to Kate and jason so they could forward them on to the others.

Anyway the day of the party came, we both had become nervous, but getting ready we started to relax more. Sarah got showered then as she had now started to shave down below she attended to the "de-fuzzing". When i watched her getting ready she looked so hot.

Sarah decided to wear a basque, hold up's and a lovely black dress, she was about to put on some new lacy undies when i suggested she goes without. She looked at me and giggled but agreed.

Once ready we texted Jason and asked if it was ok for us to go over, which he replied was fine as one of the other couples were already there, so we crossed the road and went over. Once there everything seemed like a normal dinner party. kate was busy in the kitchen, looking fantastic in a red number whilst everyone lse was being attended to by Jason, all having a glass of wine before dinner. Well lets cut to the chase. Dinner done and dusted we all retired into the lounge, where Jason put on a film. As the tv flickered it was of Kate and a friend going at it in all positions. As the film continued everyone sat around chatting etc and eventually we saw hands disappearing up skirts and flys being unzipped. I lent into sarah and kissed her by hand sliding up hern thigh till i was met by a very wet smooth pussy.

it wasnt long before the older lady was being undressed by her husband and Jason. I remember thinking that for her age she looked great, yeah a bit of an apron on her belly but still not bad for an oldie. She had jasons cock in her mouth and was giving him one hell of a blow job. Kate disnt want to be outdone and being the perfect hostess said its time to get the party going properly and with that undressed totally telling everyone to do the same.

I looked at sarah and asked if she was still ok with this, she smiled and nodded as i slid down the zip at the back of her dress, she tugged the dress free from her shoulders and let it fall. Looking round we could see everyone was naked so I quickly tugged my own clothes off. Just as I was getting to my boxers I felt a hand tugging at them, turning to see the younger girl pulling them off me giggling that she wanted the newbies.

She was lovely, red head, small pert boobs, probably 34b, shaven pussy, very slim. one hand wrapped around my shaft whilst the other probed Sarah's pussy. A quick look around saw Jason fucking the older woman whilst her hubby was giving kates pussy a real bashing with his tongue. To my utter surprise I watched as the young girls partner took hold of the older guys cock and started to feed it into his mouth. The young girl told Sarah to get comfy then getting between her legs gave Sarah a real licking. I was so horny I just needed to get my cock in her so suffling behind her i entered her.

After Sarah had cum, the young girl, which we later found out was Gemma, said she needed a real fuck so rolled over on her back opening her legs as wide as she could told me to fuck her, which ofcourse i did. The feel of her pussy was so different to sarah's, much tighter. I rember seeing movement next to mem and it must have been one of the guys seeing to sarah's needs cos I could hear her panting and moaning.

Well that was it, a frenzy of bodies, fucking and sucking. I remember watching as the older guy entered Sarah, he was able to last and last, Sarah came and came, then I watched as Jason and the other guy fed there cocks into sarah's mouth. As the older guy came inside Sarah then Jason took his place soon to be followed by the young guy. I had fucked the older lady by now and Gemma and Kate were locked in a very sexy 69.

The night went on and at around 2am me and sarah left to go home, helping Sarah to walked to our house. She was very worse for wear, not through drink though. We went straight to bed, helping Sarah to get undressed I looked at her pussy, it was red and swollen and extremely wet. Sarah had been fucked by all the guys several times, everytime having their sperm dumped in her. We fell asleep not long afterwards but I woke after about an hour, amzingly feeling horny. My hand went down to sarah's pussy and I felt the sheet, it was soaking. She had leaked sperm onto the sheets, i couldnt help myself, i went down and started to lap at her pussy, tasting the sperm left. sarah woke to my attentions and we fucked one last time, I felt my cum but I am sure no sperm came out due to my fuckings earlier. Sarah had a great orgasam which caused more of the sperm in her pussy to escape. The next day we talked about the night and sarah agreed that she loved it. She said she remembers the eighth load being deposited in her but knew it was probably more than that and she wants to do it again. Kate and Jason knows how she feels, I even let sarah go over their house earlier today to get laid by Kate and Jason, she came home an hour ago with Jason sperm running out of her. God I love my new slutty wife and love it when men leave their loads in her. kate has suggested Sarah attends one of their gangbangs soon, oh I hope she will too.