Written by Naughty neighbour

31 Jul 2012

I am goof friends with my neighbours John and Sandra they have a son adam he is 19 and a keen runner very lean and tall, good friends with my son alex , this story is about how I came to get a little to close to him.

J&s had a party the drink flowed and the music played as always I was up there dancing I was a bit merry and I know I spent most of the night having my bum fondled or talking to men who thought my face was in my chest , but I don't mind I like seeing the effect I have :-), now Adam made a point of keeping me company and once in a while had a little touch where he shouldn't and I reminded him I was old enough to be his mother several times but he didn't get the hint the night passed much as they do my husband Peter was plasterd and we fell to sleep in the early hours.

In the morning I woke up to find Peter gone to work And alex was up the town I was alone and I must say I had flash backs of Adam fondling my breasts and I got a bit wet at the memory. Later that morning Adam called round which is not unusual but he said he had to apologise as he was drunk and may have took advantage of the situation but I said not to worry as I lthought he was a bit drunk as was I and anyway a woman of 47 dosnt get many young lads feeling her up , we laughed but Adam went quite red and I could see he had the stirrings of a stiff one, so I asked him what he liked about me his immediate answer was "your boobs" I pulled the neckline of my t shirt down to show more cleavage and he near passed out , so I thought fuck it , would you like a good look Adam ? He couldn't say yes quick enough so i took my shirt off there he stood infront of me in his jeans looking at my heavy breasts and my rubbery nipples "can I touch you?" he asked , If I can I said as I brushed my hand over his now erect but coverd cock . He stepped back un buckled and dropped his jeans kickin. Them off , I pulled his boxers down and ther right infront of me was a long. Skinny cut cock and a BIG set of balls I started to gently tease it with light touches but just had to suck him and lick his balls, he was moaning and saying how much he wanted to do this for years blah blah blah I wasn't listening I was savouring this virile cock , then I said it ... Do you like mummy's boobs do you like mummy sucking your dick and he just exploded in my face calling me a dirty cow he must have had that thought locked in there but what shocked me was I said it, he made a hasty retreat and I was left on my sofa coverd in sperm and rather wet ... Want to know more