Written by extratime

6 Mar 2017

Hi I’m Jim 76 years of age, I have posted stories so far about how lucky I have been with my Neighbour Alison who is 50 years of age, I must tell of what happen a few nights back, Alison’s husband invited me to go around to watch the rugby again. When I went round Alison was upstairs getting ready has I know now. when Alison came down stairs she was wearing a short whit skirt and black top, Her husband asked if i wanted a drink and said to me take a seat the game will be on soon. Alison brought the drinks in and sat down on the arm chair opposite me, her husband then went upstairs, I said to Alison you look stunning and her reply was thank you pity you have not been around for awhile. With that she opened her legs to flash her lacy matching white knickers, Her hubby came downstairs and we made light conversation, the game started And more drinks where consumed when Looked across to Alison her skirt had ridden up exposing most of her thighs, I stared for a second or two hoping she would notice me looking, Alison then said should I get the drinks in turning facing me legs slightly apart with her skirt across the top of her thighs, she stood up and walked across the room her hubby said that skirt shows off your backside doesn’t it Jim, I stuttered a little and replied it certainly doses, Before she came back in her hubby went to the loo and when she did I asked if she would show me her panties, she lifted up her skirt while her hands where full and gave her a little rub through her knickers and feeling her wetness. she then said if your lucky you can take these home tonight, Her husband came down and we continued to watch the game. Throughout Alison was flashing to us both and her skirt was rising, then she said her bra was tight and her hubby said take it off we won't mind will we Jim, with that she stood up and went and took it off when she came back I smiled and her hubby said i thought you may of taken it off in front of us didn't you Jim I laughed and said yes, Alison said don’t be staring all night at me I haven’t put one back on. She then she parted her legs showing me that she had removed her knickers, and showing me her shaven pussy. Her Husband then said we might get a look later Jim, Alison said Jim's just had a little flash, yes i said but it was brief. Alison said we will see what happens later, I’m now getting a semi on thinking where’s this going any way another drink and I went to the loo, trying to listen to their conversation I thought I heard her hubby say ‘go on I dare you’ and Alison’s reply I’ll see, I came back downstairs hubby was in the kitchen and Alison had now sat on the couch opposite me with her legs up and her skirt had risen and a lot of leg on show, I sat down and said I’m not going to be watching much of the rugby with the view I have. Her hubby said Alison’s chilling out and you don’t mind do you, no I said, Alison said if you behave I may play with myself if your ok with it. With that she opened her legs and started to play, I looked at her hubby and he looked at me and said Jim you can wank over Alison if you want, so Alison playing with her pussy at its best all shaved, and me and her hubby wanking over her shaven pussy, I then asked her hubby can I cum on her pussy and Alison said it was ok with her and her hubby agreed and with that I shot my load all over her parted pussy lips and fingers, I didn’t disappoint, there was loads of my cum dribbling down her pussy and legs to her arse it then came her hubby and he shot his load all over her legs, Alison then turned and smiled at me then asked her hubby if she could do one thing to me he agreed yes and with that Alison asked me to put my cock in her mouth and she sucked me off, her legs apart i leaned down and fingered her cum socked pussy. I asked her hubby could i fuck her and he said Ask Alison so i said To Alison can i Put my my cock in you Alison and she realeased me from her mouth and got on all fours and said doggy style yes, i got behind her and fucked her best i could and her hubby got in front and offered his cock, i only lasted a few minutes but what a night.