Written by tom

11 Sep 2008

After reading some off the stories here I had to tell what happened to us about two years ago, we were getting ready to go out to a diner dance the usual wife Ly trying on different dresses and asking me what I thought.

I told her she should wear the dress she had for a dance we went to at christmas black velvet and no shoulder straps she said it is to tight and made her breasts look to big I told her it made her look nice and made her look thiner I thought so just try it on and lets see she agreed to try it but kept saying she wouldn\'t like it.

When she came back with it on I said wow you look great in that and you will be asked up to dance all night she seemed to like it when i kept saying how nice she looked she said ok if you want me to i will I said if you are going to look that sexy you should wear your stockings as well and give me a treat.

We both got on with getting dressed and when we were in the cab Ly told me she had done what i asked and was wearing stockings I said are you kidding and put my hand on her leg and said let me see Ly said no way the cab driver will see she told me you can see the bumps where they are held up with the suspenders I wanted to make love to her there in the cab she looked so sexy and thought about all the guys at the dance who would be looking at her and that mad me so horny dont know why I had never thought like that before.

When we got out the cab i looked to see if the driver was looking at Ly but was only interested in his money.

we were showed to our table and their were 4 other couples we didn\'t know you could see they had a good look at Ly I was nearly telling her to cover up a bit the more I looked at her the more I could see how skimpy her dress was.

Once we had a glass or two off wine i relaxed a bit there were other females with shorter dresses and low cut tops and we were having a good time dancing It was when Ly was asked up by one off the other guys at the table and I watched them and could see his hand low on her side and thought he will be able to feel she has suspenders on I tried to keep watching them but they had moved round to the other side.

When they came back i could see Ly was a bit flushed and asked her if she was all right she said yes it was just that Andy the guy she was dancing with had said you wont be able to wear much under that dress she didn\'d answer him and he said he hoped he didn\'t embarass her saying that she told him no it was ok he told Ly that his wife sometimes didn\'t wear anything under her dress because it showed bumps Ly agreed and said you are right thats when he said so are you naked under your dress at first she was taken aback but told him yes except for my stockings and he had pulled her close and just then the dance finished and they came back to the table.

At first i was mad Ly said don\'t go making a fuss he is just a bit drunk. I thought about it and found I was so horny thinking about this other guy dancing with my wife and asking her if she was naked under her dress and her telling him that she was, I said just as well the dance finished when you told him that he would have been feeling you to see if it was true ly said don\'t be silly there are to many Peope and his wife he wouldn\'t dare I asked her what she would have done if he had she smiled and said she didn\'t know and said would you have bothered if i had let him touch me.

I couldn\'t believe we were having this conversation and it was getting me all horny I told her she would have been to scared to have let him and it wouldn\'t bother me Ly said ok if he asks me to dance again we will see I said ok thinking Ly would refuse if he asked her,

I had just been to the bar and was coming back when i saw him ask ly to dance and she got up with him but the dance wasn\'t a slow one so no touching and wasnt to bothered but kept my eye on them and could see them smiling and laughing the dance stopped and a slow one came on I felt so horny and couldn\'t see them so got up and went to the bar so i could see them better He was holding her real close and seemed to be whispering in her ear then kiss her neck and when they turned round a bit i could see he had his hand in between them and ly had her eyes closed I couldn\'t believe I was watching this then the dance finished I went to the toilet then came back Ly was back in her seat and again a bit flustered i was dying to ask her what had happened pretending i didn\'t see them.

The dance finished just after that had happened and I couldn\'t wait to ask Ly what he had done we all said our good nights and i saw Andy stroke ly\'s ass when he thought nobody was looking.

When we got in the cab I said I saw Andy touch your ass before we left what did he say to you when you were dancing Ly was enjoying me asking and was a bit drunk and said he kept telling her how he like the thought of her with nothing on under her dress and he would like to have seen her without her dress on and did her husband like her to dress like that she told him it was my idea to dress like that thats when he kissed her and had put his hand between them and was rubbing her through her dress and asking her if she liked that and she had made him so hard and took his hand away and then put her hand in between them she said he was so large and gave him a good squeeze and rub but the dance had finished and he asked her to go outside with him but refused.

I was so horny and was feeling Ly while she was telling me and forgot the driver could see us if he looked in his mirror and had Ly\'s tit out and started sucking it and when i looked to see f he had seen anything i new he had his eyes were never off the mirror i wanted to see what ly would do when I slipped my hand under her dress and when she didn\'t stop me i made sure it was right up you could see all her stocking tops and i had my hand in between her legs rubbing her clit she was laying back with her legs open and her skirt at her waist then i noticed we were just about at our house and had to stop.

We got out the cab and the guy said you are going to be ok tonight pal I asked did you have a good look he told me he could see the lot and wished it had been him and to tell her nice had nice legs and pussy just laught and left.

We had the best night at the dance and when we got home talking about it and kidding each other about it.

Might tell off our other outings since then was nice remembering back.

That was how it started me getting horny with others looking at the wife.

let me know if that\"s how it happened to you.