Written by Mr hotdog

16 Mar 2019

My life changed with one look at my wife’s phone one night. Let me give you a little background, the wife and I are in our 40’s , have 3 kids they are in their teens, so finally we occasionally get to do things without kids!!! One night we got an invite from our young neighbors to a cook out.

We got to the Ken and Jill’s around 2pm and we all started drinking beer, we don’t get together with friends very much because we are always running around for the kids, so it’s pretty special for us to cut loose and party with friends!!! Ken and Jill are in their early 20’s and a lot of fun . We grilled some steaks and drink. Both the wife and I are not huge drinkers, and the beers went down really fast and quick I must’ve fell asleep because about 1 I woke to my wife kissing my forehead saying wake up sleepy head. Ken and Jill and my wife all were drunk off their asses !!! My wife said it was time to leave we sir are good byes and headed home ... we got home and the wife passed out and I went straight to bed too. About 4 her phone went off a couple times . I never look at it, but I thought maybe it was the kids so I looked at it not knowing it would change my life forever !!!

Their Was 2 messages from Jill a video about 4 minutes and a text that said delete the video before before Steve (me) watched it am sorry I accidentally sent it to you . I take the phone to the living room and played it...

It was my wife in what looked like Ken and Jill’s bedroom, my wife is blonde with chubby and has huge tits . She is wearing a shirt that zips on front, on the video you, Beth who is really drunk reaches down and starts to slow unzip the top, both Jill off camera and Beth are laughing , Jill is saying take it off , as Beth unzips and she has a bra and her tits feeling out of it. Then I see someone walking up behind Beth and Ken comes up from behind her and take his hands and puts them on her tits, he starts squeezing them and with one hand he unhooks her bra and her tits fall out. Then my wife starts laughing, then I see kens hands pulll her pants and underwear off , and then I hear my wife say something about damn Jill your right he’s huge, I see my wife’s face change her eyes close and now I can tell Ken is fucking her from behind my wife is now being fucked really good and she screaming fuck me and cum in me!!! You can tell Ken is cumming in her as my wife is screaming !!! He grabs and gives her tits a one last squeeze my wife says that was a great fuck, Then the video ends !!! And don’t know what to do now !!! Am devastated