Written by John

10 May 2016

This happened a couple of weeks ago when we visited another city for a break and shopping.

It's completely true and might be rather long so apologies to the quick wank brigade.

We had gone out for a look around and a few drinks followed by dinner, well to be honest after two bottles of wine at dinner things we're getting a bit messy not that I was that bothered as I know J gets extra horny when drinking.

Well we decided to walk a bit of the drink off when we come out of the restaurant.

We had been walking for a while and heard some really good tunes coming from one of those old style dark pubs with a small dance floor. I said we should go in and have a night cap before heading back to the hotel for some dirty sex.

We went in found a table by the dance floor and I went for the drinks, things were getting a bit flirty and touchy so I suggested J take herself off to the toilets and remove her bra as she had a strappy style silk top on. She did this and when she returned I could see from a distance as she walked towards me he nipples poking out! She sat down and opened her bag to show me she had also removed her knickers as well... She was feeling horny! Just before I went for the drinks she told me that another girl had brushed up against her in the toilets looked directly at her tits a whispered in her ear the word "hot" so that made hers nips stand on end.

I returned from the bar and saw that J was now up on the dance floor with some guy who appeared to be younger than ourselves. I watched for a time and things seemed to be getting hotter between them. The odd touch here and stroke there I'm sure you get the picture. My wife eventually noticed my return so she walked back to the table followed by the guy. J introduced him as Steve, he seemed like a nice enough guy sat down with his beer and chatted away, J later told me he was trying to put his hand up under her dress while he was talking! We finished our drinks and I suggested we have one more for the road and went to the bar.

When I returned they weren't at the table so I put the drinks down and went off to find them, it didn't take long as the place wasn't that big but they had moved to the far end and the darkest part of the dance floor. I stayed out of sight and watched wondering if anything would happen. The answer didn't take long, the music had slowed right down and they had come together he had one hand rubbing her side boob and the other working away on her arse while her arms were up around his neck. At that point he moved in and kissed her, to my surprise she responded with some passion. I also watched as she dropped a hand in between them and start rubbing him.

I made my way back to the table and a few minutes later they appeared and sat down explaining they had been dancing again. I said to J she looked flushed and was everything OK? J said every thing was fine and that and that she had invited Steve back to the hotel for a drink if that was OK with me?

Drinks finished we left the pub and make our way to a taxi rank. When it was our turn J jumped in behind the driver and Steve beside her leaving the front seat for me! I told the guy the hotel and set off. It wasn't long before I heard little sighs from the back but to be honest I was quite shocked what I saw when I turned around. That dirty bastard had lowered the straps on her top and was sucking away on one of her nipples the other tit clearly on show for all to look at. One hand was up inside her dress between her now spread legs and from the movement was clearly fingering her pussy. She saw the look on my face and mouthed the word sorry before once again leaning her head back to enjoy what was happening to her. Dirty slut.

The driver announced that we were almost at the hotel so looking around I saw J putting her tits back in her top and making herself look decent. We paid the cab and entered the hotel myself and Steve following J to the lifts.

By this time I was as horny as hell and once the doors closed grabbed J, kissed her then told her as punishment for being such a slut she would have to walk back to the room topless in return she shrugged and lowered the straps on her top. I couldn't resist and started sucking one of her nipples, at one stage Steve was doing the same on the other.

There wasn't anyone there when the doors opened at our floor and I made J step out first, before I allowed her to walk to our room I had one more slut surprise for her. I stood behind her and lifted her skirt to expose her naked arse and tucked the hem into her waist band then gave her a hard slap on each cheek. Then moved in front of her and did the same to show her bald pussy she looked a bit shocked but linked arm in arm with Steve and myself and started to walk towards our room in her heels hold ups and totally exposed body on show.

She later told me that she had fantasised about two security guys sitting in an office wanking each other watching the camera footage of her but that's another story.

As you can imagine I was really worked up at this stage expecting to indulge in our first threesome but there were more twists and firsts to come.

Once we entered the room Steve took over and told me to strip which I did. He then told me to stand by the bed and also told J to remove her top and skirt but to leave the stockings and heels in place. He told her to kneel in front of me but left a gap I between us.

The next thing he did was a complete shock to the both of us, he walked forward and placed his hand around my hard on and slowly started to wank me! This was a first for me and to be honest such a turn on. All the time he was looking into J's eyes asking her if she was turned on watching a man play with her husbands cock. He told her to play with herself and we could hear the sloppy noises from her fingers and pussy.

He then pulled me forward by my cock and started to gently rub the end around her lips. When she started to suck my cock her let go and knelt down next to her on the floor whispering into her ear stuff about men together wanking etc getting her even more worked up. She told me later that at this stage he had slid his hand underneath her wetting two fingers in her pussy then pushed them up her arse. He continued to talk filth to her and slowly moved his lips close to hers, she then stopped sucking me took hold of my cock deliberately looking into my eyes fed it into his waiting mouth. Yet another first and a fantastic feeling a guy blowing you and your naked wife on her knees playing with her pussy starring at you with a big smile on her face. I was getting very close to cumming and Steve knew it so he stopped and told me to calm down for a minute or two.

After helping J to her feet he told her it was time for him to fuck her, he told me to lay on the bed and positioned her on all fours over me. As I looked up he was dropping his jeans and boxers and saw his shaved cock for the first time. He told me to start licking her clit and for her to suck my cock above me he was wanking his cock and slowly moving forward towards her soaking wet pussy. He rubbed the head up and down her lips and in turn brushed my mouth as I was still licking her clit.

He entered her with one solid push all the way until his shaved balls were right in front of my face. We heard her groan with delight then he slowly started fucking her. After a little while he pulled out completely and put the head to my lips, I was hesitating but J stopped sucking me looked underneath herself and oh yes go in lick it! So I did I could taste her juices on it which to be honest was great. He put it back in her pumped for a little while pulled out and ordered me to lick. This carried on and on with his fucking slowly building speed. He finally worked himself up and I knew he was going to cum. In fact they both cum together

in the end both shaking the at the same time. One last surprise Steve had was when he pulled out the last time he told me to lick him and taste both of there juices this I was not sure about but J must have been turned on by this as she sort of half turned and again looking under herself almost spat like a wild woman at me to suck and lick his cock clean, this I did as by this time I had got used to the idea and was enjoying myself.

When I had cleaned him he just pulled his boxers and jeans up thanked us for a fantastic night and walked out the door. I then attempted to come out from under J but she pressed me down again and told me that I had cleaned Steve and now I was to do the same to her! She then lowered her pussy onto my mouth and told me to lick his and her cum out of her. To be honest although it was the first time I had tasted another mans cum I really enjoyed the task.

Although the man/man thing had only been mentioned in pillow talk a couple of times years before it's something that we admitted to each other that really turned us on and that we would like to happen again. J has also been hinting about watching me being fucked I'm not sure about that but never say never.

Sorry for this being so long but all the true stories are I think.

We would like feed back especially from female readers as to how many normally straight couples would like to see there husbands or boyfriends in the same situation as I was in?