Written by Lin

28 Nov 2017

the reason it took a while to reach my car was only due to me walking slowly on account of my legs feeling stiff ,but because I stopped at two lorries on route .Neither were anything special but both were very grateful and as they were both bareback I enjoyed the thought of their spunk flowing up my cunt .Each time I plugged my cunt to keep as much in as possible .

On arriving home I carefully took off my clothes and then stood over a washing up bowl . Pulling the plugs out I was pleased to see some spunk drop in the bowl .Mostly it ran down my legs , I did like to see the drips hitting the bowl .

My arse felt sore. And hadn't shrunk back to its original size .I wondered if I was going to have to live with a stretched arse ,but the thought did not fill me with horror .

I then flushed each hole using the shower before slipping into the bath .

When the water cooled I got out and applied lots of cream all over . For the first time for ages my body was important to me and although I wanted some bits used and abused , I want legs ,tits and bum to look there best .

I couldn't leave my arsenal alone and continue to push cream into it and rubbing hard .

I was desperate to be used again so took myself back to the layby ,but it was empty .

Throwing caution to the winds I took off my top and got out of the car . Lots of horns were sounded ,but the only ones to come back were sad losers .

What am I going to do?