Written by Annette

26 Dec 2015

I had finally summonsed up the courage to make the break and call a halt to a loveless marriage. My husband seemed relieved rather than upset. We divorced, sold the house and split everything fairly and without malice. My employers were great, I was transferred to a branch in the town I had chosen to move to, and because it was a larger outlet I even got a promotion and pay rise. I found myself a small cottage with a lovely garden , my own space where I could be me.

My new work colleagues soon became friends and my social life grew. But I was missing male company. I did not want to slip back into the trap of a serious relationship , and at the same time one night stands held no attraction. Like many women on their own I subscribed to an on-line dating site , and I tried to describe myself and my hopes as honestly as possible.

I started to meet men through the site, always insisting that the first meet should be in the afternoon , on neutral territory. The men were pleasant, but there was no spark.

Then came John. He was different , more interesting , widely travelled, easy to talk to , great sense of humour and even rather good looking. I was delighted when he asked to meet me again . Of course that meant that I had to consider what would happen about sex , how should I react if he suggested it. I had only ever been with one man, my ex . How would I deal with a new lover.

I had developed a particularly close bond with one of my new friends , Maggie. She seemed to be very down to earth about men and sex. I spoke to her about my doubts, and she just advised me to do what I felt comfortable with, let it evolve and find its own level.

John invited me to his house, saying he wanted to cook for me and for me to see his life, I thought it was a charming invitation , although he seemed to rugged and masculine to be good in the kitchen. His house was clean and tidy, sparse by female standards , very much him. Surprisingly the meal was lovely. I do not know what was going on in his head , but my thoughts were very much about sex. If he could have read my mind he would have pushed me onto the settee and had me there and then . I was too much the prim lady to make any suggestion , and he too much the perfect gentleman . It was getting late , so it seemed correct for me to say that I should be going home. We were almost at the front door, him helping me on with my coat , when he said what I had wanted to hear ; " I wish you were not going " .

" Then ask me to stay " I replied.

He did not speak, instead he kissed me, softly , sensuously, then more passionately. Nothing more was said. My coat came off, then we were going up the stairs, undressing each other , kissing, touching, caressing. I wanted to feel his body on mine, feel his cock in me. He understood perfectly . Almost immediately I had an orgasm as strong as ever I could remember. I felt John have his orgasm soon after . After a few minutes of passionate kissing he moved off me and started caressing and exploring my body , something my ex had never done. At first my breasts, licking my nipples , his fingers playing in my vagina, rubbing softly on my clitoris. It seemed so right , as Maggie had said, I was willing. John brought me to orgasm with his fingers, then with his tongue, then again with his cock. we slept, we made love again, we slept again and made love again.

Although I had said I did not want to slip back into a serious relationship, the next days and nights were constant sex.

Throughout the years of my marriage there had never been any oral sex. My husband had never ' gone down there ' nor had I . My body was not used to so much sex, nor to so much variety of sex . One day I became aware of an itching and soreness in the vagina. Fearing the worst, and of course not having used condoms, I got an appointment with the clinic. The doctor asked me some intimate questions about partners and frequency , and practices. Her verdict was no infection, over enthusiasm , inflamation , apply the cream and take a break. But blood and urine test results would confirm. I told John , who took the news with his usual humour .

" You will have to comfort me in other ways " .

I knew what he was alluding to.

Maggie was surprised when I told her I had never sucked a man . I explained the situation , and what John had said. " I just do not know what to do there or how to do it " I said. She took my hand , made me stick out the longest finger , said to imagine it was his erection . Then she touched it with her tongue, took it in her mouth, did all sort of things, some slow some fast, some gentle some strong. She told me to cup his balls in one hand, to use my other hand to rub his shaft, to use my spittle as lubricant. Then she took me by surprise . " Are you going to swallow ?"

She explained that some men like the woman to swallow their cum, others not, some women do, some don't. Her usual advice, do what you are comfortable with. her last words of advice were to remember it is not a drinking straw , and then , with a grin , " you can also let him in by the back door " .

That evening I gave John my first ever blow job . I think I enjoyed it more than he did, the pleasure of giving him such pleasure. Not knowing whether I would like the taste I decided to make him cum on my face so I could have a little taste . I spent the evening ' down there ' , as soon as he was able to get stiff I was back on it. On the third time I had him cum in my mouth, and I swallowed. And every time after. I was addicted.

The test results were all OK, and my vagina recovered. Normal service was restored, but new variants were introduced into our sex life. And one day, in a particularly torrid session, I did let him in by the back door .

We were both keen on sex, but neither of us wanted to be bound by a serious relationship. So we decided to broaden our horizons, together . We have had so much fun . I get hot just thinking about it . Come here John !