Written by stickler

26 Aug 2011

The following is quiet a long story with a lot of detail that I hope you feel adds to it. I am able to add this, as I am one who likes to write events such as this down before things get foggy with time.

This is a true account of events to the best of my ability with the exception of names being changed to protect the guilty.

My name is James and I live in the south west of the UK. I’ll start with some background information from about ten years ago, but the main part only happened recently. I’d known Sue and John for a number of years. I’d first got to know them when we were all in our late twenties when I was still married and we’d gone out as a foursome on many occasions to pubs, for walks with their two kids and even to the beach.

Our friendship though close was never anything more than innuendos passing between the four of us and harmless flirting that seemed to be a favourite pastime for the girls Although Sue is a very sexy lady, nothing more than this every happened. Not that I would have minded, as she was very similar to my then wife to the point where people often thought they were sisters. I’ll give a brief description of her, she stood about 5’ a UK size 8 with I guess an A/B cup boob, her hair was in the style of a bob that she dyed with blond highlights.

However with all of the mess that came with my wife and me splitting I lost contact with them until about three months ago when a friends request popped up on my facebook.

On looking I saw that it was John, I accepted and then had a quick look at his profile just to catch up. I saw that all seemed good with him and Sue and with looking at his pictures I saw that the years had been very kind to Sue and she looked as hot now as the last time I seen her.

Over the next few weeks I was able to have a few chats with John and even managed to pop in a couple of times for a cup of tea while I was out and about with work, and I found out that things were indeed good with the both of them. And I also told Sue that the photos of her on facebook did not do her justice which was met with a “Thank you” and a hug.

In the main we kept in contact with messages that went to and fro, in one of the messages John told me that he was under instructions from Sue to arrange for the three of us to go out for drinks one weekend; however it would have to wait for about three weeks as they were going off to the Canaries for their holiday.

I replied, telling him that I hoped they had a good time and joked that they should bring me back a stick of rock and for John to take loads of pictures of Sue’s white bits. He replied with, he’d do what he could but he also warned me that Sue was going to give me a slap the next time we met for being so cheeky.

Over the next three weeks as expected all was quiet then Last week I had a message pop up on my mobile from an unknown number asking if I had plans for the Saturday night. After I’d found out that it was Sue, who had taken my number from John’s phone. I told her that I had no plans. Within a couple of minutes I had another text saying, “Well you do now, be at ours for 4pm for tea, and bring your glad rags and an overnight bag as we’re going on the piss”

The Saturday seemed to take ages to come around but when it finally came I got out of bed at about 9, I sorted out the few things that needed doing and by 2pm my over night bag was sorted I was kicking my heels waiting for the clock to come around to the time to go. I’d just sat down with a brew to watch telly when the phone rang, it was John asking if it was still a go for later, I told him that it was and I had sorted everything and was just waiting for the 4pm to come so I could go to theirs.

John told me not to wait and just come over, he told me that it’ll give us a little time to catch up as Sue had gone shopping and to the salon and wouldn’t be back until about quarter to four.

I told him that as soon as I finished my drink I’d be there.

By 2:30 I was knocking on the door and John invited me in then showed me the room where I could dump my bag and stuff for that evening. That done we ended up in the kitchen where there was a beer waiting and we chatted for an hour or so as he prepped the meal. We talked about normal every day stuff until the subject of Sue came up; I told John that I hoped he didn’t mind me saying that I thought Sue was very sexy.

He told me not to worry, as he kind of liked men looking at Sue and he also didn’t mind when the two of us flirted. I told him that as far as I was concerned it was all harmless fun and I would never try anything on, as she was my mate’s missus. He then took me aback when he said, “I wouldn’t mind if you did mate, as long as you didn’t do anything behind my back.”

This surprised me some what, and just as I asked him to explain what he meant when we heard “Put the kettle on babe!” as the front door flew opened and in came Sue, As she came into the kitchen she dumped her shopping bags on the table then turned to speak to John and was pleasantly surprised to see me there early, but not as surprised as me.

Up until now every time I’d seen her she’d always worn her hair up, but today, she’d had her hair done and she wore it down and it looked amazing as it was no longer a bob as I remembered from all those years ago, but now flowed down to her waist and it was also her natural light brown colour. She wore a baggy t shirt and also a mid thigh length denim skirt. Even though she was wearing casual clothes she looked stunning. She came over and gave me a big hug and a peck on the cheek as we hugged she said, “Hello James, how are you?” I replied, “I’m fine thank you Sue” as we hugged I rubbed her back and I noticed that she was not wearing a bra.

I now found myself looking at her T shirt and was treated to seeing an outline of a nipple as she stepped back after kissing John hello.

I asked her if she had a good time shopping, she said, “Yeah, not bad, got me outfit for later, and my trip to the salon wasn’t too bad this time, had all the waxing and stuff done before the holiday”. I then ask if she’d enjoyed their holiday. She replied with, “Yeah it was great, oh, yeah, that reminds me.” And she stepped forward and slapped my arm. I said, “Ouch, what was that for?” “For asking John to take pictures of my white bits.” She replied trying to sound angry but trying not to laugh. I then said, “Well you can’t blame a bloke for trying.” “Yeah, you blokes are all the same, I’ve got to keep my eye on John, he’s forever sneaking up on me, and taking pictures with that bloody camera. Anyway you’re out of luck, I’ve not got any.” She said as she crossed her arms

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, we found a clothes optional beach not far from the apartment and spent our time th…” she then stopped, turned red and put her hand over her mouth and said, “Oh my god, I don’t believe I just told you, sorry, didn’t mean to tell you that. Forget I said that.” I replied with, “Look, it’s not a problem to me if you like naturist beaches, I love going to them too, as much as possible.”

Both Sue and John said, “Really?” at the same time, and then Sue continued, “This was our first time, I don’t know if we’d do it in this country though”

Not holding much hope for a positive reply I said, “I’ll tell you what, if we get a summer this year I’ll take you to a nice quiet beach I know and you can give it a go.”

John was first to reply by saying, “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind, what do you think Sue?” without much conviction Sue said, “Well if it’s as quiet as you say then Ill give it a go.” Saying “I look forward to it” earned me another slap from Sue as she said, “Pervert”

She then changed the subject by turning to John and said, “So, is tea ready yet?” he replied, “It’ll be about a half an hour.” “Well in that case I’ll see you boys in a bit. I’m off for a shower.” she said before turning and heading out of the kitchen. We both watched her walk out the door and stood there for a few moments saying nothing until I said to John, “You’re one lucky man.” “I know mate” came the reply. We then stood in silence for a couple of minutes as John continued preparing the meal.

I was miles away when I heard Sue’s voice saying, “I forgot my shopping.” I turned to see her coming back into the kitchen with a towel across her front and tucked under her arms. “I need these, got a new frock for later.” I then said, lets have a look then, to which she huffed and said, “Can’t you wait until later?” she then opened the bag and grabbed the coat hanger and held up her new black dress. As she done this she almost dropped the towel, but much to my disappointment she caught it with her other hand.

The dress looked very nice with a deep neck line with what looked like a metal ring holding the two sides together. Both John and I said, “Wow!” However what caught my eye was she was holding two hangers and on the second one was a lacy black thong. I said, “And matching underwear.” It looked as if it just dawned on Sue that she was holding the knickers up as well. She said, “You’re not meant to see those. I’m off for my shower.”

She then gathered up her shopping from the table and turned to walk out; at this point both John and I were treated to a lovely sight of her lovely bum and also I could see a lovely tattoo on the small of her back, as the way she held towel under her arms meant that it wasn’t covering her back at all. I said, “I see you’re right, no white bits.” She looked over her shoulder, smiled and said, “Shouldn’t be looking” and then ran out the room.

I looked at John who had a big grin on his face. I said, “Wow mate, she’s stunning, I can’t believe she forgot that her lovely ass was on show.” “I don’t think she forgot mate. She did that on purpose.” “Really?” I replied. “Yeah mate, she likes to tease. As I was saying earlier, I like to see men looking at her and she too. But what I was going to say earlier before Sue came home, and, I’m sure you won’t say anything, I wouldn’t mind seeing her with someone else.” He then paused and then said, “You probably think I’m off my head don’t you?”

“No mate,” I said, “not at all. I use to think the same about my ex” John then said, “Really? I use to like catching peaks at her with the stuff she use to wear. Any way, it’s an idea that I have but it’s not going to go anywhere, as I’m sure Sue wouldn’t be up for anything like that. Can always hope uh?” “Hell yeah” I replied.

There was then a natural break in the conversation as John concentrated on sorting the food and at this point Sue walked back in. She said, “You don’t need to stop talking cuz I’m here. What was you two talking about then? I could hear loads of yakking.” “Not much, bloke stuff mostly.” John said. I thought, “If only she knew”.

Sue then held out her arms and said, “I hope you don’t mind me wearing this James, it’s a bit early to get my frock on, and I wouldn’t want to spill food on it.” She stood there wearing a light pink satin bath robe that came to about mid thigh. She had it tied so it was showing her cleavage to just below her boobs which showed me there wasn’t a bra under it. This was also confirmed by the sight of the outline of her very nice nipples showing through the thin material. Her hair was tied up which showed off her lovely neck, which was still wet from her shower.

I thought to myself that this confirms what John said, as she was still trying to wind me by flashing a little skin. I then thought, “What the hell, if she wants to show a little then I’ll do what I can to keep looking”

I said, “It’s your house, you wear what you want.” She then gave me a rye smile and said, “I normally like wearing nothing but we have guests.” “You don’t have to dress up on my account.” I said.

Sue replied with, “Yeah right, I bet you’d love that. Not going to happen” “Aww” I said with a smile.

Then John chipped in “Right you two, stop mucking about and go and sit down. The food is ready. Sue can you grab some beers for us?” Sue headed of to the fridge and I done as I was told. Sue then came over to the table and put my bottle of beer down, she then grabbed the bottle opener and opened it. As she opened the bottle I noticed that the front of her robe fell forward a little, just enough for the nipple on her left breast to come into view, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had it pierced with a nice little bar. I kept this to myself. I do like the look of them; I also have a couple of piercings myself on my scrotum.

She then sat to the left of me which suited me very well as every now and then her robe would fall forward. John brought the meal to the table and sat opposite Sue. As we ate we chatted about everyday stuff. As we did this I kept an eye on Sue’s robe to see how it was behaving and much to my joy I noticed that the more she moved the more her breasts came into view, to the point where her left nipple spent most of the time on show. At one point after I took a crafty look, I looked at John and saw him looking at me with a big smile on his face.

A few minutes passed I heard Sue say “You bastard.” and felt the table move as she kicked John. I looked up as John said, “What?” to which Sue replied with “You know dam well what” I looked at her and she was trying her best to look mad at John but I could see the glint in her eye that showed that she was also trying not to laugh.

I also noticed that she’d adjusted her robe so it covered her breast up. I thought to hell with it and said, “Getting a bit draughty was it? This got me a slap and Sue said, “You’re both bastards, why didn’t you say something?”

I said, “Well I was enjoying the view… I do have a question though” Sue had a bit of a worried look on her face when she asked me what it was, so I asked, “How do you get though security at the airport without setting the alarms off?” John burst out laughing and Sue looked puzzled for a few moments until it dawned on her and then she covered her face and turned red with embarrassment, saying, “Oh my god!” I then rubbed her back and said, “I’m sorry Sue, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

I looked over at John and with a smile I said, “Look if it makes you feel any better, I’ve got piercings too.” In an instant she dropped her hands and her eyes dropped to look at my T shirt and said, “No you don’t.” I replied with, “I do but not there.” Which made her realise that I’d seen her looking. She then seemed to ask a few questions in one by saying, “Where, when did you get it done, I bet you don’t, no, I’m sure you don’t. You’re just saying that, aren’t you? Show me” I said, “No I’m not getting them out now, we’re eating.” “See I knew it, you’re just saying that you have.”

I said, “You think what you will” Sue retorted with, “You’re lying. And a pervert for looking down my top”

At this point we all started laughing and the conversation then turned to where we should go that evening. It was decided that we should go to a bar a short 10 minute taxi ride away that always seemed busy with a dance floor but also had a seating area where you could chat without having to shout over the music.

Our meal eaten John declared that he was going to get on the phone to book our taxi. Sue started to load the dishwasher as I started to clear the table and ferry the dishes across to Sue, as I started this I turned from the table to see Sue bent over putting dishes in the bottom of the washer. Although nothing was on show it was still a very nice view. I looked across to John appeared to be waiting for a reply from the taxi company and I gave him a knowing smile then I stepped forward and stood behind Sue, placed a hand just below the small of her back at the top of her bum and leant over as I reached over to put some plates on the worktop in front of her. I could have managed to done this without getting so close to Sue but I could not resist a quick feel of that lush body.

As I put my hand on her I said, “Excuse me a moment, just need to drop these here.” After I put the plates down I stood back up keeping my hand there a few seconds and gave her a little rub. In doing so I started to suspect that not only was she without a bra but also knickers as I could feel no tell tail lumps or bumps.

I was hoping that she wouldn’t notice my hand, as she is one on these people who always gives a hug when saying hello or has to touch your arm as she spoke. I repeated this two more times after each time I would glance at John who had a big grin from ear to ear. On the third time of reaching across I said to Sue, “Right I’ll get out of your way, that’s the last of the dishes from the table.” Sue with a smile replied quietly, “Shame”

I moved across and stood next to John who by now had just finished talking to the taxi company. He smiled at me and said quietly, “Nice ass isn’t it?” I smiled and nodded. He then said as he looked at his watch, “Right, taxi is booked for 7:30 and it’s now 4:30 so let’s gab some beers and chill in front the telly for a while.” Sue replied with, “Can you grab one for me please, I’m almost done here, and I’ll joint you in a mo”

John and I moved to the lounge where I took the easy chair and John lay on the sofa, sat lengthways resting against the arm facing me and the TV with his feet up and started flicking through the channels. I complemented him on the meal. He said, “Thanks mate but I’m sure there was something you enjoyed more. She’s got a lovely ass hasn’t she?”

I replied with, “Yeah, but I hope you don’t mind me saying but I also liked the nip slip. Very nice piercing” “I don’t mind mate as I said earlier I love seeing blokes look at her, and yeah they are nice” “They?” I said on hearing John’s reply. “Yeah mate,” He said, “she has both done, and I’ll tell you something that I hope you’ll keep to yourself. Since she had them done if you so much as breathe on them it turns her on, very sensitive. To the point where she likes to go braless as she says there’s more movement as she walks which she says she loves.”

I told John that I notice the lack of bra when she came home earlier. I then went on and said, “I’m pretty sure that she forgot to put some knickers on after her shower as I couldn’t feel any when I steadied as I reached over her earlier” John laughed and said, “Steadying yourself, is that what you call it? I would have called it copping a feel. And to answer your question I would have thought she’d not be wearing any. Not with a bath robe” I said, “Sorry for copping a feel of your missus mate. I’ll not do it again.” Again he laughed, “Na mate no need to say sorry, I quite liked seeing it and by all means carry on, you should have lifted the robe and check for knickers, I’d have love to see that.”

“See what?” we heard Sue say as she suddenly walked into the room. “Uhh, a, match on the telly babe, I missed it last week.. John said quickly. Sue looked at him with a puzzled look and said, “You don’t like football.” In the interest of saving our asses I held up Sue’s beer and chipped in with, “Your drink is here Sue. And I’d like to say thanks for inviting me over for the meal and for tonight.”

She smiled at me, took the drink, “You’re very welcome James and you know you can stay any time you like.” She then looked at John and said, “Are you comfortable there with your feet up?” “Yep” came the reply. “Well sod ya then, I’ll sit here.” And she came over and sat across my lap with both her legs on right facing John, she then leaned back and rested her shoulder on the front of my left arm. She then looked at me and said, “Don’t mind do you? That old git over there won’t move to let me sit down” “Not at all, make yourself comfortable.” Was all I said, I was more than happy with her there as now with her sitting as she was the top of her robe was getting up to its old tricks again and I now had an unobstructed view of the whole of her beautiful left breast. I was in heaven, I looked over at John he saw me looking at him and he smiled. After a few minutes he said, “I’m off for a quick shower” to which Sue said, “Ok” and he got up and left the room.

I thought that Sue would take the opportunity to move to the sofa but to my surprise she stayed put, and continued watching TV as I did between peeks at her breast.

On is return John was dressed in a towel wrapped around his waist, he sat down and took a swig of beer and said, “That’s better.”

After about 10 minutes Sue turned to me and said, “Do you need a shower?” I told her that I would.” To which she said with what looked like a little smile, “If you go now then it’ll be less of a rush later. There’s a robe in the bathroom you can use until it’s time to get ready.” I told her ok at which she got up and said “On you go then.” So I headed off. I had a quick shower and shave, ensuring my cock was completely free of any stubble. After drying I grabbed the robe and put it on. It was a little on the small side at about mid thigh and with it wrapped tight around was still open to the bottom of my rib cage I started to wonder if this was planned by Sue as some sort of payback. I though what the hell and headed back to the lounge.

On walking in both Sue and John were as I left them, Sue turned as I walked in and said, “Feel better?” to which I told her yes. She then got up and said, “Who’s ready for another beer?” to which we both told that we were. She then headed to the kitchen and I sat back in the chair. I looked at John who had a big smile on his face and said quietly, “She’s just told me that she’s trying to wind you up mate. And she asked if I was ok with her doing a little extra flirting with you, she also asked if I was ok with her flashing her breasts a little. I told her I was fine with it, and to flash what she liked.” I told him, “I thought as much, would you mind if I played her at her own game?” he said, “I don’t mind at all mate, I’ll be interested to see how far she’s willing to go to wind you up.”

Just then she came back with the bottles took one over to john and came back to the chair put the other two bottles on the floor in front of the chair, giving a flash of boob as she did then she stood up, at this point I was sure that her robe looked a little shorter than before, on checking the belt it looked as if she pulled some of the robe up to above it. She then turned and sat on my lap. As she did this my robe rode up a little so I could feel the skin of the backs of her thighs on mine and the bottom of my robe was about 3” below my cock. And again, as before, she lent back onto my left arm. She then started to watch telly and I went back to looking at a very nice breast.

About 5 minutes passed and she turned to me and asked if I’d like my beer, I told that I would. As she lent forward I placed my hand on the small of her back. When Sue went to reach for the bottle it was a little further away than she though so she had to reach a little extra to get them in doing so her bum lifted off my lap and as she sat back down my hand slid up her back towards her belt and in doing so the robe moved with it so when she was sat back down I could feel her skin all the way up to the bottom of my robe on my right leg. I was very impressed with my self control at keeping my cock from stirring. As I pretended to watched TV, out of the corner of my eye I saw Sue looking at John and saw her smile and then I was surprised to feel her part her legs a little, I think she wanted to try and wind both of us up. Also out of the corner of my eye I saw John also move his legs apart, I think he was also joining in the wind up game.

A little while later again out of the corner of my eye I saw Sue look at me then down to my chest, she then raised her hand and I felt pain, she had only grabbed some hairs on my chest and pulled them out. I said as I rubbed my chest, “Ouch, what was that for?” “Everyone is to quiet, to busy watching telly.” I replied with, “So you thought you’d pull hairs out on my chest, how would you like that?” “I’ve not got any hairs on my chest” she said smugly, I then got a slap when I said, “I can see that.” I then went on to say, “maybe so but I’m sure there would be others I could find.” “Nope!” she said, I told you earlier that I sorted all of that out before the holiday.” I said, “You can keep that, it’s bad enough with you pulling a few out,

She then said, “Think yourself lucky I didn’t pull hairs from elsewhere.” I replied with, “You’ll have a job, I’ve not got any.” “Yeah right. Your trying to feed me more bullshit aren’t you? The next thing you’ll be telling me is your willy is eight inches long” she said with a smug look on her face as she took a sip of beer. I caught her off guard to the point where she spat beer out when I said, “No I wouldn’t. I’d say its nine and a half inches actually.” (Which by the way I’m lucky enough to be able to say.)

Both John and I laughed as she mopped beer from her chin. “You bastard, You nearly choked me then coming out with bullshit like that.” I said, “What, who’s bullshitting?” “Yeah, yeah, yeah” She replied, “Your probably the same size as John,” she then put her hand over her mouth as if to whisper, “he’s five inches” and she then burst out laughing. John said, “Oi! Do you mind not telling everyone I’ve got a small one?” She replied with, “I didn’t say it’s small, isn’t that the normal size for them? Remember your is the only one I’ve seen like that” We laughed about this and some how the conversation got on to more normal stuff at which point I asked Sue to excuse me as I had to use the loo. Sue huffed and said, “I was comfy then” I told her that I’d be right back and she could get comfy again.

I took my time in the loo as I wanted to give them a little time to chat. On my return Sue jumped up and said, “My turn” and she ran out the room. As I sat John asked if I was ok. I told him I was. He then said, “Sue was asking if I believed you when you said about your cock” “Well you can tell her mate that I wasn’t lying” John replied with, “Wow. I wouldn’t mind if she got to see for herself.” “I’ve not got a problem with that if you haven’t” I told him. “Not at all mate. I was going to ask you if you liked the view.” I told him that I did.

Sue then came back in carrying more beer and said, “I was thinking, would you guys mind if we didn’t bother with town tonight? We’ve got loads of beer and I’m enjoying the evening as it is.” I told her I was enjoying myself too, as did John, he then got up and said as he walked out of the room, “I’ll just go and cancel the taxi” Sue then said quietly with a smile, “Good” She then went over and put John’s beer on the floor, as she did she almost flash her ass at me. She then came over put our beers down then turned to sit on my lap and this time as she flicked the back of her robe out so she wasn’t sat on it but now her bear bum was now in contact with my bear legs.

Once she settled I placed my right hand on her thigh about half way down and went to move my left hand that was until then at my side when she sat down up to put it on her hip. However unknown to me with her flicking the back of her robe out it had covered my hand and now as I lifted my hand I found that it was under the robe and now resting on her bare skin in the small of her back. I thought “What the hell” and continued until my hand was on her hip. She didn’t even move when I did this, only gave a little smile as she had a drink.

In doing this I had now confirmed the lack of knickers.

She then said, “Sorry, I forgot to give you your drink.” As she lent forward and lift off my lap a little my hand slid down onto her bum and then back up as she sat back down. However as she did she slid back and in doing so I noticed the hem of my robe went with her and now it was bunched up along the outside of her right leg just above my cock and I knew that the only reason she wouldn’t feel my cock was because it, to my amazement was still soft.

She gave me my beer, smiled, looked down at my robe which had parted to show my pubic area not covered by her leg she then took me by surprise by putting her finger through the gap and rubbed my skin and said, “So, you wasn’t lying about shaving, I wonder what else is true” I smiled and as I did I could see John quietly standing in the doorway behind Sue.

I gave her bum a couple of loud but gentle slaps to let John know I had my hand on bear skin and said, “All true Sue, all true.” “We’ll have to see.” She said as she took a sip. I then rubbed her bum and said, “You ok with my hand here?” She smiled and said, “Yeah, feels quiet nice.” She then wiggled he bum on my lap and said, “You ok with this?” I replied with, “Yeah, feels VERY nice” we both laughed. She then caught sight of john’s refection in a glass door of one or their units and turn and smiled at him as he made out he’d just walked in. “All sorted” he said, “what have I missed?” I said, “I’ve found out that Sue has a very nice bum and she forgot to put her knickers on” As I tapped her bum again. “Oi” Sue said and she slapped my arm. She then said with a bit grin, “I found out James wasn’t lying about shaving” “And how did you find that out Sue?” John said with a serious face.

Her face dropped and she looked worried, “No John. I didn’t do anything, you know I wouldn’t. it’s just his robe is open and I can see, look, see what I mean?” as she pointed to the gap in my robe. John burst out laughing. Sue then said, “You bastard.” He then said, “Sorry Sue. I couldn’t resist that. Listen, I’m fine with all of this. I mean my mate has is hand on my wife’s naked butt and she sat on his lap with no knickers on with her pierced nipples on show.” She then said, “Oh good. I’d hate to piss you off.” And I chipped in with “Me too” John replied with, “You’re not, I’m enjoying the view of my mate copping a feel of my wife’s ass. “You’re strange, but as long as your ok with this.” She said.

I then spoke up and said, “Hold on a moment. John you said nipples. You mean she has both pierced? She’s only showed me one” Of course I already knew the answer but Sue didn’t know that I did. “Excuse me!” Sue said, “I did not show you, you peeked. But if you must see then here.” She then reached up grabbed the robe and pulled it to the side, which brought her right breast partially into view. I then grabbed to robe as if to pull it out the way so I could see. I then said, “Oh yeah, very nice.” I then looked at John and said, “They look lovely mate.” As I did this I moved my hand as if it was an accident so the backs of my fingers touched her nipple. I felt her jump and gasp but I kept my hand there as I spoke to John. I also felt with my other hand some goose bumps come up on her bum. I then went on to say to John, “I’m told that they become very sensitive. I’m not sure if that’s so.” The whole time I kept my fingers in contact and very slightly moved my hand up and down. John replied with a big smile as he could see what I was doing, “Yes mate they do, even the slightest touch works”

I then turned back to Sue who I saw had her eyes shut and was biting her lip and said, “Is that true?” her eyes flicked open and said, “Hell yeah!” she then looked down at my hand and smiled. I then smiled back and said, “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to touch.” and took my hand away. “Yeah right” she replied.

I then looked down and saw that with all of the pulling on her robe it was now open down to her waist and her pierced belly button was now on view, I said, Oh look, you have your button done too, can I see?” without waiting for a reply I put my hand down and pulled the robe out so I could see better, I then rubbed my thumb over it.

What I was really looking at was with me pulling the robe open a little the lower part of it had parted and I could now see a little of a very nicely waxed pussy. I then looked at her and said, “Very nice.” as I dropped my hand onto her thigh. Unlike before my hand was much higher and the heel of it was resting on her robe but my fingers touched the skin on her inner thigh about three inches from her pussy. I then turned to John who was staring at my hand. I then looked back to Sue who’d seen me look at John she smiled, and then I felt her open her legs a little, I assume to give John a better view. I then said quietly, “I see you weren’t lying about waxing” with this I extended my thumb and briefly ran it across her Mons. Again she jumped and I felt more goose bumps.

I again looked at John and saw that his eyes were still riveted to my hand on Sue’s leg. I also saw that he had a bit of a tent thing going on. I smiled and looked back at Sue who’d also seem it and had a grin on her face At this point I was still amazed at my self control in keeping things under control.

Sue was the first to speak by saying, “Are you ok John, you seem miles away” John snapped out of his stare and said, “Uh? Yeah, I’m fine, just looking at my very sexy wife having fun” “It looks like your enjoying yourself too” she replied. “Can’t help it babe not with what you two are doing.” “What?” she said, “We’ve not done anything” John replied again, this time with, “I suppose your right if you count flashing tits and pussy, rubbing nipples and ass grabbing as nothing.” All three of us burst out laughing and then Sue added, “So by the looks of your willy you’re ok with that?” “Hell yeah,” he said, “Carry on, I’m loving the show. All I can say is that I’m astounded that you’ve not got anything pushing into the back of your leg by now” Sue looked confused for a moment and I laughed then said, “Will power my good man, will power, an awful lot of it.”

Once it dawned on her what he was on about she then surprised me by saying, “Yeah you’re right, can’t feel anything trying to lift me off his lap. Seeing you are enjoying the show as you put it, and I’ve seen that what he said about shaving was true, would you mind if I found out if the other two are too?”

John’s face came over with a serious look and I thought that we had reached his limit. But I was very happy when he cleared his throat and said quietly, “I would love to see that Sue” Her face lit up, she then turned to me and said, “Would you mind?” My smile was all the permission needed. She then stood up, went over to John lent down and kissed him, as they kissed I saw his right hand slide up the inside of her thigh and his other hand I saw move towards her breast. Her hand rubbed the outside of the towel over his cock, she then stood up and turned around, I was greeted with the beautiful view of her robe was now untied and open to about four inches which showed her cleavage lovely flat tummy and her sweet smooth pussy.

She held my gaze as she walked over and stood between my feet. I moved my knees apart to give her more room and slid down so my bum was closer to the front of the seat. I then felt Sue’s hands on my thighs as she knelt down, she then looked at John and said, “Are you really sure?” “I’ve never been more so” he said, she then lent forward raised her hands, and with her fingers and thumbs she grabbed the hem of the robe, as my cock was now covered as the robe had fallen back over it when Sue got up. she then looked up at me and kept looking at me with a big smile as she pulled it apart.

As she did this I untied the belt, she pulled it fully open and tucked the robe down either side of me. She then looked down and her eye’s widened and I heard a slight gasp.

At this point I’ll tell you that my cock is circumcised and when soft I’m between four and five inches long and about four inches around.

She looked over her shoulder and said, “Oh my god John, it’s the same size as you, and it’s still soft.” John said, “Fucking hell mate, do you pass out when that thing fills up?” This made us all laugh.

She then sat back on her heels and looked up at me and said with a smile, “I can’t see any piercings. I think you were fibbing.” I said. “I am not fibbing. They are both covered at the moment.” She looked at my cock again and then said, “Can I see?”

I then thought that I could move my cock myself, but I was reasonably sure John wanted to take this further and see how far Sue would want to go. So I said, “Help your self” A what looked like a worried look came to Sue’s face as it seemed to dawn on her that she was about to, for the first time touch another man’s cock. She bit her lip, turned to John who smiled at her and said in a croaky voice, “Do you want to?” to which she ever so slightly nodded. “Then go for it babe”

She then turned back to me, gave me a nervous smile then looked down at my cock. She then went to rest her right hand on my thigh but with her robe undone her sleeve was down past her hand. She tried to shake the sleeve to get her hand out without much success, to the point she cursed and said, “Bloody thing!” she then dropped her arm, shrugged her shoulders and the robe fell to the floor and now showed her perfect body for both John and me to see. She then lifted her hand again and slid it up my thigh until it was at the top of my leg, then reached over and wrapped her fingers around my cock and held it for a while. I looked at John, whose eyes were glued to what Sue was doing,

She then lifted my cock until she held it so it pointed straight up. She then said quietly, “Wow, John look. He is pierced.” as she lifted her other hand and ran her finger over them. John said, “I see,” he then paused and said, “Just one more thing to find out now, Sue” “Do you think I should?” If she just held it as she was she wouldn’t have had to wait long as all of my self control had gone. What male would still have any with a beautiful naked woman holding your cock?

She then gave it a few strokes and stopped, as by now my cock was more or less fully erect. “Fucking hell John, look at it” she said as she let my cock go and sat back. “Very impressive mate” John said

Sue then sat back placed her hands on my knees and stood up and said, “I need a beer” she picked up her bottle and found it almost empty, she then turned to John and said, “Would you get me a refill please?” At this point I thought she’d gone as far as she was happy with, which I was more than happy with as not only had I seen my mate’s wife nude but also she’d played with my cock a bit which I thought would keep me going in dreams for ages to come.

John then stood up and she gave him a kiss as her then walked out for refills. She then turned to me looked at my robe and said, “Am I going to be the only one dressed like this?” I quickly removed it as I said, “I’m not the one to make a lady feel uncomfortable.” She then said, “That’s better” with a smile then took me by surprise by sitting on my lap and then, as before, lent against my shoulder. As before I placed my hand on her thigh just below her pussy and my other hand I wrapped around her and placed it just below her breast.

She just sat there quietly looking down at my still hard cock. She then reached out with her hand and said, “I do like these.” as she rubbed her fingers over my piercings. John walked in with the beers and saw what she was doing and said, “Having fun babe?” to which she smiled and nodded. He placed our drinks on the floor. Then said, “I’ll be right back, need the loo”

After John left Sue said, “Do you want your beer?” I told her that I didn’t. She then got up as John had left the drinks just out of reach she got her drink took a couple of sips, put the beer down and then stood back to sit down but seemed to stumble a little and ended up with her feet either side of mine, but instead of moving back to how she was sitting she just sat as she was which again surprised me as she was now sat with her bum cheeks just below my belly button my cock had softened a little since she’d stopped playing with it and had fallen back between my legs when she got up. She then lay back but as she was resting her back on my chest I was able to look down across her lovely body.

Not one to complain I draped my hand across her tummy and found that it was resting on her piercing. I saw out of the corner of my eye John standing in the hall just out of sight of Sue, I looked at him and he gave me a smile so I assumed he wanted me to see if Sue was finished with any fun.

I asked her if she was happy that I was telling the truth earlier, to which she laughed and said, “Yeah, I like you’re piercings, that you’re shaved and the size is very nice too.” I then flicked her belly button piercing and said, Thank you; I too like your piercings.” She laughed and put her hand on it to cover it slightly pushing my hand down. I then run my hand down and rubbed her Mons a couple of time and said, “And I love the waxed look too.” As I finished saying that I then pushed down on it until I could feel her pubic bone I then gently rubbed.

With doing this, my cock started to reawaken and flopped up and came to rest with a gentle thud against Sue’s pussy I heard her gasp and jump slightly. She didn’t move away but instead put her had down and gently pushed my cock against her pussy as I continued to rub her Mons. I lifted my other hand up and cupped her breast and started to rub my thumb over her nipple. Her breathing started to quicken and she turned her head and buried her face in my neck.

I then noticed that she was ever so slightly rocking her hips so her clit was rubbing up and down on the top of my cock

I increased the speed at which I was rubbing her Mons and gently pinched her nipple and her breathing got faster and faster. I then noticed that John walked into the room and stood in front of us, at some point while he was out of the room he’d removed his towel and now stood there with a raging hard on, with his eyes riveted to what Sue was doing.

After a while she held her breath, lifted her hips and it looked like she had just come, she then relaxed a little and started panting at which point I stopped playing but left my hands in place.

After she calmed down she moved her face from the side of my head and at this point she saw John stood there which shocked her a little.

He said, “Did you enjoy that? It looked like you did. That was fucking amazing.” She smiled and said, “That was very nice, I don’t know when I’ve come so hard.” She then went on to ask, “Are you really sure you’re ok with this? as she moved my cock side to side. “I’ve never been more so,” he said as his eyes looked at her hand holding my cock against her clit.

He then went to kneel in front of us and as he did he placed his hands on Sue’s knees for support and as he knelt he pushed on her knees which made her move up my body which made the head of my cock rub directly on her clit which made her give an audible gasp. John also noticed this and once he’d sat down a smile came across his face and he again pushed her knees making my cock rub her clit. Again she gasped, John repeated this a couple more times each time it got the same response from Sue. As John rocked her up and down she said, “What are you doing?” to which he said while smiling, “Hopefully making you cum” “You really like seeing me cum on another man’s cock?” she said. “I love it babe” John said very quietly as he continued to push on her knees.

With what John said to she seemed to relax and start to enjoy the sensations she was getting from the end of my cock as she pushed it against her clit as she put her head back on my shoulder and closed her eyes.

John continued to rock Sue to and fro until he looked at me and gave me a knowing look and then he pushed on her knees further than before and with Sue’s hand pushing down on my shaft my cock slipped down more and the head lined up with her pussy opening. As John stopped pushing she automatically rocked forward and in doing so the head of my cock parted her lips and it came to rest with the tip of my bell end just inside her.

Sue let out a loud gasp her eyes opened wide and she looked at John and said, “John, carful. You pushed to far and you made James go in!” He replied with, “I know babe, feel good?” “What, yes but, what are you doing? You’re going to make me fuck his cock” she said breathlessly. John then said, “I know” he then put his hands behind her knees and gently pulled forward which made about two inches go in.

Sue let out a cross between a grunt and a scream and then stared at John with her mouth still open. John then pushed her up my body until just the head was in her then hooked his hands behind her knees again pulled this time about six inches went in. Sue’s head went back against my shoulder and I saw her eyes roll back until I could only see the whites.

John repeated his push and then when he pulled her forward, this time my cock went fully home. He then held her there as he looked down at my cock fully embedded in his wife’s pussy. He then surprised Sue by leaning forward and starts to lick and suck on her clit which made her scream. I took my hand away from her Mons and slid it up to cup her other breast and played with both nipples as I watched him suck and lick on her swollen clit. Sue’s breathing started to quicken and she reached down with her hand and put it behind John’s head and pulled him onto her clit. I could also feel her rocking her hips and grinding her clit against John’s mouth. I then felt her start to shudder and she then let out another scream and pushed John away and then sat up as she gasped to catch her breath still with my cock fully inside of her.

She then pulled John’s face to hers and kissed his come covered lips.

I saw her reach down and grab his cock and pulled it forcing him to stand, she then lent forward and took him into her mouth. She then started to suck on him as she ground on my cock, which I was enjoying very much. After a couple of minutes she stopped and pulled John down, kissed him then whispered in his ear. The next thing I knew was she stood up and John disappeared out of the room. I was wondering what was going on for a moment until she turned around, smiled, looked at my cock, and said, “I’ve not finished with that yet”

She then stepped forward and knelt on the seat, grabbed my cock, lined it up with her pussy and slowly slid down on it, as she did this she let out a long puff and again her eye’s rolled back. Once she had me fully in she sat still to get use to me for a few moments, then she ever so slowly started to rise and fall on me with her head on my shoulder. I was busy watching my cock disappearing into her when I saw John walk back in carrying a tube of something; he then stood behind Sue and put a hand on her hip. Sue stopped riding me, looked over her shoulder and reached back and kissed John, she then turned to me lent forward and kissed me and her tongue darted around my mouth as only a horny woman’s tongue does. As we kissed I felt John move in closer behind Sue I then felt something cold run down onto my cock from Sue’s pussy I then realised that what I was feeling was John lubing up and he then started to push the head of his cock into Sue’s ass.

As he pushed into her she was still kissing me and she let out a long low groan into my mouth which seemed to continue until John was fully in. John then stopped moving and we all stayed still so Sue could get use to being full of cock. Once her breathing slowed she then started to move up and down on our cocks, slowly at first but steadily speeding up. I could tell that Sue wasn’t far off coming which was good with me, as with the extra tightness due to John I also was getting close. After no more than five minutes of her pumping up and down I heard John let out a cry and started to fill her ass, this had the affect of pushing Sue over the edge and with her coming her pussy clamped around my cock which made me come too.

I can’t remember the last time I came so much I’m sure I pumped five or six shots into her and it took a few minutes to come down after and all three of us stayed still for a while until Sue broke the silence by saying, “That was fucking amazing, that is not the last time we do that, I’m telling you”

John then pulled out and went and sat on the sofa and Sue stayed impaled on me with her head on my shoulder for a while. I then noticed that she started squeezing my cock with her pussy and then ever so slowly rocked her hips at this point I was still hard and then she sat up and said, “Is that a hard cock I can still feel James?” I told her that it was to which she said, “Well I’m not going to let that go to waist.” She then lifted her feet and put them either side of my thighs and squatted over me with her hands on my shoulders and started to slide up and down on me.

She looked over at John who was riveted to what she was doing and said, “I’m sorry John, but I love this big cock filling me up and I just need to come on it again”. She then turned back and rested her head on my shoulder and whispered, “Oh fuck James, I love your big cock” I then, with my cock still in her moved forward on the seat and holding on to her got up and moved to the floor and lay her on her back. Sue then with the hands, held her knees up as far as she could; this made her gasp as it allowed my cock to go a little deeper. I then got up into the press-up position so now the only part of me touching her was my cock and I then pull out until just the tip stayed in and then slid fully home. She again gasped and she started to cry out as I repeated this carried this on for the next five minutes or so. I noticed John sat to our side on the sofa sporting a hard on and with his eyes glued to us. I looked down and watched my cock side into her beautiful shaven pussy, the sight of this was what was needed, and I felt the stirrings of another orgasm. I quickened my pace which had Sue scream at me to fuck her. I got to the point and told her that I was about to come and she screamed at me not to stop as she was coming too.

As I came she flung her arms and legs around me and pulled me further into her and I could feel her shake as she came. We staying locked together for a couple of minutes until Sue released her grip. I then smiled at her, gave her a peck on the lips and said, “You were amazing” and then pulled out and sat back in the chair. No sooner than I was out of the way John moved in and took my place plunged ball deep in Sue’s pussy and started to fuck her for all his worth. Sue held on to him and dug her nails into his back to the point where I thought she might draw blood. It was a forgone conclusion that John wouldn’t last long at the speed he was fucking Sue and within a couple of minutes I heard him let out a grunting noise as he came in her. Sue also sounded like she’d come again.

They stayed in that position for a while cuddling, kissing and talking to each other, I was unable to hear what they was saying but I was more than happy to drink my beer as I recovered from some amazing sex.

After a while Sue slapped John’s ass and said, “Off, I need the loo.” John knelt up and I could now see Sue’s pussy looking very puffy and it was oozing with come. She then cupped her hand under it as she got up and headed out. John turned to me with a serious look, he then held out his hand and said, “Thanks mate, you’ve helped make a dream come true. And I think Sue enjoyed it too”

I replied with, “Not a problem mate, I enjoyed it too.”

A few minutes later Sue came back in and sat this time next to John on the sofa and cuddled up to him.

And said, “Well that was surreal, and very enjoyable.” John replied with, “Do you think it’s something you’d like to do again?” “At the moment I’d say yes, but lets see how we feel in the morning after the beer has worn off” Sue then went on to say. “Anyway, it’s late and for some strange reason I’m fucked” this got us all laughing and I took this as a cue and told them that I will take my leave and head for bed as I got up Sue gave me a cuddle and said, “Thanks for tonight, I really enjoyed it” “Me too” I said. I then said goodnight to John and headed off to my room for a very sound nights sleep.

The next morning I woke early, had a shower, dressed in a pair of shorts and headed to the kitchen for a brew. I found John sat at the breakfast bar so I joined him. He asked me if I was ok, I told him I was good and I also wanted to check that the events of last night hadn’t messed up a good friendship, he replied by saying that he was fine with everything and hoped that there might be a repeat to which I agreed, he then said that he’s not sure how Sue felt as she was still sleeping when he got up. He then joked by saying, “If she comes in not looking happy, leg it!” this had us both laughing.

About 10 minutes later we heard movement coming from their bedroom and then the shower. A little while later Sue quietly walked into the kitchen wearing the same robe as last night only now it was wrapped tightly around her and she had her arms crossed defensively and she had a worried look on her face.

John broke the silence with, “Coffee?” to which she nodded. She then stood leaning against the worktop between where John and I sat. She then looked at me and I smiled and said, “You ok?” she then came over to me and put her arms around my neck, hugged me and said, “I’m so sorry about things getting out of hand last night. I hope it hasn’t ruined our friendship”

I hugged her back and told her that as far as I was concerned everything was fine and I had enjoyed the evening and I thanked her for feeling comfortable enough to let me join in with the fun.

This seemed to be the right thing to say as she started to cheer up and she said, “Oh good, cuz I did enjoy it too. As for him,” she said indicating towards John by pointing with her head, “he seems to like seeing his wife’s brains fucked out of her by a fucking big cock.” John chipped in with “To right Sue, it’s very sexy” Sue snapped at him by saying, “Be quiet, I’ve not finished, as I was going to say as you seemed to like last night I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing it again some time? But only if your comfortable with it”. I said, “Are you kidding? I’d love too” with that I dropped my hands and cupped her ass. She then smiled gave me a quick kiss and said, “Good, I trust you’re free next weekend? That’s ok with you isn’t it John?” I nodded and John said that he was ok with it too.

Sue then made breakfast which we all sat and ate and as we did we discussed general stuff and after eating I said that I’d better get going and that I would see them either in the week or at the weekend. I then packed my bag and said my goodbyes to them and left.

I hope this true story was not to long but I do like to include as much detail as possible for your enjoyment.