Written by alex

27 Jan 2016

wifes new dress on holiday and her first night wearing it when she put it on I told her that the underwear showed throw spoiling it she took of her bra and said is that better I said you can still see your panty line and she should take them off as well if she dared I will be naked under my dress you want me to go out in public like a tart I told her yes but a very nice tart and she laught then said be it on your own head if some of these buttons pop.

Her dress was a fully button up the front and at first I didnt think of that I was more or less kidding around but the more we spoke about it the more I like the idea of her naked under her dress and would like to see if she chickened out before we left and put her panties back on she finally was ready and said ok lets go I thought this could be fun and would get us so horny and would fuck all night when we got back.

We headed to the restaurant and were led to our seats Janets tits seemed to bounce about the more I looked at them and was having second thoughts now knowing any guy looking would see she didnt have a bra on I was looking about making sure nobody was noticing us once we were sitting down I sort of relaxed a bit until I saw her nipples poking through Janet said what are you staring at I said look at your nipples she said it was the material rubbing them and it was my fault for telling her to take her bra off.

All through dinner i could not keep my eyes of her tits they looked so horny and when She said she had to go to the lady's room My heart skipped a beat knowing every guy in the room would see her tits bounce about as she walked there I saw a couple of guys nudge each other her dress was quite tight and new her nipples would be on view now she was away only a few minutes and I was so horny thinking about her walking back now and wanted to see the reaction of the guys when she started coming back the guy facing her shook the other guys leg to look round wow one of her buttons had popped open and you could sort of see her tits Janet sat down and i told her about the button she looked down and her face was red I had never been so horny and when she started to button it up I told her to leave it I liked her looking so sexy she said ok I get it you are one of those perverts that stare at females, only the ones that look as sexy as you and I laughed saying there are more perverts than me here what do you mean I told her that the two guys behind her had been watching her tits bounce and show off those nipples when she went to the lady's and you like them looking at me no I was sort of proud and didnt care they could only wonder what you had under the dress.

Not sure what Janet thought at that moment and she said well maybe I should let them see more if that is what you think I looked over at her and she was pretending to open one more button she looked at me and said do you dare me I was not sure if she wanted me to dare her so said you are to scared I forgot by this time we both had been drinking a lot and Janet inhibitions were gone and said well here goes and she surprised me by opening the three bottom buttons of her dress and said do I look sexy enough for you now I was hard as a iron bar and wanted to get her back to the hotel and have some fun but I was having the best time of my life having my wife look to horny and was wondering what she would look like walking past the guys with the buttons undone I could not see how much she would be showing when she stood up I ordered a large gin & tonic for both of us and said why dont you give the guys a treat and go to the lady's again but first open one more button and show those tits off.

We both sat there looking at each other daring the other to make the first move then she said ok if you want me to do it you are the one that has to undo the button I moved closer and flipped it open and at the same time I looked down at her open dress and I said that it looks a bit to open and she should do one button up first she said no if i wanted her to do it she wasnt going to close any buttons Janet was shaking I thought ok maybe we had gone to far and should stop now and told her to forget it we need to go I was so horny now and wanted to get her out now she smiled and I think was relieved as was I when she got up and we went to leave she forgot her bag and when she bent to pick it up her dress opened so wide the guy opposite got the best view ever he must have seen her naked pussy we both hurried out.

I was so horny when we got outside and I saw there was a car park at the side I pulled Janet through and looked for a dark corner I was kissing her and had opened the rest of her dress when I noticed one of the guys from the restaurant watching us he must have followed us out.

Janet had no idea he was there and I was to far gone now and let her dress fall to the ground knowing this stranger was going to see my wife totaly naked and I didnt care and I wanted him to see her like that I kept kissing her and feeling her tits and pussy she was so wet I pushed her down and wanted her to suck me, here was my wife naked in a carpark and bending over going to give me a blow job in front of a stranger and he knew I could see him coming closer and not stopping to cover her up when he got right behind her I could see he had his cock out and it was pointing straight at my wife I put my hands on Janets shoulders and he just smiled and moved forward and must have slipped right into her pussy she must have been so slippy he was tight into her but before she could stop him I held her and she sort of just relaxed and he started to fuck her and she kept on sucking me what a site it must have been I started to cum and pushed my cock into her mouth just as he was pushing into her pussy i blew my load right down her throat I came for ever she was gagging as he fucked her like mad then came in her pussy thats when it came to me Janet wasn't on the pill and he hadn't wore a condom we all just stood there the guy said when he saw Janet walk to the Lady's he wanted to fuck her from that moment and could not believe it when he saw us going into the carpark and knew what we were up to and wanted to at least watch her get fucked never thinking we would let him join us so he could fuck her Janet was still standing there naked between us facing him and never picked up her dress before we knew it he was kissing her tits and saying how sexy a woman she was I started to squeeze one of her tits while he sucked on the other one Janet was leaning back into me while i just watched him suck on her tits and me sort of offering them to him from behind and getting hard again and wanted to fuck her myself I pulled her ass towards me which made her bend forward I knew she would be facing his cock and it was up to her what she did he held his cock out and she opened her mouth and took it and started to suck on it we both came in her again at both ends.

That is it we have to go we seemed to have come out of this dream the guy said she is some hot lady and is sorry that his buddy hadn't joined him as he hadnt had a fuck for more than a year now and had missed out big time Janet looked at me and said why not go and get him and he can fuck me as well this is a one of offer.

I don't think we heard her right and asked are you sure she said you have me this one night as a slut now so enjoy it I pulled her dress up and she said you keep it I want him to see me naked like a slut and you watching him take me I told her no this is going to far now lets get out of here before i could get her dress on her the two guys were back Janet said ok do you want to fuck me or what this guy stripped naked as well and was kissing her and had his fingers rubbing her cunt like mad the first guy now was behind her holding her arms he told her he was going to give her the best fuck ever and i was just standing there watching them use my wife I could see Janet was near a other orgasm no wonder this guys cock was huge the first guy was saying soon as he has fucked you want to fuck your ass she said you can do what you want with me that what my husband wants isnt it yes that what i want so I can fuck her ass we all fucked her for ages taking turns in her ass it was so tight she cried at first then wanted more and even took the big cock a bit at a time till it was fully in her up to the hilt this was way beyond anything I would have wanted to happen Janet had bites and was raw when we finished and the guys left us as i helped her button her dress she broke down and could not stop crying saying what have i done you must hate me and think I am a real slut.

I pulled her close to me and told her i would not have cared if she had fucked a dozen guys she was the best and i loved her for what she had done and would do it again if she wanted.

I will keep you posted just had to get it written down while i remembered all the details.