Written by Toni

3 Feb 2010

Its seemed like a long winter, november 4th was the last time i'd worn a skirt. Even the dress down days at work i wore jeans.

a couple of weeks back a rob from the office innocently said he was looking forward to the spring and some legs to look at....this got my mind racing..as in the past we'd had a fling and id continued to show him a bit too much leg in the office as i spun round getting up off my chair facing his desk. Id actually enjoyed the initial flirting more than our two dates.

sunday mum came shopping with me to buy some cushions and a new duvet, when... there it was a £10 grey high fronted pinafore dress, so i bought it, it was reduced from about £40.

My boyfriend only usually see's me at weekends and a couple of evenings during the week, usually tuesdays and fridays.

anyway he saw the dress tuesday night in the back bedroom and said whos is that? its mine i replied, and he laughed! saying all a bit naughty schoolgirl.

wednesday he texted me to ask if id worn it to work..which i hadn't , but the more he made a thing about it the more i got annoyed with him.

thursday when he texted he asked again, so i lied and said, yes im wearing it with some leggings, and he believed me, but our texts got a bit racey with both of us getting turned on, it started with i knew you wouldnt dare wear stockings with it, and a g string. I would i replied, but what about the 3 men in my office wouldnt you be jealous i asked. Not if it turned you on and you couldnt wait to get me in bed when i got home he replied.

well, friday came, no bra, black polo top, suspender tights, and tiny sheer black knickers and the grey pinafore, and ankle boots, i felt so sexy, it really hung nicely to my shoulders and hips and bum....once we got texting it soon turned to filth, steve was asking if i was turned on and how much cream was leaking into my panties, and were my nipples stiff yet...i actually was finding it hard to concentrate.

Phil stuart and rob were also openly eyeing me up too, i wondered if anything would be engineered or comments made.its all got a bit too staid in the office these days, there is no fun or banter anymore. When suddenly rob came over and said lovely dress, only one pity that they are tights and not stockings.. i replied i knew you were watching me dress this morning...and he replied i wish, you still with steve? yes i replied.

sorry its not got to the serious stuff yet, but im so tired..will finish tomorrow