Written by sexyamy069

4 Jan 2016

I am still at the Pub doing a few shifts for Craig the landlord when I can, I have had Roger chatting to me about modelling for the Camera club as well as Toby who has been asking me to model for the Art group, now Toby has been really chatty to me recently and has been telling me all about the group. He told me they go out on field trips , visits to different places but he has always struggled to get someone to model for his life class, he was telling me he has asked all the women /girls in the village , but they always refused as they didn't want their hubs or boyfriends finding out.

Well the other night Toby got me to say yes to him to model for his class, he said he did different classes for beginners, existing artists and the more experienced , I had just missed the beginners class and the next one was for existing artists , followed by the experienced artist. I turned up at the hall which was a building in the grounds of a local company that Toby worked for , he told me they used to use it for meetings , displays , as well as a factory shop at one time.

I walked in to find it was better inside then the dated exterior, being warm and well lit , Toby came over to me made me a coffee as the students , male an female of all ages set up their easels , chairs facing the stage which was only a few inches off the floor and had a chair and a well padded bench on it . I saw a screen in the corner behind the stage, which Toby told me was for me to leave my clothes and undress as he handed me a short robe with a tie belt to put on so I didn't get cold, as I finished my coffee he told me the first part of the night I would have everybody here , but later he only had a smaller selection of more experienced artists staying on.

He told me what he wanted me to do, saying I should go an undress now so they could start, I went behind the screen to see a mirror there and a chair for me to put my clothes on, I was soon naked , brushed my long hair , put a bit more lipstick on and almost walked out without my robe in the excitement of the moment. I stood by the chair as Toby untied the belt peeling the robe off my shoulders , I could hear the sudden noise of the students who suddenly seemed to be talking aloud to each other as my body was revealed to them.

While Toby stood to my side telling me, Roger of the camera club had told him I had a fab body and that it was even better in the flesh than the photos he had seen that Roger had taken of me. Toby asked me to pose holding the chair with both hands leaning forward as I stood there my boobs in full view , I saw a couple of flashes as some Students took photos for reference so Toby had told me, my eyes wandered around the room looking at all the faces , some serious some smiling some downright lecherous .

The minutes ticked past as after a brief stop Toby got me to change position as he said he wanted his students to complete two works of art, this time I was to be stood with my legs apart my hands on the seat of the chair bent over with my bum towards the students with my head turned back towards them, I realised they would be able to see my shaven pussy which I had spent so long preparing for tonight making sure it was bare (no hairs) which in turn had made me horny and if anybody looked close they would have seen it dripping with my juices.

I saw a couple of guys moving their easels/chairs closer to the stage, as I stood there I felt like a whore showing my most intimate parts off to the students, I glanced around at the one half of the room I could see noticing Toby with a camera in his hand filming, after a few minutes had passed Toby came up to tell me he was just going to touch between my legs for a moment, I nodded as he moved behind me as I felt him pulling my pussy lips apart as he did he slipped a finger inside me , I felt my body shiver.

Then he was back at my side telling me a guy was doing a close up and wanted to see my lips spread apart, I said ok , as he added you are very wet and taste delicious, I smiled at Toby's grinning face, I found the smile was still on my face at the end of the first part of the evening as a few people packed up their equipment as I slipped my robe on to go chat to Toby as he got me a coffee. Toby led me around the hall showing me the sketches and I caught a glimpse of a couple of photos of me on Tablets left on chairs, I now realised I had not only felt like a whore but looked like one with my boobs an my legs spread wide my bum and pussy openly displayed to the Students eyes.

I was interested to see all the different styles and all the variations of the same pose and from all the different angles around the room, some close up, others further away , some just picking out parts of my body to draw. As we walked back to grab a biscuit Toby said I had done well ,praising me for my efforts as a couple of guys came over to chat with us , Toby introduced me to them as they said how good it was to have a proper model to sketch as they told me I had a lovely body and were looking forward to the second half.

As they walked away Toby said it was there Tablets I had seen with the photos on, I said some of the students are very good , as Toby told me you will now have the best of class sketching you , he told me they may be more demanding now and want me to adopt different positions and was I happy to still do so as they wanted , as they are paying more for this class. I said yes I was fine and had enjoyed myself this far and especially when you touched between my legs and gave Toby a wink and a smile as he grinned back at me.

I went back to the chair as Toby followed taking my robe off my shoulders once more, he told me they wanted me sat on the front edge of the chair my legs spread wide with my arms outstretched my hands on my knees, so I posed as asked . When a minute later Toby came back over knelt in front of me , he pulled on my nipples to make them stand out again, then he put his fingers on my pussy peeling the lips apart , I groaned as he pushed two fingers inside my very wet pussy, then pulled them out as I watched his head move forward as his tongue licked my open pussy , I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation as his lips tugged on my pussy lips before feeling his warm tongue and face move away .

I opened my eyes to see Toby kneeling up his face wet with my juices as he moved away, I found myself looking around at the smiling faces and the two tablets no doubt having caught what happened on film I was trying to count how many Students were there now and focus on each individual , I counted 3 times but got 3 different answers as I think some were moving to look at others sketches it varied from 7-9 of them. As I held my legs wide I could feel Toby's spit drying against my pussy lips and thighs , I assumed he could feel my juices drying on his face as well as he smiled at me as he looked at all the sketches being worked upon.

Then he called a break and told me he wanted me to move on to the cushioned bench and kneel on all fours, so I was now sideways on to the students, I did as asked the bench was well cushioned as my knees sank into it, as he told me he wanted my bum up my head down on the cushion facing the Students my back arched for a better effect. I held the pose noticing some of the guys (as it was only Male students left now) were displaying bulges in their trousers and jeans some trying to make themselves comfortable by adjusting themselves.

I saw one guy call to Toby who went to him then he came over to me and I felt Toby cup my boobs as I lifted my body up a little I then felt his hands trail along my spine sending shivers thru my body, then they seemed to rest on my back and bum , as I waited for his next move , licking my lips. Then I felt him lift his hands off me , I felt deflated for a moment, then he was tapping the insides of my knees for me to spread my knees apart, which I did till he stopped me, then his hands were placed on my bum and I could feel my bum cheeks being parted as guys from the other side of the room came over to stand behind Toby.

I knew my pussy was dripping now as I was feeling so horny, as his thumbs spread my cheeks wide and I felt Toby's tongue licking up and down and over my pussy lips and bum hole, I closed my eyes as it felt so good as he did that to me. I was now in my own little world , just Toby and me and that wonderful tongue licking me ,having forgotten I was in a hall with a group of men watching Toby lick this naked woman in front of them. T.B.C

If you like this let me know and I will type up the rest of my story, xxxx Amy