21 Sep 2019

My new neighbours had wasted no time christening their new bedroom much to the delight of my wife. I had walked in to the bedroom surprising her and knew straight away by her flushed look and the sudden movement of her hands from under the quilt that she had been masturbating. Normally she would have been more private and I was a little curious until I heard moans coming through our paper thin walls. She held her finger to her lips and beckoned me to sit on the bed but instead I pulled the quilt back and was shocked when I saw that she had her rabbit buried deep in her glistening pussy. I knew she had it and had sniffed and licked her dried juice off of it while but she had never let me actually watch her use it. I could tell she was embarrassed, we have had a few wild sessions but that was usually when pissed or partying. The couple next door were starting to get vocal not realising how well their voices were being heard and from the sound of it were pretty adventurous . I had expected my wife to cover herself up but instead she opened her legs fully. Her toy wasn’t actually switched on so I leant in between her legs and got it going and she immediately started to squirm. I took a firm grip and could feel the gyrations inside her. I started to slide it in and out but she gripped my hand so that the base was static giving her maximum sensations inside. I rotated it slightly so that I had access to to her clitoris which was swollen and pink. I only gave a few licks before she started to convulse in orgasm. She has never squirted but her juices do run freely and they flowed out of her as I slowly removed her toy. Normally she would have returned the favour with a sucking but this time she just pulled up the quilt and rolled on her side to go to sleep seemingly satisfied. Next door the wife was squealing with delight from her pounding. The old man must have reached his point of no return as he asked where she wanted it but before she could reply I heard him moan as he unloaded in her. All I could think of was what it would have been like if he had been fucking me. I lightly touched my now throbbing cock trying not to alert my wife who was gently snoozing and wasn’t surprised when I immediately shot my load. I tried not to gasp as my orgasm intensified covering my hand in my come. Fast forward 2 weeks and I had spoken to Mike on a few occasions. I was off work on annual leave taking the opportunity to watch some porn in a free house when the doorbell rang . I stuffed the pair of my wife’s dirty pants that I had been sniffing underneath a cushion and paused the porn. I put my dressing gown on and after checking that I wasn’t on show went and answered the door annoyed at the interruption. Hi mate said Mike and immediately I could tell something was up as he looked upset. He asked if he could come in and without thinking about the paused screen ushered him in. He didn’t realise at first until he sat down and faced the laptop on the coffee table. Then without prompting he began to spill out the reason for his demeanour apparently he and his wife had an open relationship unfortunately she had become a little too fond of her latest fuck buddy. At this point he adjusted his seating position moving the cushion exposing my dirty secret he picked up the knickers and laughed. Sensing my embarrassment he said don’t worry I love to smell my wife’s especially after she has been out getting fucked. Sometimes I even put them on and have a quick one off the wrist how gay is that. I was shocked at his frankness as I hadn’t known him long but also intrigued and aroused. Before engaging brain I blurted out why don’t you put them on. I was about to apologise when he unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them off showing me that he liked to go combat and that he had a nice uncut cock. I could tell by his confidence that this wasn’t the first time he had been in a scenario with a man. I thought that maybe we would resume watching the porn and with luck maybe some mutual but he had other ideas. He reached for his cock and pulled the skin back exposing a bulbous helmet. You put the knickers on and then suck this. I was taken aback by his assertiveness but horny as hell I slipped off my robe showing off my now stiffening organ and squeezed into my wife’s pants. They were far too tight and my cock was poking out the top but I did as he had demanded and knelt before him. I took hold of him feeling the warmth and slowly wanked him fully exposing his now rock hard helmet. There was a dew drop on the tip and I couldn’t resist the urge to flick my tongue over it tasting his excitement. I started to lick up and down the shaft before taking him fully in my mouth I was expecting this to go on to the natural conclusion but instead he pulled away and told me to bend over the arm of the sofa. I hadn’t been expecting any of this and hadn’t prepared as I had done before but before I could object he said do as I say. I was starting to get nervous about his attitude but had secretly fantasied about being dominated in this manner and so I leant over the arm and waited for him to proceed. He came up behind me his hard cock standing up firm and slapped my arse firm enough to sting a bit. He pulled down my knickers and slapped me again this time without the protection which made me let out a little yelp. He then pulled my cheeks apart and spat on my hole then roughly inserted a finger making me wince. He then pulled it out and held it under my nose so that I could inhale the aroma before pushing it into my mouth then returning it to my arse. This time he was a little more gentle slowly sliding it in and out and then adding another as I relaxed to his touch. I was confident I could accommodate his rock hard but average sized dick and when he placed it to my now lubricated hole I didn’t wait and pushed back on him. Bad move I should have taken it easier the pain was intense but instead of allowing me to relax and get used to it Mike started pumping into me. Gently please I begged but he just started to slam in to me harder his thighs banging against me. I didn’t know how much more I could take when the pain started to ease and I started to relax. My cock was straining against the waistband of the knickers and I could tell that Precome was running freely from me. Mike then stiffened and I could actually feel his cock harden further as he started to spunk in me. He managed 4 or 5 squirts before pulling out quickly and pulling up my drawers. He than got dressed and said that he expected the same again before leaving. I just sat there stunned at what had happened. Used by my next door neighbour and looking forward to more of the same.