Written by Lucky Neighbour

14 Nov 2011

I work from home on the bottom floor of a block of flats. I was taking a break from my work and making myself a coffee when i noticed two women taking things into a flat above me. It had been empty for awhile and i had been told that someone would be moving in. I watched for a bit and saw they were having trouble getting some furniture up the stairs. I went out to help and was stunned by the ladies as i saw them up close.

They were a mother and daughter (as I found out while helping). The daughter was moving in. Let me describe them. Sandra, the mother, was 40. Long blond hair with a trim athletic figure with nice medium sized breasts. She was wearing a pair of cut off shorts and a button up blouse. Two of the buttons were undone and I could see a glimpse of her lacey bra. Dianne, the daughter, was 18. Very similar to her mother in looks and wearing tight jeans and a t shirt.

Anyway, I helped them to move in and they invited me to have a cold drink with them. Dianne was going to be living in the flat as it was close to the university where she was studying. Sandra was divorced and Dianne was her only child moving out of home for the first time. She said she would be visiting her daughter a lot.

I left to let them get on with arranging the flat and went to do some more work.

An hour later there was a knock on the door. It was Sandra. She came in and said she wanted to thank me for the help I'd given. I said it wasn't necessary. She insisted it was and started to unbutton her blouse. Soon she was just down to her lacey underwear and on her knees sucking my cock. I took her to my bedroom where I finished undressing her and went down on her bald pussy before fucking her hard. She came loudly and the sucked me until I was hard again. She rode my cock for five minutes before asking me to fuck her ass which I was only too happy to do.

After an hour or so of fun she said she had to get going and asked if I liked how she said thank you. I said i did. As she left she said that Dianne will be thanking me as well.

If you wish to know how she thanked let me know