Written by forcep

31 Jul 2010

I'd previously spoken to HR and asked that we hire a new team member for one of our new sales departments, HR taking their time as usual I began to get impatient... It was important that we hired the right people so I had to wait - and of course I really needed presentable people.

I dont usually attend the first interviews and today was no exception although I do like to get a sneak preview just to say yes or no and not waste any more time. I was loitering near the interview room to get my sneak preview as a the door opened, Our HR lady leading the way as the most beautiful girl entered the corridor, her brunette hair cascading over her slim figure her head held high with confidence and an understated look of pure sexual desire, our eyes met leaving no doubt that there was mutual interest - I was indeed speechless . I observed her walking to the interview room but to avoid my obvious interest I went about my business and carried on my meetings, I didnt even see her leave,

Thinking that the new office girl had slipped through my grasp I continued wading though my emails, I heard a knock on the door, come,.. HR had decided that the girl was most worthy of a second interview, when could I attend... a second interview was arranged the following week with the girl HR and me to attend.

Tuesday next week came along all too slowly and at 5 mins to the planned meeting time the girl arrived, I happened to be in reception when she arrived - she walked in wearing the highest christian louboutin shoes her highly polished toes peeping through a pair of heavily seamed stockings that made her legs look even longer than they were, a short little black dress encapsulated a perfect figure and pert bum as she asked for my name at reception., her voice ,..young fresh and so feminine.. "Hello my name is leighanne im here to see Mr D for a second interview - whats his title please?". The girl on reception responded saying hes our Managing Director - hes standing behind you...

Id prepared myself for the interview and was wearing a dark suit and crisp white shirt, id just returned from an international business trip and my tan was new and I felt great, Hello Leighanne, look im sorry you will have to put up with me today, HR had an urgent meeting will be using the interview room. I rarely interview candidates on their own but today I made an exception... My office is upstairs, after you - the flash of her red soles as she alighted the stairs drew my eyes closer to her bum, a glimpse of stocking top and I had to check myself.

I opened my office door - and invited her in, take a seat I suggested,.. but instead of sitting opposite me at my desk she sat on my black leather sofa - here OK? she said as she crossed her legs and sat back seductively.... I couldn't take my eyes of her... such a pretty face,.. hypnotized by her eyes I started my interview..

With an almost blatant disregard for my interview questions , she stood - walked to the door her heels clicking purposefully - turned the key in the lock and walked slowly over to my side of the desk and offered her cheek to me to kiss.... the smell of her perfume left me in a stunned silence, her hair wafting in my face teasing me... she angled my chair toward the desk managing to sit on the desk facing me at the same time her legs parted as she lifted one leg up on the desk exposing her smooth femininity, a finger from her right hand flicked her moisture and then appeared for me to taste,.. lapping the flavour and still in a trance she beckoned me to taste her,... I couldnt wait to breathe in her sexuality she could feel my breath against her moist pussy lips as I gently teased each side between my tongue and upper lip ,.. her right hand came in to play again holding open her sex so I could reach her clit with ease,.. sucking on her little bud of pleasure my mouth was filled with spasms of joy, a profusion of flavours in waves as she moaned...

Leighann began telling me how she wanted to be doing this again BUT when I was having a board meeting - all the directors of the company sitting around the table dressed in dark suits and crisp white shirts- all in their 40's - all tanned fit and handsome - how she wanted to make all eight of them hard,.. with that she stood dropped to her knees and unzipped my full cock ,.. looking up at me she told me how she wanted to use her tongue along the base of each cock and gently suck on each of the directors pronounced helmets - how she wanted to push the tip of her tongue in the end of each cock and devour all their pre cum....

My cock hard in her mouth - my veins coursing and meandering as she devoured my length she told me how she wanted to be on her knees in front of every man watching each of the men in the room unload over her breasts and then she would move onto the next being completely covered in cum by the end of the table licking up every last drop and rubbing the spoils that shot over the table into her pussy.... my cock now bursting she called me by name and said" BUT mr D as much as I want to drink their cum,... I want you to cum in my naked pussy - cum deep inside me" my hard heavy and meaty manhood slid inside her pussy I could feel my helmet touching her cervix as her gently hands wrapped them selves around my cock so she could feel me pumping inside her, I let go of my control she mewed with pleasure as she queezed my length hard, she then whispered that she could feel the sperm leave my balls as it traveled along inside my sperm duct to the end of my glands....and how warm it mad her pussy feel as I was flooding her cervix with my cream... with my cock still deep inside her - she then whispered in my ear - did you enjoy cuming inside my baby maker xxx