Written by Fran

29 Sep 2013

I didn't regret what had happened and I was actually glad my husband had witnessed Darren fucking me rather than finding out or me telling him, but had to talk to someone. I had already spoken to my best friend on the phone and told her briefly what had occurred but had to wait until the weekend for the chance to tell her everything. She already knew my marriage was rocky, her advice “Do whatever feels right, what makes you happy”

It didn't take long for word to spread that Darren was fucking me. Nor was it long before it was common knowledge that he'd fucked me at the party, and my husband had caught us. I really didn't care that my marriage had been finished in those few minutes of lust. In reality it had been over for some time, this just precipitated things. He fucked me at the house about another dozen times before I moved out. I adored Darren fucking me. Loved his cock inside me and was eager to experiment sexually after all the boring, sexually inadequate years, the thrill of being in the house naked with the curtains open and sucking him off on the drive still fresh in my mind. These were comparatively trivial acts compared to what was to come. There was only one rule we agreed on, no messing at work, otherwise I was prepared to try anything.

I moved in with Darren about three weeks after he first fucked me. We both took a day off. It was a nice flat, near the city centre, about 15 miles from the town I'd lived in with my husband. The flat was upstairs in a converted Victorian house, near the University. No garden, but quite large high ceilinged rooms. The main bedroom was at the front, with an almost floor to ceiling bay window facing similar houses opposite. Dominating the room was the largest bed I'd ever seen, a super king-size, against the wall opposite the window.

We'd been back to the old house to collect my clothes and the other things which belonged to me. We loaded our cars and took the boxes and suitcases to the flat taking most of them up to the bedroom and started unpacking. He opened one which had about 7 or 8 mini skirts in that I'd put away meaning to get rid of them. He wanted me to try them on. They all seemed much shorter than I remembered 14” to 16” long, with the exception of one which was bright red and only 11” from waistband to hem. I can't recall when I bought it or why. I kept one on, flattered by his complements about how fantastic my legs were and I shouldn't hide them. The other skirts were put to one side, for me to start wearing again, along with the suggestion I should buy more to show off my “Amazing pins”.

It was early evening by the time we finished. We were both hot and sweaty and showered. I wanted him to fuck me, he had other plans. From the first time he went down on me, he'd said he didn't like my hairy pussy. I'd already trimmed my pubes, but he wanted me shaved, insisting on doing it before fucking me. He fetched a bowl of hot water, razor, foam and towels. I laid on the bed, he lathered my pussy and started shaving me. With each stroke of the razor more hair disappeared until my mound was hairless. Protecting my clit with his fingers he carefully shaved the hood, then from around my hole, pulling my pussy lips taut to get into all the crinkles. He didn't forget my bum, telling me to turn over and spread my cheeks while he shaved the area from my cunt, around my anus and along my bum crack. I don't think I'd ever been exposed so intimately before, and I'd never let a guy touch my anus in the way he did and certainly never allowed one to insert a finger in my arse which Darren did. I sat on the edge of the bed, facing the mirror when he'd finished. I opened my legs, admiring my now smooth pussy, liking the way that everything was now exposed. My prominent, crinkly labia parted like a flower, pink fuck hole, invitingly open. An invitation accepted by Darren's cock. He laid me back, lifted my legs on to his shoulders and fucked me. From then on I was to keep my cunt, smoothly shaved.

I was looking forward to Friday, we'd decided to eat out and Darren had promised that we'd have some fun. He showered first then I dived in after. By the time I'd finished Darren was dressed. He'd put the little red 11” long mini skirt and a black almost sheer top I'd shown him on the bed, for me to wear to the restaurant. I held the skirt in front of me, “Short enough for you?” I joked. He grinned and said “No, but it'll have to do until we get you some shorter ones” I dried my hair, then went to choose a bra and panties. Darren took them off me, “No bra or panties” he told me, putting them back in the drawer. “Tights?” I asked. “Nope. Nothing, Zilch. Of course if you're too timid to flash you pussy” he challenged, shrugging. I put on the bum skimming skirt, and top, chose a pair of patent shoes with a 4 ½ inch heel. His only concession was to allow me to wear a coat, but only because it was so cold.

At the restaurant, I handed him the coat, we were shown to a waiting area, near the entrance furnished with low sofas. He stopped me sitting in a corner, partly hidden by plants and guided me to a seat, where anyone arriving would see me. I sat, knees together, bag on my lap, preserving some modicum of decency. My long legs were bare, and I was certain the curve of my naked bum was visible. My first time dressed so revealingly he gave me some leeway, until we were called to our table. A group of guys were entering, He put his hand on my arm, waiting until the were coming through the door, before allowing me to get up. Low sofa, extremely short mini skirt, no panties, it was impossible to rise without my legs parting exposing my cunt to them all. Not just briefly, but for several seconds as his pressure on my arm slowed me. I stood, smiled at them following the waiter to our table.

I could see my reflection in the mirrors behind the bar, people at tables watching. The skirt covered my bum, just, but the lights shining through my top, revealed my tits jiggling underneath and my stiff nipples poking out. We were shown to a small table for two, Darren held out my chair, the one on the side of the table which would leave me facing the other diners. He sat opposite, a table for six behind him being laid. We were choosing from the menu when the six guys, I'd flashed my pussy at were shown to the table. Darren looked behind, then back at me and gave me a wink. Four of the six guys had a clear view of me, kept looking over. We placed our order, Darren glancing at the mirrors along the wall behind me, looking to see who had a view of me. The six guys were effectively blocking anyone else seeing anything of me below table top level.

Darren leant forward, reached under the table, put his hand on my leg, stroking my thigh. “Swivel towards them” he told me. I looked around nervously, the first time I'd done anything like this publicly. Only the guys at the table were watching, looking almost expectantly. I took a deep breath, and swivelled on the chair. Intending just to give them a peek. What I hadn't bargained for was Darren holding my thigh firmly as I moved. My legs parted, knees well apart, skirt pulled tight, riding up my thighs, my cunt completely exposed. The four who could see told the other two who turned. I started to swivel back. Darren told me not too and to open my legs wider, wanting to know if my pussy was wet. I nodded. “Touch it then” he told me. My hand shaking, I reached between my legs and ran a finger along my slit, slipping it into my hole momentarily before touching my clit. Darren released my thigh, I swivelled around closing my legs. It was all over in probably less than 20 or 30 seconds but had seemed longer and my skirt was still bunched up across the top of my thighs, pussy still uncovered.

Our first course arrived, served by a guy. Darren locked his eyes on mine, challenging me to remain as I was. He served me first, I saw him look down, do a double take when he realised he could see my pussy. I smiled innocently at him when he looked at me, served Darren, returned to my side of the table, for another look while he topped up my glass. He was very attentive, returning frequently, always to my side of the table and I gave him a treat, opening my legs a little wider each time. We finished our meal, Darren helped me on with my coat as we left he told me to lift my skirt and flash my pussy at the guys as we passed the table.

A small test to establish how compliant and daring I was prepared to be. Very was the answer. I’d enjoyed it, I was turned on, my pussy was wet and I was eager to learn more, actually I was eager to be fucked, but you know what I mean. If it hadn't been so cold, I’d have asked him to fuck me in an alley on the walk back to his flat. I had to wait until about May before it was warm enough to do any serious outdoor fucking.

Despite the cold, I walked the last 200 yards with my coat open, and skirt hitched up, waiting at a crossing, flashing my pussy at the occupants of two cars that stopped, giving a couple of guys, students who lived in the house opposite an eyeful as they returned home. We hurried the last few yards, I wanted taking to bed and fucking.

I stripped, undressed him, sucked his cock, then got on all fours on the bed so he could fuck me doggy. Afterwards we lay cuddled, my head on his chest, thinking how lucky I was to have a fit young guy, with a large 8 inch cock, fucking me now instead of my boring fart of a husband. I thought about the evening, flashing my pussy in public, how horny it had made me, wondering what he'd have me doing next. He asked what I was thinking and I told him, saying I wished I could have been as uninhibited before, telling him about the times I'd gone out in the garden to masturbate and how exciting I'd found it knowing I might be seen.

I could tell he was plotting something, he got out of bed, went to the window, looking around the side of the curtain. He looked over at me“You're in luck. Come over here” I looked through a gap in the curtains at the house opposite. What we used as our bedroom was their lounge. The two guys, I'd flashed earlier and four others, who lived their too, were in the room, sitting drinking and chatting. Darren told me what to do, starting with putting my heels back on because they made long legs look amazing, then to turn all the lights on. He sat on a chair to one side. I stood in the centre of the window, gripped the curtains and pulled them open. Standing naked, arms out holding the curtains, legs slightly apart, in full view. It was a minute before one looked out the window and saw me. He turned to tell his mates. I froze, perhaps the enormity of what I was doing, the risk I was taking, hitting me, despite the fact I was not fully in the bay and could only be seen from the room opposite. I felt far more exposed than in the restaurant. “They've seen me” I whispered from the side of my mouth.“You know what YOU want to do” Darren encouraged me, emphasising that it was me that wanted to be watched.

I looked towards him, he was stroking his cock, he mouthed “Do it” I released the curtains, moved my hands to my tits and cupped them touching my nipples. They were already hard, poking out proudly, before I'd even touched them. I started to relax, lowered my head, lifted my right breast. As you know my tits are small and pert, not large enough to lift and suck the small sensitive upturned nipple, despite it already being hard. I had to content myself flicking and licking it with the tip of my tongue. I repeated it with my left breast, before moving my hands down my sides, caressing my body, down over my waist to my hips. I moved my hands together, the top of my arms squeezing my tits together, my hands resting on my smoothly shaven mound., fingertips just above my clit.

A car passed in the street below, didn't slow or seem to see me. I glanced at Darren, wanking his cock, fully erect, but out of sight still. My confidence grew when I looked across the road, all six guys, crowding in their window watching. Feeling hot and horny, I moved my legs apart, moving my hands away from my mound so the could clearly see my cunt. I bent my knees, pushing my pussy forward. I slid my hands between my legs, moving them back and fore. It wasn't long since Darren had fucked me, a stream of spunk ran from my hole, dangled between my legs for a moment and fell to the floor. I gripped my pussy lips and pulled my wide cunt open, more spunk oozed out onto my fingers. I stood holding myself open, letting them get a good view of my pink wet fuck hole.

“Play with yourself” Darren reminded me. I'd intended to but was enjoying displaying my sex in such a debauched manner. I released my pussy lips. Using my right hand I began to masturbate, my left hand I raised to my mouth licking the mixture of spunk and my sex juices from my fingers until they were clean. I moved my left hand to my tits, stroking and caressing them, pushing all the fingers of my right hand deeper in to my cunt. I was getting more and more turned on, enjoying displaying myself to an audience of appreciative young guys, but couldn't really pleasure myself standing up. I realised that if I moved to the bed they would still be able to see and probably have an even better view of my cunt and me masturbating.

I turned away from the window, wiggling my bum, walking to the bed. I climbed on, shuffled to the centre, puffed the pillows up against the headboard. I lay back, propped up on the pillows and opened my legs. Looking directly between them I could see the window opposite and the guys waiting for me to continue. I raised my knees, spread my legs as wide as I could, reached down, gripped my labia again and pulled my cunt open again, giving them a better view of my Fuck Hole before sliding my fingers in and resumed masturbating. I'd never felt so sexually liberated, fingering myself, knowing that only feet away, the other side of the narrow street were six guys who all probably wanted to fuck me. That thought excited me, I fingered my pussy faster, rubbing my clit harder, building up to what promised to be an explosive climax. A thought suddenly occurred, they might not be going to get to fuck me, at least not that night, but there was no reason why they shouldn't watch me being fucked. They were hardly going to complain. I pulled my fingers from my pussy, just softly stroking my clitoris and asked Darren to join me on the bed and fuck me while they watched.

He look mildly surprised. He later told me it was because he hadn't expected me to embrace my new found sexual freedom with such enthusiasm or to be as uninhibited so rapidly. He got up from the chair, joined me on the bed. I reached for his cock pulling him closer, kissed him then told him I wanted to be on top so the guys could see his cock in my pussy.

I moved to the side, rolled Darren onto his back in my place in the centre of the bed. I knelt next to him lowered my head, took his cock in my mouth, and slowly sucked his shaft between my lips. I turned my head towards the window, the six guys were still there, avidly watching me sucking cock. I blew him for two or three minutes, taking as much of his prick in my mouth as I could manage without gagging, while he fingered my pussy. I stopped sucking, knelt up, got on top, straddling him with my back to him.

Facing the window, I held his erection steady and lowered myself onto his rampant cock. I rubbed it along my gash, before guiding it into my cunt. I sank down, delighted that they could all see his cock sliding into me. I prolonged it as long as I could, slowly taking it inch by inch until he'd fully penetrated me, his cock amply filling my hole. I leant back, savouring the moment, intensely excited by displaying my stretched, cock filled cunt so wantonly. Darren began to move under me, I responded, riding his cock as he fucked me, slowly at first, then driving his hardness into me faster. I supported myself with one arm, my other hand resting on my mons, fingers furiously frigging my hard tingling clit. We fucked, in full view for several minutes, until the tingles turned to the flutters, the heat spreading out from my cunt of imminent orgasm. My body trembling I orgasmed, feeling Darrens cock pulsing inside me as I took his spunk deep inside me.

Still excited I slipped off him, hurried over to the window, with my hand covering my pussy, keeping his spunk inside me. With my back to them I bent over, legs apart, reached between my legs and held my pussy open. I looked between my legs, spunk running from my gaping hole, the other side of the road, my audience watching as it dripped from my cunt onto the floor. I waited until it stopped before standing turning to face them, giving them a wave and blowing a kiss before pulling the curtains closed. It's difficult to describe how I felt, powerful, sexually assertive perhaps? But also I felt such a Slut. It was wonderful.

We spent most of the weekend in bed talking about our likes and dislikes, my sexual fantasies, listening to his suggestions, adding my own to a lst of things to try, and of course we fucked a bit too. Darren was away the next week, It was a work commitment, I could have sent someone else, but we'd agreed that work was to be kept separate and I wouldn't show any favouritism. As he left I lamented what I was going to have to do without his cock to satisfy me for four whole nights, “Pick a guy up to fuck you if you want” he advised.

By the middle of the week before I did. We spoken each night on webcam, he'd watched me masturbating and I'd watched him wanking, which had made me hornier. He'd once again told me to pick up a guy. Early evening dark already, I was walking home from the supermarket, still in my work clothes. I'd noticed a guy watching me from the other side of the street, then crossing to my side when I was close to home. I was opening the front door when he spoke. “Hi. I thought it was you. I just wasn't sure with your clothes on” he grinned, I laughed, “I take it you live over there” pointing to the house opposite. He told me he did and his name was Sam. I asked if he'd enjoyed my show, he had and wanted to know if we were going to do it again. “Not for a few days, no cock for me” I told him explaining my guy was away until Friday. He turned to leave. What was I thinking. I was free to fuck whoever I liked. I called him back, told him I hadn't been fucked for two nights and asked if he like to call over later and shag me. He looked as if all his Christmases had arrived together, practically stuttering he'd be over at eight.

I contacted Darren told him what I'd arranged. He told me that if I was going to have one, why not all of them. He wanted to watch and we set up the webcam with a good view of the bed. I showered, shaved my pussy, put on a pair of hold ups and a G string. Sam was keen, before eight the downstairs door bell rang. I went down to let him in, opening the door wide, certain that he'd have told his mates he was going to shag me. I glanced up, three were looking out the upstairs window, looking at me standing almost naked in the doorway. Sam followed me upstairs, I took him straight through to the bedroom. The curtains open, his mates watching. He looked nervously out the window. He looked younger than I'd thought, 18 or 19 at the most. “Do you mind them watching?” I asked. “I'd rather they didn't” he replied. I'd have rather they did, but hid my disappointment, taking pity on him, closed the curtains and slipped of my string.

With my new found confidence, I felt at ease being naked with him. I went over and undressed him, easing his underwear over his erection last. I pushed him back on the bed, a fit body, slim. Quite a nice cock, not huge but very hard. I held it, stroking him, kneeling on the bed, bent over I gave his balls a lick. I felt him tense when I licked up his shaft and took his knob between my lips. I sucked about half into my mouth, moved my head up and down two or three times, not sucking to energetically. It was to much for the young guy, he groaned, his cock pulsed, and he shot his load in my mouth. Not exactly an auspicious start on my first solo attempt. He mumbled an apology and got up to leave. I had no intention of letting him go before he'd fucked me, expressed sympathy, told him these things happen and I'd soon get him hard again.

He recovered remarkably quickly, thirty minutes, of stroking and sucking him, half that time in a 69 and he was ready to go and I was more than ready for him to fuck me. He got on top, slid his cock in and rather inexpertly shagged me, lasting less than 5 minutes this time. I told him to ask if any of the others wanted to pop over and fuck me, I think he was almost glad to escape and he did remember to ask his mates. Five minutes later the door bell rang, I let in the second, took him upstairs for only a slightly longer fuck, again with the curtains closed. The other two came over, one at a time, took their turns fucking me and by half past nine all four of them had fucked me and I'd only cum once.

The remaining two were out that night, but came over together the following night. They were year or two older, one fucked me from behind while I gave the other a blow job. They'd assumed the curtains had been open when their mates had fucked me and I didn't give them the option to have them closed. With the curtains open, the students opposite watching, I put on a dirty performance, trying to ensure they could see the cock I was sucking and the other pounding my pussy. The thrill of being watched and these two were much better at fucking me I came twice, they stayed until nearly midnight, fucking me twice more before they left. A much more satisfying evening.

Some of the things I'd done excited and aroused me more than others, but you have to remember it was early days. I was still experimenting and learning what I liked but had already decided I wanted to push my boundaries to the limit. I'd quickly discovered the more outrageously I behaved the more sexually arousing and fulfilling I found it. It was an amazing feeling of freedom and liberation after years of suppressing my sexual impulses. My brazenness and capacity to expose myself, perform sex acts on myself, be watched fucking, and now gone a step further and had sex with six young guys, to satisfy growing need for sexual thrills was surprising me, but this was just the start. Each act had only served to fuel my appetite for more.

I'm going to take a rest know and I'll continue in a few days if you want me too.