Written by CanWatchForever

24 Aug 2013

I like to watch my wife Rhonda fuck other men and periodically she agrees to do it. In one instance, we were traveling away from home and I asked her again if she would let me watch her have sex with another man.

“Do you want to do it tonight?” she asked.

“Only if you are OK with it”, I said.

She replied, “I will do it if you really want this as long as I alone choose the guy.”

Later, she went to the downstairs bar by herself to begin a hunt for someone that suited her. A short time later, I was in the same bar watching her from across the room.

On this particular trip, I watched her sit next to a guy at the bar. I then quickly moved to sit at the bar on the other side of her. Even though she was my wife, I acted as if I didn’t know her with Bob having no clue that she and I were married or for that matter even that we know each other. The three of us began a conversation. Bob mentioned her wedding ring and she lied to him saying her husband was away until tomorrow on business. The three of us had a couple of drinks and a short time later I invited all three of us to our hotel room. When we got our room, I poured more wine. Bob of course still did not know of our marriage relationship nor did he ever find out. He assumed that the three of us were strangers.

As part of our preplanned scenario that we had previously rehearsed, I ultimately said to her in a serious acting voice, “You are a sexy lady.”

She said, “Thank you.”

I then told her, “I really would like to get in your pants.”

“That’s bold” she said.

I then said to Bob, “How about you Bob? Do you want to have sex with Rhonda too?”

Bob said, “How could I say no?”

I was standing next to my wife when I said, “You told us that your husband is gone until tomorrow. That gives the three of us a lot of time to fool around.”

She then asked, “What are you saying?”

I then said in a bold voice, “I want to fuck you.”

My wife said, “That’s a really bold statement.”.

I added, “Your husband will never know.”

I then asked Bob, “Do you want to fuck her too?”

Bob said, “This is moving really fast.”

I then asked her, “How about it Rhonda? Are you game?”

“To have sex with both of you?” she asked.

“Well, one at a time, of course” I offered. “After all, you did agree to come here with two guys, neither of which you don’t know. You must have considered that sex would arise as a topic.”

That morning Rhonda and I had laid out a plan wherein I would raise the specter of sex and she would say, “It’s an interesting offer.”

I then said to her, “You are not saying ‘no’.

Then she said, ""it's an interesting offer."

After a short silence I said, “Well, let’s get right to it. Would you consider fucking both of us?”

There then followed a short period of silence.

While looking at her directly I boldly added, “I can tell you want to do it. I can see it in your eyes.”

Bob stayed silent through all of this.

Then after a short quiet I asked her, “You want to be fucked, don’t you?”

after a faked pause she said, “Maybe”.

I went on, “Come on… Say it… Tell us you want to fuck both of us.”

Quiet followed and I repeated, “Tell us you want to fuck both of us.”

After a short silence, she said, “All right, I want you both to fuck me.”

Without any other words said, I then moved to sit next to her on the couch. I then looked at Bob as I ran my hand under my wife’s dress. I slipped her panties off and pulled her dress up. I was then showing my wife's bare pussy to Bob saying, “Do you want to fuck her first.”

When he said ‘yes’, I moved away to let Bob sit down beside her.

I watched Bob prepare to fuck her with considerable cooperation from her. Soon, they were both naked and she was on her back on the couch. I then watched Bob mount her from above. He had spread her legs wide and I watched her help him guide his dick into her.

Bob then began to fuck my wife, although he didn’t know she was my wife.

One more time my fantasy was being realized. Another man was fucking my wife and she was fucking him back. The most important part being that I was watching it all happen. When he told her he was ready to come, she pulled him closer to her and pounded upwards with her hips as he plunged his dick deeply inside of her. It was clear to all three of us when Bob began his orgasm. His guttural sounds were unmistakably orgasm driven. I also recognized that the pleasurable sounds my wife was now making was the same as when I fuck her. I moved to the end of the couch to watch his semen dripping and sloshing out of where his dick had entered her. Bob's mouth was on a nipple. He kept up the pounding but eventually began slowing down until later when he stopped entirely and just dropped his naked body on top of her naked body.

I let them cool down for a while before announcing, “My turn”.

She then stood her naked body up and said that she wanted me to fuck her in the shower. and both of us went into the bathroom. I asked Bob if he wanted to watch and he followed us into the bathroom and later into the bedroom. After my wife cleaned Bob's cum out of herself, I then fucked her on the bed with Bob there closely watching.

Then, a short time later, Bob fucked her again with me watching the whole thing. They did it doggie style and then missionary and then a bunch of other positions that she seemed to like. Each time she wholeheartedly participated with Bob in these positions allowing him license to fuck her in several novel ways. I got to watch the entire thing while sitting and/or standing in the front row.

Watching her fuck another guy while I wait for my turn generated intense sexual urges deep inside my brain. By the time it was my turn again, I had a hard erection that was ready to go.

It was around 3am in the morning when Bob had to leave which was the perfect ending as I wasn’t quite sure how to otherwise ask him to leave while leaving me alone with Rhonda.

It was a happy and fulfilled ending. Rhonda said she was completely satisfied and definitely wants to be fucked by two guys again. I certainly was ready for more and we were proud that we had invented yet another way that allows me to watch another man fuck my wife; even though it has a little dishonesty involved. This method later worked great in another situation but that’s another story.