Written by Graham and Corrine

6 Jul 2007

I was lying on my back with the sun highlighting Corrine\'s hair as she straddled my naked body, her blue eyes were smiling and her breasts with their upturned nipples swayed gently in my face. I went to suck on a nipple but she sat up.

\'Do you reckon the new cleaner is a bit of a goer,\' she asked. I did fancy her but no approach had been made. \'Why don\'t you take her cleaning tomorrow and see?\'

With this Corrine slid onto my cock and rode us both to a massive climax.

The next day as I sent the staff off cleaning I decided I would keep Lisette the new woman with me.She was 31 and quite petite,wearing a halter top and a skirt just above the knee. I could see she was not wearing a bra as her nipples pushed against her top.

We arrived at the house and I suggested she did the bathrooms whilst I started downstairs. I watched her walk up the stairs and had a view of her firm thighs up her skirt. I wondered what knickers she was wearing and I felt my cock throb in my shorts. I turned away. Some time later she called me as she had a problem. The ensuite was a wet room with fixed power shower and the easiest way to clean it was naked. I told her this and she began to strip off.\'Are you going to help me? It is rather large.\'

Needing no further encouragement I stripped and joined her. Her blonde hair came from a bottle as her black bush disclosed. Her breasts were small with bluish aureoles and small nipples. Her stomach was flat and her bum pert and firm.

We came together and kissed, her tongue pushing its way into my mouth. I pushed her against the wall and slid a hand to her breast,she came gently as I thumbed her nipple. My other hand slid down to her bush and found her crack. It was deep and wet. Her clit was firm ad long. I took it between my fingers and gently played with it. She moaned her pleasure and shuddered to another climax.

I pushed my finger into her now sopping hole and felt for her G-spot. She screamed out with delight as I pressured her spot.

After some minutes she swung her legs up , her back to the wall and encircled my waist. Her hole was waiting for my throbbing cock. I slipped in and was soon pumping away like mad. It was warm and wet and she was running juice like a stream.

I shot my load into her and she squeezed me dry.

Breathless we slid down the shower wall still joined together. On my back she pulled off me and slid down to take my cock in her mouth.

Licking our combined juices she soon had me erect again.

\'Let\'s go to bed,\' she muttered her mouth still drooling juice. We left the shower and took to the bed. She straddled me and pushed straight down on my cock. I felt it push right to her wall. She screamed and rode me furiously, her black bush covered pelvis thumping into mine.

She must have felt me coming as she cied out \'GO! GO! GO!\'

as my spunk left me in great shots. She kept riding wildly until I could shoot no more. She collapsed on me and regained her composure. My cock slipped from her and we roused ourselves finished the cleaning naked.

We used the bed one more time in the traditional position before changing it and leaving the house ready for the owners arrival.

We agreed to go cleaning together regularly. I thought I would introduce Corrine or Caroline for a threesome sometime.

I told all to Corrine on arrival home and I am now typing this as Corrine is under the desk sucking me off. I must stop now as I need to shoot my load into her.