Written by CumInChelle

6 Mar 2014

We had gone away for New Years and were at a friends house enjoying his new pool. It was about 2am and most of the guests had either gone home or gone to bed. Me Michelle, Jamie were left in the jacuzi part of his pool and were very drunk.

Michelle had enjoyed snogging Jamie at New Years and I had enjoyed watching. We had been in the pool since about 1.30am and had been chatting and daring each other to silly games. As the drink continued and we got more daft we got around to playing more daring games.

Jamie said to Michelle, I dare you to swim topless from the end of the jacuzi and back. Michelle duly took off her top in the jacuzi and rolled over the top of the jacuzi and began to swim away from both of us. I said to jamie when she gets back and rolls back over the top I am going to ask her that she lets you warm her up by kissing each nipple and playing with her tits.

She got back and lifted her arse out of the water letting her big 44" D tits swing free and let Jamie see them before standing right in front of us.

I dared her to let Jamie lick her nipples and play with her tits to warm them up, to which she replied, go on the Jamie!

Jamie stood and looked at me and I told him to enjoy himself and suck her tits hard.

He leaned over and stood in front of Michelle, bent his head and lowered his mouth to her hard nipples and began to suck. Michelle let out a groan as I watched. Jamie sucked and rubbed her tits, hard. He flicked her nipples with his tongue and pulled at her as he sucked and rubbed her nipples and large tits.

Michelle began to really moan now, and I reached underneath her to remove her bikini bottoms. I began to finger her wet hole from beneath as Jamie sucked her nipples and rubbed her tits hard.

I watched as Michelle began to move her arms under the water and realised she must be playing with Jamies cock under the water. Jamie was now groaning at Michelle to wank his cock.

I began to push Michelle towards Jamies hard prick and she realised what I was doing and turned her head and asked me if I was sure, I just kissed her and kept manouvering her towards Jamies hard cock.

She turned to face Jamie as I felt her lift her arse as she began to pposition herself to take Jamies prick into her wet entrance.

I felt her lift higher and I felt his prick brush my fingers as she began to guide him inside her open and wet willing cunt. I opened her lips as I felt his prick begin to invade her pussy. I felt it open her cunt and moved my finger into Michelles arse and push it gently inside. She gasped mmmmmmmmmmm and asked jamie to fuck his hard cock into her hot wet pussy. She duly dropped onto his engorged cock and let out a low moan!

She began to fuck him up and down as my finger invaded her arse, I could feel his prick inside my wife, beginning to fuck her as she began to moan louder.

I began to finger fuck her arse as Jamies cock fucked her cunt.Her lips openening to envelope his engorged cock. Neither of them were going to last long as Michelle began to gasp that she was going to come on his cock.

Jamie sucked Michelles tits hard and I forced a second finger up her arse making her gasp and moan louder that she was going to come soon.

Jamie began to fuck her cunt hard and my fingers fucked her arse as Michelle shouted she was going to come.

Jamies cock bucked and squirted inside her as I felt it swell agaianst my fingers. He graoned he was shooting his spunk up her hot wet hole.

Michelle moaned she was taking his come inside her and she was going to come, I felt her arse convulse as she came. Watching as Jamie fucked my wife full of his come as my fingers fucked her arse. She groaned louder she was coming and said she could feel Jamies hot come shooting up her cunt. Jamie just kept fucking her harder and harder, saying she was a dirty bitch and could she feel his cock up her cunt filling her with with his hot come, as he shot his spunk deep inside Michelle.

Michelle bucked and fucked against Jamies cock with my fingers up her arse and said she was gushing as she came.

I lifted her off jamies softening cock and positioned her backwards against my cock and made her sit on me facing jamie and sat her down on my prick I could feel Jamies cum inside my wifes now dirty cum filled pussy and began to fuck her harder and harder.

Jamie came in front of her and began to lick her nipples as my cock fucked her cum filled cunt. Michelle began to shout she was cumming as my prick began to swell inside her, her pussy walls were so wet I was slipping right up her and I began to shoot my spunk up her also, adding to Jamies.

Jamie shoved his fingers on Michelles clit as he sucked her tits hard and she came hard against the both of us.

She moaned she was shooting her juices out of her as I filled her with more cum. My prick filling her up with hot cum as I shot jet after jet inside her dirty wet pussy.

Jamie kissed her hard I think to silence her a little as she was making a lot of noise as she came and she held onto him as she bucked back against me as I shot my last lot of cum deep up her hot wet snatch.

Jamies fingers rubbed her clit and he began to bring her back down as my cock flopped out of her wet lips and i turned her round and kissed her deeply and told her I loved her.

She sat back against me and we just held each other as we began to come back down from our horny session. Jamie joined us and we all cuddled together in the jacuzi for a while until we were ready to calm down and go to bed.

We invited Jamie back to bed with us but he declined saying he was too knackered for any more sex so we agreed we would meet later in the holiday for some more fun.

We had a few more sessions during our holiday and would like to share them with you, if you like?