Written by whyisitalwaysu

21 Jan 2012

on my last weekend off work following the christmas break, I ventured out to the new year sales and went to a well know DIY store on my last visit. Its a big old place on a retail park. as i was driving into a parking space I could see a woman shouting to a man in a car. I got out and could hear her screaming at him. I deliberated whether to see if she was ok but thought it was probably just a lovers tiff so left her to it. On my way out of the store they were still rowing as I got in my car. as I reversed out she looked upset so I thought it only right to check on her. I drove up to her and said I'm not being nosey but is everything ok.

he said yeah its fine mate but she said no actually its not he's being an arse. can you please give me a lift home. not wanting to leave a damsel in distress i said of course jump in. she got in my car and he started his up to intervene. however, he was on the other side of the barrier, so had to drive right around to get to my car. because of the traffic at the sales I'd long gone by the time he must have made it to where i picked her up.

she was very upset and crying and said he's a prick, he's my boyfriend and he never came home last night etc. she asked if i could take her somewhere other than home because he'd be there waiting. I took her back to mine and made her a coffee and we got chatting. pretty soon she was laughing and joking and thanked me for rescuing her. before i could reply she literally jumped on me and started kissing me passionately. she was a pretty girl with long dark hair and pale skin. she started rubbing my cock and said i want you to fuck me. i said are you sure as i didnt want to take advantage but she said yes i'm sure.

we slipped upstairs and undressed on our way. she was in good shape with a shaved pussy and very pert, small tits. she bent me over the bed and started to lick my arse while wanking me off. she then put her head between my legs and started sucking my balls. i turned around so she could suck me cock and she pushed my onto the bed. she then started taking me into her mouth and while she slowly sucked me off she kept looking at me. I decided it was time to return the favour so began to show off my oral skills.

she clearly liked to be in the driving seat so rolled me onto my back and sat straight onto my cock. we both gasped as she took 7 1/2 inches of cock balls deep into her tight wet pussy. she then rode me very slowly and i watched her pussy sliding up and down on my cock. I rolled her over and fucked her doggy and lifted her right leg forward so I could get further into her. i then started fucking her furiously while rubbing her clit. as i slowed it down she started bucking on my cock and moaning loudly. with that she said oh my god i'm coming. i could feel her pussy contracting on my cock and as she started playing with my balls i couldnt hold back. I was a bit backed up anyway and shot around a weeks worth of hot come into her pussy.

we then collapsed on each other. she decided to treat him to his own medicine and stayed the night at mine. we fucked once more that night and once in the morning before I took her home. good times