Written by Janice

20 Feb 2012

Rob my hubby and I had been invited to a neighbours new years party, I was just recovering from a really bad bug which had left me floored for about a week and was not really in the mood but Rob life and soul of the party wanted to go. Rob and I have an open marraige usually our adventures are together but if we want to go solo fine and sometimes when we relate what happens leads to really good fucks.

New Year had come the party was swinging poor me not really in the mood and I saw Rob had moved in on a couple who I could see the husband a bit nervous about how things were going and the wife no idea that she was leting herself be persuaded to a 3sum funny what a lot of drink lets your inhabitions go. I crept into the hallway to get my coat to go home when a voice said you creeping off early as well. It was a chap who lived further down the street who hadn`t come with his wife one of his kids was ill. We put on our coats and stepped out into storm force winds which pushed me a little of balance he laughed and put his arm around me saying I think we need support so we do not fall over. We walked the 100 yards to my house clinging on to each other when we arrived I said would he like to take shelter until it died down he accepted.

I showed him into our study/siting room and I went to make coffee picking up the brandy bottle as I went back incase he wanted a drink. He had made himself comfortable lighting the fire, putting on the table lamp and I handed him coffee offering the brandy his tongue came out and licked the frothy mil of the top and for an instance thought how I wouldn`t mind that tongue licking at my pussy. I put on some background music and we chatted topping our coffee up with brandy. I was geting very mellow and warm with the brandy and stood up to take of my jumper, the voice by now very huskey said whats this a strip for the visitor I laughed oh a strip costs money a topless £40 but a full strip and lap dance is at least £100. As I sat back down to my surprise he lent into his pocket brought out his wallet place £40 on the arm of my chair and said I will have to owe you the rest and he sat back watching me over the top of his cup. To my surprise I stood up and slowely started to strip by body swaying to the music being played. I swayed to the music running my hands over my body, tweaking my nipples and running my finger up and down my slit I was so horny, I brought my finger wet with my juices to my mouth sucking my finger dry, I then turned myback my hips swaying in time to the music. He stood up his arms encircling my body pressing himself against me, his hands moving down my stomach just flicking gently at my clit. His mouth was doing wonderful things to the back of my neck god I so wanted a fuck. I think for my money I should be geting more, what do you have in mind I whispered and with that he turned me and pushed me to my knees if you want to be payed slut suck me, he undid his trousers pulling them and the rest of his clothes of and boy that cock looked nice and thick, he grabbed my head thrusting into my eager mouth. As he fucked my mouth he kept saying what a slut I was to take money from him and the more he talked about what a slut I was the harder he got. He pushed me down onto my back pulled my legs over his shoulders and plunged his cock straight in and saying a tart liked me deserved all I got and he fucked me hard. I of course was engulfed in a sexual haze being talked to like that and he was so hard my orgasms coming thick and fast, and with a final shout of you slut he pulled out spraying my face and tits with his spunk he rubing it in with his cock. I lay there gasping with breath at the intensity of it. He kneeled over me his lovely cock starting to softening you are such a cock whore you really loved that, I of course completely agreed. We lay side by side on the rug in silence then he got up dressed and left. The end of this part of the story is the next day their was envelope on the mat with £60 in it???? paid for enjoying myself.

The bigest surprise is what happened 2 weeks ago but I am so horny after writing this will have to lie down on the bed with my trusty vibrator and bring myself off.