6 Jan 2017

Me and my g/f decide to stay in this nye and just have a quiet time and have a few drinks but my mate kept asking if we were coming round to his house to see the new year in as he had got drinks and nibbles etc so we chatted about it and thought ok why not as its only a 5 min walk,my g/f was already on the way and getting very drunk which always makes her very flirty and horny and i know that she fancies my mate as we have jokingly talked about teasing him.Anyway we show up at his and his brother is there as well and they are already drinking lots ,the drinks started to flow and we were on jd and coke and anything else we could find lol .My g/f decided to go out the back for a smoke and she dragged my mate with her for a chat and i was chatting with the other brother and had a good view of them through the window and after 10 mins they disappear only for about 5 mins but she looked a bit flustered in the face when she came back in ,anyway the night wore on and she started play fighting with the other bro and pinching him and grabbing his crothch but he is very shy and was fighting her off haha losing battle and after a while they stopped and i said that i needed to go toilet as my belly felt a little off and i maybe a while .So i went upstairs and opened and shut the toilet door and i then looked over the balcony and straight down onto the sofa where my g/f had gone and sat next to my mate and i watched as she started teasing him and play fighting ,her hands kept wandering to his groin and squeezing and i saw him respond by playfully grabbing her breasts which made her fight even more ,my mate said stop it cus your man will be back soon to which she said nah he will be up there for ages playing on his phone ,anyway she grabbed him again between his legs and kept her hand there and i could see she was rubbing his cock through his jeans and i could see a bulge forming ,she leant over and kissed him hard and her hand pulled his zip down and then she put her hand in and pulled his cock out and proceeded to wank it fast and he was groaning loud and she then leant over and sank her lips round his bell end and sucked him hard and he was saying he i won't last long if you keep that up and that spurred her on even harder as she wanked him into her mouth and then he tensed up and exploded his cum right down her throat and she then licked him clean and he quickly put his cock away and i then flushed the chain and reappeared and jokingly said you 2 look a bit flushed as she been fighting with you now to which they both giggled and said yep sort of ,well after about another hour we decide it was time to go so we walked home and i told her id watched everything from the balcony and she said did i like the show lol dirty bitch lol .We have planned a night out with them both soon to go to a gig on her birthday and we have agreed to go back to theres after for drinks and I've told her she can do whatever she likes on the night so i will be posting on here very soon with what happens ,and oh boy did i give her a good fucking when we got home ,i was hard as iron and so turned on