Written by Dixon

21 Jun 2013

I have been in an open relationship (ok, we’re fuck buddies) with a sex mad, cock hungry woman called Amy. We both see other people and recommend each other to people we meet to ‘spread the love’ and to make sure the other isn’t going lonely when we can’t get to see each other.

At the moment Amy is in London, and having the time of her life by all accounts, but she still chats online to people via various social sites and I get the benefit! This is an account of the last such contact.

About 4 weeks ago I was going through my morning e mails when I saw one from an address I didn’t recognise but with a familiar sounding subject line: ‘hi, I’m a friend of Amy’. I opened it and read how my slutty friend had been singing my praises to a woman who only lived 15 miles or so away. I replied with the usual ‘Yes, I know Amy, do you have any pics’ etc. A photo came back of a pretty round faced woman of 31. ‘Nice’ I thought and we carried on chatting. It seemed that Tracey (as she was called) was a single mum with 2 young kids and was bored. She wanted a lover to spice up her life a bit and I sounded like a fun guy. I was flattered by this and thought I’d carry on a bit.

Remember that I’m still in touch with Amy via e mail so I verified with her what was being said and cheekily asked A if she had seen any other pics of Tracey. It turns out that the networking site involved allows ‘personal’ photos to be posted with the poster controlling who sees them. Amy managed to copy and paste a couple of these into an e mail and I saw a lovely pair of very suckable C cups and a very smooth pussy with 2 fingers inside! Wow! Now I was horny!

Armed with this background I let my e mails and, eventually, texts to Tracey get saucier, then ruder and soon very graphic about her sexual likes and dislikes, turn ons, etc until I suggested we meet up for a drink one lunchtime. After a couple of false starts due to her commitments to her kids and mine to my own, it turned out that she wanted to get fit after a period of inactivity but her bike was out of order. Being a guy with a practical side I offered to fix it for her and a date was set to meet. Her house was the venue which meant that no time was wasted in small talk in a pub. We both knew that, once the bikes were sorted, we’d be sorting each other out, too. Then another bombshell. She’d miscalculated and it would be the wrong time of the month. Well, by this time I was so worked up I said I’d come over anyway and we’d just have to find other ways to enjoy ourselves.

The day arrived and I drove over to Wigan and knocked on the door. When it opened there stood the pretty young woman I’d been e mailing and, unknown to her, whose tits and pussy were a favourite wank fantasy. The obligatory small talk and cup of coffee were made and I suggested I take a look at the bikes. All that was needed was a drip or 3 of oil and a bit of adjustment with a screwdriver and my work was finished. Back into the house where I was offered another coffee. I followed Tracey into the kitchen and chatted while the kettle heated up and decide that it was time to get things going. Bear in mind that no sexual contact had been made up to now, no innuendo, no teasing. I stepped up close and said ‘We don’t need to have a coffee yet’ and kissed her. This time it was a full on snog with tongues going and her hips pushed into mine. My cock was well hard by now and I felt her press against it before her hands moved to my hips and pulled me into her, my hands were on her bum doing the same (lovely bum, nice fitting jeans to show it off). When I moved my hands up to her tits I could feel her hard nipples through her bra and top and she moaned with pleasure.

By unspoken agreement we moved back to the lounge and onto the sofa where my belt and zip were loosened and a soft hand freed my cock from my briefs. The bra strap was undone in a trice by me and her top joined my trousers and t shirt on the floor. I was now naked and rampant with a gorgeous topless woman getting my cock wanked as I sucked and teased her tits. ‘Lie back’ she said and took my cock into her warm mouth where I was treated to an amazing bj with a pierced tongue while I did the chauvinistic thing and just lay back and enjoyed it. I could feel myself starting to brew up so I stopped her and we went back to kissing while I loosened her jeans and slipped a hand into the back to stroke her bum. Now it was my turn to say ‘lie back’ and I straddled her so she could wank me as I played with her tits until I couldn’t delay any more and my spunk jetted onto her lovely cleavage.

We lay together for a while before we started kissing again and this time I REALLY went to town on her nipples and tits. I was trying to get her to cum by tit play alone since her pussy was out of bounds and from the noises I heard I succeeded. Tracey was gasping for breath and whispering my name as I sucked and nibbled and pinched and stroked and eventually I couldn’t resist it: carefully, so as not to go too far down, I slipped my hand into her knickers and found the top of her crack, a little further on and I felt wetness and a hard button in a tight crack. I played with my new toy until she came which stage I had recovered enough to kneel over her again and wank another load of spunk onto her smooth, soft skin.

After a double take like this I’m always a bit shattered so we lay together kissing and caressing and just chatted. Eventually it was time to go so she could do the school run and as I drove home it hit me. I had just spent the best part of 3 hours getting hot and steamy with a woman literally young enough to be my daughter! My 52 years to her 31! Shit!

The follow up is even better. She has told Amy about our session and sung my praises. I am going back to see her next week to show her what I can do with my mouth on a shaved pussy as well as doing what she has specifically asked me to do, fuck her hard and fast in as many positions as we can think of. I will cover that after the event and, to keep you all even more interested, she’s told me how much she enjoys 3 somes and how keen she is to visit a swingers club!