Written by Freegirl

25 Jun 2007

I have been introduced to this site by a "friend". It all started about a year ago when I got divorced my husband had often said I was attractive but had let myself go.

I joined a slimming club and a gym and became obsessed with getting fit I lost 3 stone in six months but more importantly I went from being 40 and frumpy to 40 and fit in a year.

About 3 months ago after a particularly tough gym session I was using the steam room when I started chatting to another woman who said she was going for a massage after, I explained I had never had one but often wondered what it would be like.

She gave me the ladies number when we got changed and with a wink in her eye said but you have to tell me how you felt afterwards.

So off i toddled the following day for my first ever massage and it was wonderful she carressed and pushed and pulled and left me covered in oil and glowing.

As I lay there in the dim light and soothing music playing I mentioned in passing that I was glad sharon had given me the details. Oh you are one of sharons friends the girl said.

And before I could speak any more she said well i'd better finish the massage properly.

I honestly had no idea what she meant so I just laid there as she pulled back the towel from my body leaving naked and covered in oil. She put some more on her hands and started to massage my breasts an area I noted she avoided before.

I have to say I found it a turn on and as my nipples stiffened I could feel myself blushing with a slight embarrassment but thought this must happen all the time and started to relax again

That was until her hands moved down over my tummy and then without warning she cupped my pussy in her hands and dragged her fingers along the whole length of my slit.

I let out an involuntary groan and could feel my pussy gush juices over her fingers. She did this three times and I had the most amazing orgasm I have ever experienced.

Looks like you needed that she said very calmly I'm sorry I stuttered at which point she looked at me and I could see she was now embarrased but I thought you were one of sharons friends she siad.

She gave me your number but I have only met her once I replied. Oh I am sorry came her response so I held her hand looked her in the eye and saind I'm not and with that we kissed.

It was a long passionate kiss the first time I have ever kissed another woman. It didnt stop there we stripped and did the most amazing things to eachother and still do she is now my full time live in lover and the girl who introduced me to this site.

Hello to you all